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5 Reasons Why You Can not Lose Weight After Childbirth

5 Reasons Why You Can not Lose Weight After Childbirth

Most young mothers are worried about the problem of extra pounds. After all, it would seem that the pregnancy, and the birth itself, have been left behind, and for some reason the excess weight does not go away. Numerous diets and sports exercises do not help achieve the former physical forms. What is the reason for such injustice and how can you regain the old harmony?

The period of pregnancy and the first few months of a child’s life is the time when a woman practically does not belong to herself. Infinite cares about the child are forced to move to the second (or the tenth) plan beauty of the hairstyle, manicure, and the state of the figure. But it is necessary to establish a life, wait for the restoration of the hormonal background and menstrual cycle, as again there are thoughts of losing weight. And here young mothers are faced with a variety of difficulties.

After giving birth, young mothers often lack sleep, because only a few of them can note with satisfaction that their baby does not wake up at night. This can lead to a slowing of metabolism, a constant sense of hunger during the day and night raids on the refrigerator. Doctors notice that it is in a dream our body gets rid of excess calories.

To resist this problem, experts recommend falling asleep at any successful event. Very often, women are torn between a child and household chores and forget about themselves. Putting the baby in the afternoon, do not rush to arrange a spring cleaning or grand laundry. Make sleep a top priority.

2. Low physical activity

Many women who during the pregnancy made daily walks, after giving birth, begin to walk the babies on the balcony or on the playground, sitting on a bench. They are firmly confident that they are already quite busy with the household, and outdoor walks are only for babies.

Of course, regular exercise in the gym or doing yoga is often an unattainable dream for moms with newborns. And doctors are categorically against such loads. However, it is realistic to purchase DVDs with different training systems for young mothers, buy hula-hoop or purposefully take charge (By the way, look Method of losing weight – online course Mom + baby). No time for exercise? Put the baby in a stroller and walk, just do not sit on a bench with friends, and try to go through the day a few kilometers. Active mom brings up an active child!

3. Excess of calories during breastfeeding

Young mothers, following a variety of tips, during breastfeeding begin to eat intensively, increasing the calorie content of dishes or the size of portions. Of course, you should not rush to the other extreme and look for effective diet on the Internet, but a disregard for the amount of calories consumed leads often to excess kilograms.

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