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Workshop: Analgin children

Workshop: Analgin children

If metamizole sodium (the active substance analgin) is quite effective as an anesthetic for a short time, then its effectiveness is questionable as an anti-inflammatory drug. The temperature he, of course, reduces, but not much.

Its action lasts only 2 hours, after which everything returns to its original positions. At the same time, analgin has many serious side effects. Repeated and prolonged its use can cause such severe conditions as:

agranulocytosis (decrease in the level of leukocytes and increase susceptibility to fungal and bacterial infections);

hypothermia (drop in temperature to 35 degrees, speech intelligibility may appear, chills);

collaptoid states (lower blood pressure).

These side effects can cause both pills and suppositories (rectal suppositories).

So if you want to avoid serious trouble, use analgin as a last resort and strictly follow the instructions that relate to age restrictions, dosage and frequency of administration.

Children up to 3 months and with a body weight less than 5 kg analgin is prohibited.

For children older than 3 months, a single dose of analgin is 5-10 mg / kg of body weight. Reception frequency – no more than 3-4 times a day for 2-3 days.

Children from 6 months to 1 year are recommended to introduce rectal suppositories. A single dose is half a candle;

Single dose for children

2-3 years – 0.05-0.1 g;

8-14 years old – 0.25-0.3 g.

Warning: analgin can not be taken by course. It can only be taken as a last resort, once with high fever and severe pain.

When pain in the abdomen to take analgin not.

If a child older than 2 years does not have chronic heart diseases, metabolic disorders, there is no history of febrile seizures and neurological disorders, the temperature is recommended to be lowered at 39-39.5 ° C.

Children at risk – with chronic heart disease, metabolism, neurological disorders, with febrile convulsions in history, the temperature is reduced at 38-38.5 ° C.

Children under 2 years old have antipyretic drugs at a temperature of 38-38.5 ° C.

Most often, this combination is found in injections, which makes the children “Emergency” or “First Aid”, if it was not possible to reduce the high temperature by other means.

But the dosage of these drugs requires special care. That is why it is not recommended to take initiative in this matter. The injection should be prescribed by the doctor, and the medicine should be administered by the nurse.

Analgin is administered to children at the rate of 0.1-0.2 ml (50% solution) or 0.2-0.4 ml (25% solution) per 10 kg of body weight. Diphenol – at the rate of 0.4 ml for each year of the child. First, they draw analgin into the syringe, then diphenhydramine.

Enter the solution very slowly. With the rapid introduction of possible rapid drop in blood pressure.

The interval between injections is at least 6 hours.

This should take into account the side effects of not only dipyrone, but also Dimedrol. For example, diphenhydramine may cause drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting or constipation, chills, or sweating. Remember: there are modern, more effective and safer antipyretic drugs that do not cause serious side effects.

They should recommend a doctor.

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