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World experience: why the British are poorly educated

World experience: why the British are poorly educated

In England, no one is being dragged to the national standards on the lasso, although, of course, teachers and school administrations are interested in good results. A person is taught from childhood that his life is in his hands, and children learn to be independent early.

The advantages of such a system are obvious. A child from an early age is accustomed to counting on himself, to show initiative, make plans for life and not blame anyone for his mistakes.

But the disadvantages are obvious too. Many of us need good examples, support at certain periods of life, and sometimes good kick.

The trouble is that not all children have a support group, not all parents are sick, and even more so they are forced to do something, especially if the parents themselves did not care.

The result is a high level of illiteracy among the indigenous British population, a high percentage of really illiterate people who can neither read nor write.

Here, of course, it’s not just the disorder of parents and schools. The rules of reading in English are very complex, and children master them for several years.

No wonder there is a saying: “Manchester is written in English, and Liverpool is read. If in the first years of training the child somehow cope with easy words, then, if he has problems, difficult words may not come to him.

A separate topic is the ability to count. Not even talking about mathematics, but about elementary arithmetic, oral counting. That’s when I remembered with gratitude my native school with a mathematical bias.

As a child, I, the humanities, had a hard time from this bias, mathematics was given tight, hard work. In Great Britain, mathematics is considered the most inaccessible science, and a good score on this subject in high school gives an opportunity to enter such prestigious faculties as medicine, law, and computer science.

The situation with the oral account is catastrophic. In elementary school, children are given negligible homework in math.

Naturally, knowledge is not fixed, even if the child has understood the subject well.

I will give an illustration of general arithmetic illiteracy. In the 1980s, a counterfeiter was tried, minting 1 pound sterling coins.

The judge asked how much the accused cost to make one coin. It turned out: 1 pound 10 pence. “But where is the profit?” The judge was surprised.

The accused only shrugged his shoulders: “I don’t know, Your Honor, I am not strong in mathematics.”

In all stores during sales there are stands: “Sale: 50%” And then two columns of numbers: there was and became. It was: 30 p, became 15. It was 2 p, today you pay 1 p. Make life easier for people.

This is in honest stores. And in small shops there is such: “Special price! One can of cola – 1,, 2 cans of cola – 2 f! ”The most surprising thing is that people take it.

Sometimes the thought flashes: maybe it was designed for it?

World experience: why the British are poorly educated

The child is instilled from the cradle, that he was born for a happy and interesting life, and what a shock for him at the age of twenty to realize that he is doomed to live in an uninteresting low-paid job, that he has no prospects to improve his position, because he does not have good qualifications, There is no skill to really learn and work. Someone will find the strength to change the situation, go to study, finish some courses or go to the university, and someone will go on a boring, beaten path, and for the feeling of being full will find a hobby or start drinking.

And someone will not be able to find the strength for a new life, or accept a monotonous and poor life, and will try to take the good himself.

On the other hand, if a child is not initially tuned to academic success, does not like and cannot learn, is there any point in depriving him of childhood, humiliating him, comparing him with more able classmates and forcing him to do what he will not do in the future? I saw a lot of owners of vegetable shops, electricians, bus and taxi drivers who never shone with academic success and did not even do their homework and, nevertheless, with a positive lifestyle, hard work and ingenuity could save a small fortune and enjoy life.

Britain has been and remains the most class-divided society, and democratic trends are shaking, but not completely destroying the centuries-old foundations and mentality. Every cricket know your hearth, and not every Losers in school feels like a loser.

As for salary, good electricians and mechanics earn more than a schoolteacher, and it is ridiculous to inspire them that they are deprived of knowledge. People often feel comfortable in the social layer in which they were born, and contempt exists not only from the upper classes to the lower, but also from the lower to the higher.

A small local study recently came out, according to which 50% of the inhabitants of our city proudly attributed themselves to the working class, although the workers were their fathers and grandfathers, and they themselves could be office workers, advertisers or nurses.

Of course, a private school gives a much greater chance of success, but does not guarantee it. For example, a familiar Englishman, a graduate of a good private school, and then Cambridge, chose such A-Level subjects as photography, drama and literature.

He did not even tell his parents that he did not take the mathematics that was given to him with difficulty. As a result, he was unable to get a great job, as he failed the elementary math test.

Before testing, he tried to go to free Numeracy courses, such as math education, but his pride did not allow him to study side by side with dysfunctional teenagers and illiterate refugees.

So what do we see? A good public school gives a good chance for a good education, but one should not expect any initiatives from it.

Responsible parents need to familiarize themselves with national standards and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child. In fashion is tutoring in training centers, as well as via Skype. Prices for qualified individual classes are very high, and rare families allow themselves such expenses.

As a rule, the tutor is hired briefly just before the exams.

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