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The child is afraid to swim in the bathroom: 6 ways to save the baby from fear

What to do if the child is afraid to swim in the bathroom

The situation when a newborn (thoracic) child is afraid to swim, rather an exception to the rules, rather than the norm. Newborn children do not fear water. Nine long months the baby was swimming in the amniotic fluid. Therefore, plunging into a warm water after birth, the baby gets into familiar environment and enjoys bathing. The child calms down, moves his legs and arms freely, smiles. If the newborn shows, as you think signs of fear of water, then this is not so, the newborn can just be capricious. Do not confuse the flock with the whims. Fear of water can form in older children who begin to understand everything consciously and the causes of fear lie on the surface.

If the child is experiencing from the very beginning, fear; before bathing, the reasons for this phenomenon lie, most likely, in a wrongly organized first bath. Perhaps the temperature of the water was not comfortable for the baby (too cold or hot. Imagine the state of the child who was lowered into boiling water, naturally the second time the baby will experience fear cm about the correct water temperature for first bathing). Or the child could go under the head under the water and swallow the water, could experience unpleasant sensations, if the shampoo got into his eyes. The newborn could be scared of even a loud sound and now associates unpleasant memories with bathing. Also, not to frighten the baby, from the first days try to create a quiet atmosphere for swimming.

Another situation, when the crumb at first was pleased to take water procedures, and suddenly began to make hysterics in one kind of bathroom. If the child began to be afraid to swim a few weeks or months after the first bath, then you have to figure out the situation, analyze the latest events, carefully observe the baby and try to understand why the child began to be afraid to swim.

The reasons can be both those listed above, and others:

  • ordinary fright;
  • not comfortable temperature of the water (fear of burning);
  • the child had a swallow of water (fear of choking again);
  • The baby does not like washing his hair (fear of getting shampoo into his eyes);
  • uncomfortable bath: the child always slides and moves into the water (choose the bathtub correctly);
  • the child slipped, fell and hit the bathroom (fear of falling again);
  • the baby had diaper rash, and bathing hurt him;
  • nervous situation (the reason, as you understand, in the parents).

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There are different ways to overcome the fear of bathing. Perhaps you will have to try not one or two, until one of these methods works on your karapuza.

In early childhood, children very quickly forget their impressions (pleasant or negative), so the easiest way, which sometimes can help, will be a break in bathing for a few days. Unpleasant memories will be forgotten, and the crumb again with joy will take water procedures.

Also, in the earliest childhood, a child often associates a room (bathroom) with further unpleasant actions for him. Sometimes a change of scenery (transfer of bathing to another room) gives an unexpected result: a child in a new environment behaves calmly and adequately.

Choose for swimming the moment when the baby is in a good mood. Take him in his arms and, affectionately talking, bring it to the water. Put the baby in the tub, leaning along with it, so that the little one would think that you are bathing together. In the handle of the child you can put a bright toy for distraction. Perhaps to overcome the fear you need a few days. Do not be nervous. Act calmly. Soon the baby will relax and begin to enjoy the procedure.

Another good method for overcoming the fear of water is the joint taking of the baby's bath with the mother or father. Adult before that you need to take a hygienic shower. Being in close contact with an adult, the crumb feels completely safe and calms down. DETAILS: Can I bathe in the same bath with the newborn? The opinion of doctors and moms; http://razvitie-krohi.ru/eto-polezno-znat/mozhno-li-kupatsya-v-odnoy-vanne-vmeste-s-novorozhdennyim-mnenie-vrachey-i-mamochek.html

This option is suitable for children who are already confidently sitting. In the pelvis you need to pour a small amount of water and put various toys (rubber animals, plastic fish, boats, watering cans). Play with the baby, show him how it rains from the watering can, how joyfully the fish, ducks and frogs splash. Children at this age are happy to play such games. After some time, the game must be transferred to a large bath. DETAILS: Toys for swimming for children up to 1 year

For older children. There are times when a child enters a bath, standing in the water, but is afraid to sit down and dip into the water. Ask, while playing with a crumb: We pour water to the knees or a little more? ;. Do not rush, stop on the achievement that you have achieved today and, step by step, overcome the child's fear of water. Another option, try to run soap bubbles. The kid will be distracted from his fear and, perhaps, playing with the bubbles, sits in the water.

A game ; an excellent assistant in the fight against any fears of children. Try to play as much as possible with the baby in the bathroom, throw a lot of different water toys into the tub, entertain the child, talk to him, tell him that the toys are not afraid of water, how fun they splash, they play and are not afraid of water at all; and then the bathing procedure will be associated only with fun. The child will forget what fear of bathing is # 55357; # 56898;

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Create a joyful mood for you and the baby will help poteshki and small rhymes, which have long been used for bathing newborns.

Who's going to buy a kup-kup,

On vodichke the slop-slop?

In the bath quickly jump-jump, jump,

in the bath with a foot, a jig-dryk, a dryj!

There will be soap foaming,

And the dirt will go away somewhere.

We bathe, we splash,

And in vodichke with you have fun!

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