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Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

The main task of the tonal means is to even out the skin tone and mask its flaws (slight redness, pigment spots, wrinkles). In search of reliable “camouflage” it is important not to miss with the choice of its shade.

Otherwise the face will look inorganic. Keep in mind that too dark a tone creates a mask effect, a light one emphasizes all the flaws.

Testing a remedy on a hand is fundamentally wrong. After all, the skin of the hands on the tone two is darker than the skin of the face. Try the product on the neck or chin.

Apply 2-3 different shades and look for the perfect match. Better still, stock up on two options: lighter for winter, a little darker for summer.

The next mistake is to apply the foundation too thick. First, it looks very unnatural. And secondly, this “armor” violates skin respiration and clogs the pores, which leads to the appearance of inflammation and acne.

To avoid such a slip, use not a cream, but a fluid – a tool with a more transparent texture. It is easy to apply and will not cause difficulties even for beginners.

Keep in mind the advanced options of modern tinting products. Products with reflective particles give the face a healthy look and a slight glow.

And matirujushchie means make a makeup more persistent and relieve from oily shine throughout the day.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Conservative girls try to avoid additional “lotions” to create the perfect complexion. And in vain.

To light up the skin (to eliminate gray or greenish skin tint from processing or sleepless nights with a baby), use a primer before using the tone. It moisturizes and serves as a foundation for make-up, it does not overload the skin and prepares it for the application of tone.

Skin imperfections are also better eliminated “in advance,” disguised with concealer a little darker than skin. Note that too light concealer, does not hide, but on the contrary, emphasizes all the flaws.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Mascara – the main tool in the makeup of the eyes, which makes our eyes expressive. Some young ladies, trying by their own experience to realize the call of one once popular song “slam your eyelashes and take off,” put too many layers of ink on them. In fact, the desired result is not achieved by the amount of ink, but by its correct application.

The error is that we apply mascara in one continuous motion from the roots to the ends, applying 3-4 layers. Try to paint the eyelashes from the bottom up, not in a straight line, but in zigzag movements, fanning the eyelashes.

Thus, you will unleash all the carcass abilities (lengthen, twist and add volume) for 1-2 strokes of its magic brush and “additives” will not be required.

Another tip: in order not to “trace” mascara on the upper eyelid, inducing a marafet, lower your eyelashes down. To do this, keep the mirror at the level of the chin.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Eyebrows-strings from the 70s are no longer relevant. Today, thick broad eyebrows are popular, which, by the way, visually make us younger.

It is better to select “our own” form without amateur performance. Go to a specialist in Brow-Bar (such corners are located in many large shopping centers) or to a beautician in a beauty salon.

In the future, from time to time, only correct its “creation”, getting rid of unnecessary “settlers”.

In order to increase the density of the eyebrows, use castor oil and take mineral complexes with biotin.

Keep in mind that the color of the eyebrows should not blend with the color of the hair (by nature, eyebrows always have a slightly different shade). Makeup artists advise blond girls to choose a pencil color for eyebrows one or two tones darker than hair, and dark-haired ones – a little lighter.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

As for the shadows, it is important to correctly combine them. Do not rush into the pool with your head and apply all the shades from the palette to the eyelids at once.

According to make-up artists, it is permissible to use no more than three colors at a time. If you are not confident in your abilities “additions and combinations,” buy products with an insert, on which the numbers indicate the sequence of shadow application and the suggested color options.

Pay attention: warm matte shades (cream, coffee, chocolate, beige) look very natural and make the look younger. While cold mother-of-pearl highlights are more suitable for young ladies, because they “give out” wrinkles.

To keep the shadows from rolling and holding for as long as possible, begin eye makeup with a special foundation under the shadows.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Gone are the days when the color of the lip liner was deliberately different from the lipstick tone. Today this option is totally unacceptable. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon his “services.”

Use liner in lipstick color. Better yet, pre-apply a pencil on the entire surface of the lips.

This maneuver prevents the spread of lipstick and increases its durability. If you like to change shades of lipstick, get a universal solid lip liner.

With it, you will always have a clear outline without inappropriate contrasts.

Work on the bugs: do the makeup correctly

Thinking through your image, decide on what you want to focus on. If you decide to highlight the eyes, then use neutral shades or light gloss for lips. When you bet on the lips, paint your eyes as easy as possible – enough mascara and body shadows.

Important point: the make-up should not only make you more attractive and highlight your strengths, but also correspond to the occasion, time and age of the “carrier”. Bright sparkles on the eyes, false eyelashes and neon colors of the lips will look, to put it mildly, inorganically and defiantly on the lady of Balzac age, especially at a business meeting or matinee in kindergarten.

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