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Communication with the child from 6 to 9 months

Learning to communicate correctly! (from 6 to 9 months)

And we continue to communicate correctly! Now the baby is 6 to 9 months old. So big already, but so small! This article is 4 on the account. If, dear mom-dads, you just joined us, I advise you to read the previous articles, even if your baby is not at that age. It will be informative!

Let’s now get acquainted with the capabilities of your baby! What did he learn by the 6-9 months of his busy life!

  1. If the important thing has fallen, the baby is looking for it. He looks for and finds an interesting thing, a toy, a pacifier in the area of ​​his activity (crib, ottoman, arena).
  2. Where is the cat? If the elephant is in a permanent place, the baby will find it (2-3 items for this period the child will be able to find, provided that they are in a permanent place).
  3. Based on the property of the object, the baby will use it (open, push, shift).
  4. With confidence he takes toys, passes from one handle to another.
  5. He likes to observe others, he does it carefully.
  6. Mom says, dad, only without awareness.
  7. He writes scribbles.
  8. Glad to play hide-and-seek, laughs.
  9. It reacts to acquaintances and strangers in different ways.
  10. He watches another child, laughs or babbles.
  11. When you say goodbye to the baby, he also waves back with a pen.
  12. At the request of an adult, he makes various movements (give me a pen).
  13. Consciously takes a toy, which he will be offered.
  14. He drinks from a cup, which is kept by an adult.
  15. When he plays, slaps his hands on the table or knocks with a spoon.
  16. His reflection in the mirror is smiling, trying to touch it.
  17. Rejoices when he gets to the subject.
  18. Persistently drags on to an object that is far away.
  19. Dissatisfied, when they take away the thing they love.
  20. Eats from a spoon.

Gradually, the baby will get used to the fact that my mother is around, and will cease to worry. The first two times three times my mother is just forbidden to leave for a long time. And then the stranger became almost familiar! I want to draw your attention, dear moms-dads, because the separation of the baby and mother for the first time will take place, the reaction of the little one in the future will depend.

Crying a child when leaving a mother is not a whim! A world without a mother is unstable and terrible. So your baby thinks. The little one should be helped to gain confidence in other people. If the child realizes that other people's friends are friends and interesting with them, then the fear of strangers will pass. And our favorite hide-and-seek game will help us in this! But that she became a beloved, you must observe certain conditions!

To begin it is necessary that the child was hiding. It will not be so frightening for the baby, as if my mother had disappeared. Put the kerchief on the face of the child, tell me And where is Anechka? , Anechka somewhere gone? , then pull off the kerchief, and rejoice That's where Anechka! . Then do the same with yourself.

Gradually you can go to hide and seek in the room. Hide so that you can quickly show up to the child (for the chair, the door). Gladly welcome him. Involve all family members in your games. Guests can build funny faces and make sounds. The kid will get used to the company!

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