Yoga for kids

Yoga for kids

Yoga can be practiced with almost all children from the age of 4-5 years. Yoga develops flexibility, strengthens the body, forms the correct posture, serves as prevention of flatfoot, develops attention.

Flexibility is always needed for a person, but is simply necessary when his body is still being formed. The fact is that the bones of the child grow so fast that the muscles do not keep up with them.

Muscles need to help catch the bones, making them elastic, for this they need to stretch.

How to motivate a child to do yoga? Only in the form of a game. For example, play with him at the zoo, asking to portray animals.

Or just imitate some actions interesting to the kid. By the way, such exercises will develop not only the body, but will also become a kind of source of knowledge, tell the kids about the animals, about the account.

The following set of yoga exercises for children 4-5 years old will help develop the muscles of the baby and teach the child to calmly think, hear himself, calm down and even dream.

Yoga for kids

1 exercise “Cat”

The child stands on all fours and depicts two different cats. The first is kind, she is stroked on the back, and she behaves blissfully downwards. And angry – expressing dissatisfaction, she rounds her back, arching her up.

These movements must be done in combination with breathing. On the inhale you need to bend, on the exhale – to round the back.

And so repeat – up and down.

Do slowly 10 times.

“Cat” improves spinal mobility and forms the chest. Also serves as a preventive exercise for diseases of the respiratory system.

Yoga for kids

Exercise 2 “Lion”

Standing on all fours, it is necessary to lift and direct the face up, slightly bending the neck. Stick your tongue forward and down, open your eyes wide and, imagining yourself a terrible beast, pretend that you are guarding the territory.

So you should stand still and stay for 30 seconds.

“A lion” strengthens the muscles of the back, forming the correct posture, is an excellent exercise to prepare for school. It protects against colds, improves the blood supply to the throat and forms the correct bite.

In addition, this exercise is useful to do right during a cold, if you have a sore throat (when there is no temperature).

3 Exercise “Boat”

Lying on the belly with the crown, we stretch forward. The neck should be flat.

Arms extended along the body. On the exhale, it is necessary to lift the torso and one leg up, continuing to reach forward with the top of the head, not tilting it back.

On the inhale we fall down and, on the next exhale, raise the other leg.

To do from 10 to 16 times.

“A boat” helps to form a posture, improves digestion, strengthens leg muscles. In addition, lengthening the neck improves blood flow to the brain.

4 Exercise “Blow out the candles!”

This exercise is breathing. You can imagine with the child that in front of him 4-5 – no more, lit candles on the birthday cake.

Or put in front of him a circle of real candles, or put some object on his palm with candles stuck into it. Candles can be lit or unlit.

The child should sit down in front of the candles, cross-legged, take a deep breath and try to blow out all the candles in one fell swoop, making a fractional, gradual exhalation. After the candles are blown out, you need to rest for 5 minutes and repeat.

“Blow out the candles!” soothes, teaches focus. Suitable as a prevention of lung diseases.

And at the same time the kid learns the account.

5 exercise “Butterfly”

The child must sit down on the floor, bend his knees and spread them apart, feet together. Hands need to hug the foot and try to fix them, pressing together and to the buttocks. In this position, raise and lower the knees, imitating the butterfly’s fluttering.

Calm, slow movements must be alternated with fast. So, the butterfly will fly slowly or quickly.

Before starting the exercise, when the child sits down in the starting position, he needs to say: “You make 4 slow flapping wings, and then 6 (or 10) flapping fast ones”.

“Butterfly” helps to learn how to count, while the child learns to concentrate, concentrate and be attentive. At the same time, exercise improves blood supply to the hip joints, is a prevention of flatfoot and forms strong, slender legs.

Yoga for kids

6 exercise “Running dog”

The child stands upside down, leaning on his arms and legs bent. Begins to move forward, alternately extending simultaneously his left arm and right leg, then vice versa – at the same time his right arm and his left leg.

Take steps at least 10-16.

Walking dog “improves blood supply, in particular, blood supply to the head (from which the brain begins to think better), develops figurative thinking. Forms posture and coordination.

Due to the fact that active hand work takes place, good coordination of the upper limbs and strength is developed to school, which is very important for fine hand motor skills and successful learning.

Yoga for kids

7 exercise “Hedgehog”

Lying on your back, pull your knees close to your stomach, clasp them with your hands, while at the same time stretching your head to your knees. In this position, go for a ride, swing 6-8 times, back and forth, on the back – “to collect all your needles with leaves from the grass in the forest”. Then straighten up.

And swing again.

“Hedgehog” forms spinal curvatures and serves as a prevention of postural disorders. Improves blood supply to the brain and digestion.

This complex is worth doing 3 times a week. The best time is after sleeping in the morning or afternoon, before eating.

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