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How are birth

How is the birth for the first time?

Nature predestined that the continuation of the genus lies on the fragile shoulders of the fair sex. Childbirth for women is not only fear and fear of unknown pain, but also the expectation of a small miracle. It is the birth of a child – this is the miracle that every woman expects in her life. But, how does the birth take place and what is the process? After all, every pregnant woman is interested in such important issues and every day more and more.

Begin the process of delivery from labor, while the childbirth feels a gradual reduction in the intervals between them, and the process itself is a manifestation of pain. When labor contracts begin, a woman must remember all the rules she has read about all nine months. Therefore, the first thing to do is adjust your breathing, which must coincide with the tact of contractions.

At the beginning of birth pains, the woman should already be in the hospital, otherwise there is a risk not to be in time. After all, in conjunction with contractions, the opening of the uterine throat occurs. The process of opening is gradual, but everything depends also on the most generic process. Often the opening time of the pharynx varies from 3 to 5 hours, but in difficult cases it can be up to 20 hours. The opening of the pharynx should be sufficient to allow the child to leave the womb.

How are birth in the maternity hospital, and whether there is a difference – they are paid or free? Such questions are asked by women who are on the verge of choice, where is it better to give birth. Where to give birth is an individual choice, but it is worth noting that money does not affect the process of birth activity. The paid maternity hospital will provide the maximum care until discharge, which may not be in the free maternity wards. But the births in both types of departments are the same.

As a result, it can be noted that the genera in the description, although they represent something unpleasant, but in fact all this is only one moment that passes quickly, leaving behind a small miracle - a tiny baby.

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How are birth

Symphysitis after childbirth is a common phenomenon that can occur even before delivery. Symphysitis with timely and up to.

How are birth

Any woman who has already given birth to a baby knows the process of giving birth. But the pregnant women are once more interested in her as a pass.

How are birth

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