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Green water at delivery

Green waters at birth: causes and consequences

All pregnant women know the signs of starting births, even if they expect a first-born, as it is a signal to take things and go to the hospital. These signs include the beginning of contractions and the outflow of amniotic fluid, which can take place in different parts in the parturient women. The amniotic fluid can gradually leak, may go away unexpectedly and immediately, or may not go to the puncture of the bladder already in the delivery chair itself.

Doctors always assess the condition of amniotic fluid, paying attention to color, and at home, the woman herself will pay attention to amniotic (amniotic fluid). It is necessary to emphasize the color, because the amniotic fluid is normally transparent, and the unusual color indicates the presence of some deviations.

Green water during childbirth is a rather recent phenomenon (15-20%), which is not always an alarming sign, therefore it is important to know the possible causes of their occurrence.

Green water at delivery

Despite the modern level of medicine, to establish the cause of the appearance of waters of green color is not always obtained. By themselves amniotic waters of green shades are not dangerous, if the labor activity proceeds normally, and the baby did not have time to swallow fluids. Otherwise, there may be negative consequences (the development of pneumonia, respiratory failure and other problems with the respiratory system in the child), so the midwife cleans the baby’s respiratory tract immediately after the baby’s head exits, before the first breath (the respiratory tract of the baby is also cleared at caesarean section).

Green water can not be considered an indicator of the health of a newborn - a child can quite get high scores on the Apgar scale, so the unusual color of the amniotic fluid is just an excuse to show additional attention at the time of the birth of the baby.

Author: Marina Nosova

Green water at delivery

Meconium in a newborn is his first stool, secreted from the intestines of a crumb. This substance is different from habit.

Green water at delivery

It is not uncommon for a child to swallow water when giving birth. It is necessary to quickly understand how high the grade is.

Green water at delivery

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