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8 months – Child development calendar

8 months

At eight months old, your child becomes more independent. Now he does not need to call his mother or father to sit down or get to the toy.

He does it perfectly without help. He has already learned to control the muscles of the back and neck.

But despite growing independence, the child still needs the attention of parents.

Indicators of the norm *. Age of child 8 months

The lower limit of the norm

The upper limit of the norm

Weight of boys, kg

Height of boys, cm

Growth of girls, cm

* Data are given according to the centipedal tables of Russian pediatricians

At eight months old the child can:

– gesture for a toy;

– to stand on their feet, adhering to the support;

– repeat simple syllables;

– To find and get the ball rolling under the chair;

– play hide and seek (the child knows that his mother did not disappear, but just hid under the blanket);

– take a few steps forward when it is supported by the mouse;

– watch out for the fallen object.

How to teach a child to chew?

On the eighth month, children continue to erupt teeth, some children have 4-5 teeth. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to use a blender. Teach your child to chew.

Offer him rusks, finely chopped meat, pieces of vegetables and fruits – all this stimulates the child to bite and chew.

Rules of behavior at the table for children of eight months

And also pediatricians and experienced moms know: at 8 months the baby is already so smart that it will easily remember the rules of behavior at the table. Of course, it’s too early to put a fork and knife near his plate.

But some lessons of etiquette can already be taught to him. Let the little man get used to washing hands before eating.

Make sure that the child always had a clean bib and clean dishes.

Do not teach the child to eat surrounded by toys and books. Let him get used to the fact that the table can not be distracted.

Kroha will know that the pyramids and dolls are waiting for him, and after dinner he will definitely play with them.

At eight months the child has an attachment: he wants to be close to a loved one. The child reaches out to his parents, he needs to feel that they love him. Therefore, psychologists advise taking a baby more often in his arms, hugging.

It is also important at this age to fill the life of the child with new impressions. This does not mean that you need to read him an encyclopedia.

It is enough to show how to string the rings on a stick to get a pyramid, or how to fold the balls into a pan.

He immediately pulls everything in his mouth. In the case of glue or tablets, even the minimum dose can become fatal.

If your child still tried a dishwashing aid, immediately rinse his stomach and give two teaspoons espumizana.

Take care that the child does not play with small items, which he can choke.

Many mothers of small boys are worried about whether a normal erection is at an early age. Pediatricians consider this an absolutely normal phenomenon. Erection in infants occurs in response to a touch of sensitive genitals.

A boy can rub a diaper, for example. Or the reaction occurs during bathing.

This has nothing to do with sexual arousal in the usual sense of the word.

My happiness is in my hands!

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