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Child development in 5 months (development calendar by months)

Child at 5 months (development calendar)

The child on the 5th month continues to learn the tools of communication: a smile, laughter, babble, which become more expressive, more alive, and filled with meaning every day. He becomes more active and more mobile in movement: he turns over, from the reclining position gradually strive to sit down, independently assumes various poses. The development of a child in 5 months is a period of consolidation and improvement of skills already acquired and the transition to a new way of life when the baby can already sit.

Multiply by two the body weight of your crumbs at birth – about the same weight now weighs a five-month-old baby. At the end of the 5th month the child must have a weight of 6.5; 7.5 kg (± 1 kg) and height 63; 65 cm (± 3 cm). During this month, he accumulates up to 700 g and adds about 2 cm.

Almost all unconditioned reflexes in a child are 4; 5 months die (see 4 month), Moro reflex should disappear by the end of the 5th month. (About reflexes)

In the physical development of the baby, there are noticeable changes.

  1. A child in 5 months can already sit well with back support, holding on to something with his hands. Independently, he can not sit still (when the child starts to sit on his own?).
  2. If you put the child in a vertical position, supporting the armpits, then it stands almost straight, without bending the legs.
  3. If you keep the baby in the air parallel to the floor downward, then he lifts the upper body and head to the middle line and keeps them in that position.
  4. If you pull it by the handles in a lying position, the baby will pull himself up and will not let the head back up.
  5. Lying on the back, the child raises his legs and pens, examines them, pulls his feet into his mouth.
  6. Lying on his stomach, he raises himself on his forearms and holds the head firmly.
  7. He stretches his hand to the moving object and can already grasp it.
  8. Actively turns on the barrel, from the abdomen to the back.
  9. The dorsal muscles of the child in 5 months are already developed enough to make it possible to make an airplane: lying on the tummy with a raised head, moves the handles and legs.

Play with the baby in front of the mirror. Take the child in your arms and wave your hand in the mirror. Perhaps, the kid will be very surprised by the appearance of the second mother with someone on hand. While the child perceives a reflection in the mirror as another living object. If you take a toy in your hand, the baby will try to grab it in the mirror, not noticing it in your hands. Approximately up to 1.5 years, children do not understand that the mirror is only a reflection.

For the development of tactile sensitivity make a set of colored pads from different tissues (flannel, silk, corduroy). When the baby lies on the tummy, give them to him, let him touch and look. When the child grows up, such pads can be laid out in pairs in color, size or pattern.

If you like to sew, you can make a textile book with applications made of different fabrics, Velcro, laces, sewn on buttons, specially for your baby. Subjects of the book can be distinguished, depending on the sex of the child.

Sleep and wakefulness in a child at 5 months remains the same as last month (see 4 months). For each kid, he is individual and depends on biorhythms and temperament: someone wakes up early and falls asleep, and someone likes to get up and walk midnight later. Kids can still confuse the day with the night, but many children already sleep at night longer than in the day, waking up 1 to 2 times.

Feeding remains unchanged (see 4 months). Continue to breastfeed or mix on demand.

In 5 months, the introduction of the first complementary foods is allowed if:

  • You do not have much milk;
  • The child badly adds weight, is capricious, does not eat;
  • He suffers from pain in the tummy or constipation, a rare or poor chair;
  • He often regurgitates (for a day more than 2 times or after each feeding).

In any of these cases, consult a pediatrician so that he determines that the cause is really in malnutrition and picked up the first lure.

Calendar for the development of the child by month (choose a month)

A complete calendar for the development of the child in one article, development to year by month; ; http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda-po-mesyatsam.html gt; gt; gt;

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