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Hemorrhoids after delivery: treatment

How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

There is an opinion that hemorrhoids in women giving birth are consequences of the birth process caused by attempts. In fact, hemorrhoids often occur in women during pregnancy, and the reason for this – large loads on the body, including the rectum. What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Is his education possible at caesarean section? How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth? What is required for his treatment at home? What to do if the hemorrhoidal knot has come out? What folk remedies can be cured by postnatal hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids after delivery: treatment

Hemorrhoids is an extension of the venous vessels of the anus – in fact, the same varicose, only in a spicy place. There is such a phenomenon as a result of pressure on the walls of the vessels. Hemorrhoids suffer from people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and people with excess weight. Also, this disease is by no means a rarity among women during the bearing of a child. And it’s not just the pressure of the uterus and the fetus growing in it on the rectum. The point is also that hormonal background and metabolism changes during pregnancy, which leads to constipation. Problems with defecation are also the causes of the expansion of veins in the rectum.

Physicians distinguish between internal and external hemorrhoids. The definition of internal hemorrhoids implies an expansion of the vessels inside the rectum. This form of the disease is not visible during visual examination, but with palpation of the walls of the anus, small tubercles can be found. Characteristic signs of internal hemorrhoids – pain, itching, bleeding. In the external form, the nodes (the dilated walls of the vessels) are located on the outside, visible when viewed, in the form of peas.

The formation of hemorrhoids in women immediately after birth is nothing more than fiction. During labor, the pressure on the pelvic vessels increases, and this provokes an exacerbation. The hemorrhoids themselves are formed during pregnancy, and there are no obvious signs of the disease. By definition, the symptoms of postpartum hemorrhoids are symptoms typical of an exacerbation of the disease – anal bleeding, discomfort, a feeling of heaviness, burning after defecation, the appearance of external nodes. Therefore, in official medicine there is no such thing as postnatal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids after delivery: treatment

Important! If, during or after delivery, the internal hemorrhoidal node has come out or has fallen out, it is very important to begin the treatment quickly, until the disease has passed to a stage in which further therapy will be difficult or require surgery.

The clinical picture of the development of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is somewhat different from the picture typical for such a disease in an ordinary person. During pregnancy, the disease develops in this order:

  • The first stage: from visible signs – the presence of blood in the excrement, other symptoms – heaviness, burning after feces, a feeling of discomfort. All these signs periodically disappear and reappear.
  • The second stage: the formation of hemorrhoids, the symptoms – painful sensations during defecation, blood in the stool. As a rule, this stage is preserved until the onset of labor.
  • The third stage: the characteristic symptoms are the prolapsed hemorrhoids to the outside. The causes of this phenomenon – labor pains, a high load on the muscles and a small pelvis. The likelihood of such consequences depends on the individual characteristics of the body, such as the weight and width of the woman’s pelvis, as well as the complexity of childbirth and the weight of the child. Dropped nodes at this stage can be put inside independently.
  • The fourth stage: symptoms – permanent bleeding, necrosis of the fallen nodes. It is impossible to fix the knots outward on their own at the fourth stage. In such cases, surgical intervention is required. This stage occurs in cases when the treatment of the third stage is not started on time.

Hemorrhoids after delivery: treatment

Some future mothers believe that postpartum hemorrhoids do not occur in women giving birth by Caesarean section. The reason for such opinions are the responses in social networks and in the forums by type they did Cesarean, hemorrhoids did not appear. This double delusion. Firstly, because, as mentioned above, hemorrhoids appear not during childbirth, but during pregnancy, and secondly, the probability of an exacerbation of the disease does not depend on whether the birth took place naturally or operatively. The generic process is always accompanied by tremendous stress for the body.

Treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids (more precisely – exacerbation of the disease) in women is complicated by the fact that not all drugs are suitable for use during lactation. The most important is to cure the aggravation quickly, so that the disease does not go to the chronic stage and does not progress. With timely access to a doctor and following all of his recommendations, the acute form of hemorrhoids can be easily cured at home. And only at the fourth stage, when it is impossible to fix the fallen nodes independently, hospitalization will be required. Then follows surgical intervention or more gentle methods of removing dead nodes. These methods include jamming the site with a latex ring until complete death and rejection, injection therapy and laser removal of nodes.

If the disease does not require urgent intervention, then, as a rule, doctors wait until women have postpartum adaptation, which lasts from one to three months.

Hemorrhoids after delivery: treatment

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home is not only the intake of medications prescribed by a doctor. This is a complex therapy, which includes pharmaceuticals, exercise therapy and a strict diet. Correctly selected diet will be especially useful for women breastfeeding – nutrients contained in healthy food, with milk enter the body of the child. From the menu it is necessary to exclude sharp dishes that cause irritation of the walls and mucous membrane of the rectum, to refrain from fatty foods, baking, chocolate, coffee. Also, legumes and other foods that cause flatulence are not recommended. In addition to diet, you need to give time and physical activity, starting with daily walks in the fresh air and ending with special therapeutic exercises. As for drug treatment, then appoint a doctor.

Important! During lactation, you absolutely can not take any laxatives and choose a medicine yourself! Starting treatment without consulting a doctor can damage both your health and the health of your child.

During the treatment of hemorrhoids at home, you can use folk remedies. They are good because they do not cause harm and can complement the drug therapy, making it more effective. In addition, some of them may be an alternative to pharmaceuticals, which is good for lactating women. For example, instead of laxatives, you can use an enema, both with boiled water, and with herbal decoction or vegetable oils. Such enemas not only relieve exacerbation, beneficially affecting the walls and mucous membrane of the rectum, but also cleanse the intestines, and are also effective for constipation. There are also folk remedies for external or internal use:

Sea-buckthorn oil can lubricate the anus, both from the outside and from the inside. It heals cracks, relieves pain, facilitates the process of defecation. Alternatives are sea-buckthorn candles, which are sold in pharmacies. They can be used both during pregnancy and during lactation.

  • Tampons, lotions

    To remove the pain, you can use tampons and lotions soaked in oil or decoction from the leaves of a thistle or cartilage of the field. They are used as an external or internal means.

  • Healing Trays

    As an external tool used sessile baths with a decoction of medicinal plants. To prepare the broth, you can use linden, bark of oak, chamomile, calendula and even onion shell. Such baths not only relieve unpleasant symptoms, but also have a soothing and antiseptic effect.

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