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Favorable days for conception of the child and different ways of their calculation

How to calculate the best and most favorable days for conceiving a child

Mentally, to the appearance of the baby, young parents begin to prepare, probably already at the wedding table. Why is a family created, if not for the continuation of the family? Some even before the wedding stipulate whom they want: a boy or a girl. But what is the surprise when no signs of pregnancy appear.

This article is for those who are waiting for pregnancy as a miracle, but for some reason it does not come. In such cases, usually a young woman goes to the doctor. She wants to know how to get pregnant? How to calculate the best days for conception?

In the women’s consultation is often invited and the wife. There it is necessary to go together, as they used to go to the registrar’s office. The gynecologist, of course, will tell you how to calculate the most favorable days for the conception of the baby. But before this they will collect anamnesis (anamnesis ; a set of information obtained by medical examination by questioning the person being surveyed and / or those who know him. Studying an anamnesis, like questioning in general, is not just a list of questions and answers to them. From the style of conversation between the doctor and the patient, the psychological compatibility depends, which in many ways determines the ultimate goal – the alleviation of the patient’s condition ) – find out when and how they hurt both spouses. Having done the necessary research, will give recommendations.

Doctors believe that it takes half a year to prepare for conception. For half a year, the female body must be strengthened to bear a healthy child. The man’s body, as it may seem strange, also needs preparation.

Even if the couple is healthy, a man and a woman will be prescribed vitamins. And both are the same. Folic acid, vitamins A, E, C; prescribe zinc and selenium.

You ask: why?

The same restorative drugs act on the male and female body in different ways.

  • Folic acid, which is called the vitamin of pregnancy. In women before conception, it contributes to the maturation of eggs. In men – quality spermatozoa. However, the woman will drink this vitamin until the end of pregnancy. A man can be stopped with a successful offensive of conception.
  • Vitamin A in men causes sexual desire and improves the quality of sperm. The future child needs vitamin A for the eye. But usually doctors are not allowed to exceed its dosage.
  • Female vitamin E, which is called the vitamin of youth and beauty, cares about the skin, bones, nails. In men, it promotes the maturation of spermatozoa.
  • Vitamin C is a good stimulant of immunity. He will save sperm from free radicals. It is important for women.
  • Selenium contributes to the production of sperm and prolongs the period of their existence, not allowing to die before the time.
  • Zinc also increases the viability of spermatozoa. Hence, useful to men for a full conception.
  • B group vitamins are often prescribed for women on the eve of conception: B6 – promotes the correct formation of the cerebral cortex in a future baby. They should be saturated with the organism of the future mother. In addition, in combination with B12 and B1, it positively affects the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system of the fetus. These vitamins should be enough in the body of a future mother even before conception.
  • Vitamin D – is useful for both mother and child. It is necessary for the formation of healthy teeth in the baby. And for the preservation of the teeth of a mother carrying a child under her heart.

You can try. For an accurate definition, you must enter only the date of the last menstruation, the duration of the monthly cycle and the calculation period. Everything else will be done for you by a calculator.

Let's assume that young parents have planned to conceive a child for the near future. The woman has a 24-day cycle. Last months were on 1 October. We take 3 calculation periods: October, November and December.

The calculator displays the following results:

The best days for conception: from 9 to 17 October, from 2 to 10 November, from 26 November to 4 December.

As you can see, in November there are as many as 14 favorable days, use them for conception.

This ancient way to determine the most favorable days for conceiving your own child is very simple. It takes the duration of the female cycle and divides exactly in half. For example, a woman has a classical cycle of 28 days. We divide it in half. And we add and subtract one day. Hence, the best for love of comfort will be the days: from the 13th to the 15th.

Sometimes consider the lunar cycle, which in the life of a woman is important. It is believed that neither in the new moon, nor in the full moon, nor in the last third of the lunar cycle, on the waning moon, one should not conceive a child. For this purpose, the growing moon is better suited.

In anticipation of the child in families, they wonder: who will be born, a girl or a boy. Grandmothers are trying to determine this for certain reasons. If the stomach is a cone forward: then there will be a boy. If the stomach is round, and the hips are stiff, then it is necessary to wait for the girl.

Now the sex of the child is determined by ultrasound. Ultrasound is better than any grandmother sees: who hid there in the mother's belly.

But in young families, where the first child is waiting, they want to know the sex of the child even before he gets into this stomach. The baby is also planned in families where there are already children. There is a boy, I want a girl. Or vice versa.

Doctors believe if a sexual intercourse occurred on the eve of ovulation, a girl will be born. If after - the boy.

Eastern sages advise: that a son be born, sleep head to the north. Those who wait for the daughter - to the south.

The gynecologist tells how the fertilization process takes place, which days are most favorable for conception and how to determine them, using tests for ovulation, how to prepare for pregnancy to both partners, and what kind of medical examination to go through.

The most important thing is not to get hung up on conception, of course it's difficult, but you need to relax and emotionally. I never calculate the period of ovulation, from about the middle of the menstrual cycle, to have an active sex life with my husband.

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