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Without whims! 5 steps to restore harmony

Without whims! 5 steps to restore harmony

The cause of frequent whims in the morning can be a banal rush. Morning because you can meet in different ways. If the first hour after waking up passes under hissing hails or formidable orders to brush your teeth immediately, you can doze the porridge right now, find the missing socks, it will not matter at all what foot the child got out of bed today.

Just because his mood will almost certainly be spoiled. And, most likely, in the inflated state, he will spend his entire day, and the risk of conflicts with teachers and peers will increase markedly. To avoid unnecessary haste, before blaming the baby for sluggishness (by the way, sluggishness is a character trait caused by an innate temperament and slow metabolism!), Try to start with yourself.

Even a schoolboy needs to be controlled, and if a baby goes to the garden, then it is necessary to lay the time for gathering two to three times more. Sometimes it is enough to get up half an hour earlier, so that the morning will pass positively for both you and your baby.

When a schoolboy refuses to go to school, many parents panic. But for some reason, we don’t take seriously the refusal of the child to go to kindergarten. And in vain.

Whims in the morning, including a clear reluctance to dress and naive attempts to delay in every possible way the moment of leaving the house, may indicate that your child is uncomfortable in the garden. And it can be not only in strict educators.

While the children are small, they are just beginning to master the basics of communication with their peers, so quarrels between the children occur quite often. If the crumb does not know how to overcome communication barriers due to inexperience, try to play the most typical problem scenes on his favorite toys.

Teach him to respond adequately to the blow, to respond correctly to the offensive word, to an attempt to pull a toy out of the hands, and it will become easier for the child to cope with similar situations in real life.

It is never superfluous to look at the child more closely, because the vagaries can be caused by poor health or a cold that begins. In order to interrupt a viral attack and establish a disease at the initial stage, whether it is an acute respiratory viral infection or acute respiratory infections, the most important thing is to have a proven drug on hand with the right set of actions.

Derinat is capable of solving the tasks. He is well able to heal the tissues of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx – our main antiviral barrier, which is the first to take a viral punch and hold back the attack. But his mission does not end there.

The drug acts additionally on three key fronts at once: it awakens antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial immunity. So, it helps to not get sick or easier to recover.

Without whims! 5 steps to restore harmony

Step 4: Joint meals

Not all children are ready to eat kindergarten or school food, and hunger, as we can judge from our own experience, increases irritability and provokes whims, it would seem, from scratch. This is not always due to the fact that state food is not tasty.

Most often, problems arise because at home we prepare completely different dishes with a different taste. There are several ways out of this trap. You can adjust the home menu and try to bring it closer to the kindergarten, so that the baby gradually gets used to the new ingredients and their unusual combinations.

Or make a tradition to have breakfast at home, if you have time. Do not be afraid to search for non-standard solutions!

For example, it is possible to arrange breakfasts on the way to kindergarten or to school, if the way of transportation allows. You can make healthy sandwiches from whole-grain flour, cheese and vegetables the night before, and kefir or compote is also easy to take with you.

And to dine by candlelight, it is not at all necessary to prepare delicious dishes. And it is quite possible to note a small victory over oneself with orange juice, the main thing is to pour it into real glasses!

Without whims! 5 steps to restore harmony

Whims before bedtime – a classic of the genre. There may be several reasons, but most often the reluctance to go to bed at the appointed hour is due to a lack of communication with you.

To stay with parents a little longer, the child is ready for anything. In the course are persuasion, whining, hysteria.

Often included and stubbornness. The repertoire is inexhaustible: from heartfelt “Mom, let’s read” Turnip “one more time!” To naively mocking: “Dad, teach me to play chess, you promised for a long time!”. To restore harmony, remember two rules.

First, each child needs a dose of parental attention at bedtime. This means that you should spend at least 15 minutes together: read a fairy tale, share news or dream.

Soothing ritual should be unchanged from day to day. The second rule: follow routine rituals.

Evening shower, brushing your teeth, gentle hugs give a feeling of confidence, well soothe and tune you to sleep.

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