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You can and can not: what to feed a child from 2 to 3 years

You can and can not: what to feed a child from 2 to 3 years

After 2 years you can give sausages for sample – baby cooked sausage or special children’s sausages. At the same age, you can introduce a child with a special cocoa for children. There is a lot of fat in it, there are proteins, carbohydrates, trace elements necessary for the development of karapuz – potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and some iron.

Cocoa stimulates the nervous system, so it is better to give it in the morning, not more than 2 times a week. This drink is not suitable for children with kidney problems and food allergies.

Closer to 3 years old, you can offer your baby sweet buns, crackers, butter and choux pastry, waffles.

From the age of 3, the child’s digestive system is able to digest seafood and fish delicacies, including fatty fish. At the same time, the liver begins to work at full strength. She can already neutralize the influence of undesirable substances for the child.

Iodine, which is rich in all kinds of seafood, including sea kale, is needed for normal thyroid function. They also have vitamins A, C, B groups and ballast substances that help the intestines work.

Products for children can be cooked, stewed, baked and steamed. The latter method allows you to keep a maximum of nutrients and vitamins, without changing the natural taste and color of ingredients.

Boiled food is easily digested and does not contain excess fat, but in the process of cooking nutrients are lost.

Up to 3 years is not recommended to cook the child first courses in meat or fish broth. They contain a lot of extractive substances that irritate the gastrointestinal tract of babies, and special enzymes that help these substances to digest, begin to be produced only after 3 years. For the same reason, you should not give a baby stew or fish before 3 years: the broth formed in the process of cooking without special digestive enzymes is not absorbed.

Although the diet of the baby has expanded significantly, the list of forbidden foods remains quite large. Under the ban, bitter chocolate and all kinds of chocolate pastes. Do not give crumbs as mayonnaise and ketchup, as they contain vinegar and spices, as well as other additives.

Non-grata personas are mushrooms and deep-fried food. Fried children, regardless of their age, it is better not to give.

After 3 years, dishes can be fried a little, and ideally baked.

Our appetite depends on the work of the nervous system, which can stimulate or, on the contrary, inhibit it. Therefore, before complaining that the baby does not eat anything, try to understand the reasons.

Do not worry if the kid turns up his nose from the plate after a long journey, too active games or attending an event that made a strong impression on him. The baby is just tired.

After a rest, the appetite will improve.

But if the child is simply not interested in food in life, it is worth thinking. Too much intelligibility in food and too long a process of absorbing food should cause concern. More often this happens with impressionable children.

Their sensitive nervous system does not allow you to experience the pleasure of a meal.

Plump kids, by contrast, may show an increased interest in food. The saturation mechanism for them is slow, because they necessarily need a strict regime.

It happens that kids start to suddenly eat chalk, lime or ash. Most likely, they lack important for the development of trace elements, such as calcium.

But it can be a problem with the absorption of food.

Remember that the aesthetic side of food intake also affects appetite. Meals should look appetizing.

Beautifully sliced ​​and unfolded foods, cute dishes improve appetite.

So that the baby does not disturb the appetite, it is important to adjust it from birth to the desired wave and accustom to the regime.

By the first year of life, children choose for themselves a certain rhythm of nutrition, which should be maintained constantly. Try not to chase the child with the rhythm of snacks in between meals. Consider the features of the baby.

Before inviting the little restless person to the table, let him calm down. Let your child choose food. True, he should choose from the list of products that adults will offer him and which corresponds to his age.

Do not offer crumbs too large portions.

In 2-3 years, many children begin to attend kindergarten. Baby food will remain full and adaptation to a new lifestyle will be faster if homemade food is combined with what is offered to the child for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in kindergarten.

It is for this reason that menus are hung out at the preschool every day. Do not pass by: having learned that your crumb will eat during the day, you will be able to arrange a dinner of those products that have not yet been on the kid’s table.

This is necessary so that the menu of the child remains varied and the crumb does not eat the same thing several times a day.

Doctors and nutritionists advise also not to feed the child in the morning before sending him to kindergarten. But if you bring it long before breakfast, offer a light snack, such as fruit.

When preparing your child for the garden, make sure that the diet and menu are similar to what is offered in the preschool. Allow the toddler to show independence: he must learn to use a spoon and fork.

However, at first he will be helped in the kindergarten.

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