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Your skin is thirsty!

Your skin is thirsty!

It would seem that a pea moisturizer – and all problems will disappear. But it’s not that simple.

No matter how wonderful your moisturizer is, if you drink enough water, you are wasting money on care products. The skin (more precisely, its deepest layer – the dermis) works like a sponge: along with nutrients from the blood vessels, it receives moisture and absorbs it greedily.

But at the same time, a part of life-giving drops rises above, into the outer layer of skin (epidermis), from where it safely evaporates. But ideally, the dermis should consist of water by 80%!

The lipid barrier helps to control the speed and volume of moisture evaporation of our skin: it is contained in the upper layer of the epidermis, it prevents the rapid volatilization of water molecules from the skin surface. Therefore, if it is damaged or weakened, moisture will simply flow away to nowhere. Of course, moisturizers will help strengthen the protection and give the skin water.

But first of all, make sure that not only the skin, but also the body itself does not suffer from dehydration, and for this you need to drink those notorious 1.5 liters of water a day.

Paradoxically, one of the factors contributing to the rapid dehydration of the skin is washing. Yes, of course, water is the basis of any purification.

That’s just good to clean the skin from pollution, and even more from the remnants of decorative cosmetics, it can be used only if the water in the bottle will be micellar. Washing with plain – and especially tap – water does not just dry and irritate the skin. The optical illusion is much more dangerous: even if it seems to you that with the help of a cotton pad moistened with water, you have removed all makeup residues from your face, in reality this will not be so, because many of the substances that make up the decorative elements simply do not dissolve in water.

The miraculous formula of micellar water, which easily dissolves the most dense and persistent pollution, is surprisingly simple: thermal and / or floral water, esters of fatty acids and a number of additional components (glycerin, plant extracts, hyaluronic or lactic acid, panthenol). Ball-shaped molecules invisible to the eye – micelles – gently cleanse the skin, and the active ingredients saturate its cells with additional moisture.

The appearance of new products in the line of cleansers was met by cosmetologists with unanimous approval: neither friction, nor irritation, nor allergic reactions.

Your skin is thirsty!

One of the main signs that the skin lacks moisture is a feeling of dryness and tightness. Cosmetics – creams, gels, serums, emulsions – are water-based and help to maintain an optimal level of moisture in the skin.

The water content in them must be at least 70%! The composition is saturated with moisturizing components (glycerin, hyaluronic acid) and ingredients that help the skin retain moisture (extracts of green tea, lotus, aloe, toffee and cucumber, fats, mineral oils, fruit acids). The texture of these tools are different from the protective and nutritious: they are low-fat, much “lighter” and literally fresher.

Moisturizing agents reliably cover the skin with the thinnest invisible film and create a kind of protective barrier, helping to retain the moisture already present in the dermis and preventing its excessive evaporation (at the same time protecting it from wind and sun).

Speaking about water procedures, one cannot do without mentioning sprays and their “advanced” variants – mys (or haze). They are especially necessary for our cosmetic bag on hot summer days, when under the influence of the hot sun and dry warm air the skin quickly loses moisture.

Spray can is a refreshing shower opportunity when you can’t take it, but you really want it! And all because the basis of the spray is water – thermal, mineral, marine or floral water extracted from underground sources. Mist is also, in fact, water (thermal or mineral), but water enriched with all sorts of beneficial substances (vitamins and trace elements, essential oils, plant extracts, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc.).

Additives and determine the purpose of the product: moisturizing, nutrition, recovery, removal of swelling and redness. However, to reduce the effect of the use of healing waters to positive dermatological results would be wrong.

The spray is generally a very democratic product, and its range of possibilities is much wider.

Your skin is thirsty!

Spray can be used to:

  • cool and soothe the skin (for example, after sunbathing, depilation, cleansing or peeling procedures);
  • refresh or wash when this is not possible (after training, long flight or during the office day);
  • additionally moisturize the skin (apply the spray on dry clean skin before applying moisturizing cream or on top of it for additional nutrition);
  • enhance the effect of the mask or serum (refresh the skin with a spray before the procedure – useful substances will “work” more actively);
  • fix makeup (sprinkle each layer of makeup after application: haze has excellent absorbing ability and absorbs particles of sweat and sebum, ensuring the matte skin and preventing the “leaking” of make-up);
  • give yourself a light fragrance (flower waters, or hydrolates, are obtained thanks to steam distillation of flowers, stems and leaves of plants, therefore, their aromatic properties may well replace perfume);
  • achieve a tanning effect (a pair of sprays gives the skin a healthy complexion, slightly touched by the summer sun).

Sprays are packaged in sealed bottles with a spray gun, thanks to which the product is sprayed with tiny particles (before buying with a probe, check the dispenser: the spray should be distributed evenly over the skin, and the surface area should be large enough). The best way to apply is to describe the “eight” from a distance of an outstretched arm, or just step into a sprayed “wet” cloud. To blot or not blot the smallest droplets on the face with a napkin depends not so much on your desire, as on the composition of the bottle.

Low-mineralized thermal water (optimal for dry skin) can be safely left to dry completely, and the excess highly mineralized (suitable for oily and combination skin) should be dried immediately – a little discomfort from tightening will not please everyone. But in general, there is no need to be afraid: unlike ordinary water, which evaporates from the skin’s surface dries it, the effect of the “work” of thermal water is reversed – due to its chemical composition it not only penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, moisturizing it and speeding up metabolic processes but it also creates a protective barrier that reduces evaporation of moisture.

A couple of sprays, a few minutes – and the skin becomes soft and velvety, right before your eyes getting saturated with moisture. It’s good that you can use sprays as often as you like.

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