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Winter walk with a baby

Winter walk with a baby

More than anything, young mothers are afraid that a child may freeze during a walk. After all, hypothermia is a direct path to colds and other complications. As a result, kids begin to literally muffle, forgetting about the golden rule “plus one layer”.

Even a very small child needs to be worn only one layer warmer than himself. Otherwise, the child quickly overheats, soaks, and then cools with the same speed.

The remaining problems are solved by accessories.

Ideally, it is a stroller with wheels of a sufficiently large diameter (to overcome the snow porridge) and a children’s place, located far enough above the ground. The higher from the icy ground the better.

From school science we remember: the coldest air is right on the ground.
If you have a baby, you are most likely walking him in a cradle, which is ideally suited to these requirements. However, older children, parents often take out for walks on a conventional sled.

What is bad? First, the sleds do not give the child the comfort of movement as the strollers, it is impossible to relax, take a nap in them.

Secondly, the sled seat is too close to the frozen ground. So the baby in the sleigh will need more energy to warm up. That is, it will have to bundle up stronger.

Sleds are good for kids who already walk confidently and spend most of their time on their feet for a walk. But in this case it is necessary to remember the second accessory.

The lower the thermometer falls, the more relevant this item. With its help, we create additional protection for an inactive baby against the cold from the side of the ass and back. Envelopes can be on padding polyester, fleece, down, wool and fur.

Some may have two or three layers, which are unfastened and fastened, depending on the temperature regime of the walk. Others are single-layered.

There are envelopes-transformers that grow with the baby, and more low-end models, which are enough for the season. If the family budget allows, buy a baby envelope of 100% merino wool (skins).

The budget will be the one that, as the child grows, can be transformed into a normal warm liner for a stroller or sled.

If your baby is still quite small and is walking in a baby-carriage, most likely you have such a cloak from snow and cold wind. Although, it should be noted, not all manufacturers of baby strollers windscreen included in the basic package. And in strollers it is almost always an additional option.

In most cases, this is a separate accessory that is made by third companies in several universal sizes and silhouettes in order to fit a variety of wheelchairs from various companies. What is the difference between winter windscreen and ordinary rain coat?

The fact that your standard raincoat risks becoming stiff in the cold, become brittle and quickly become unusable, before it reaches the summer rains. Unlike raincoats, a winter windscreen on a wheelchair does not consist of transparent soft plastic, but from a dense viewing window (the “correct” window does not wrinkle, the child can look through it as if it were glass without risking vision). (sometimes quilted and even warmed) sidewalls and top, which do not allow wind and moisture, and also save heat inside the stroller.

More recently, the scarf wound on the lower part of the face has been revered as the best remedy in this area. A lot has been written about the fact that this method of protection against cold is harmful.

Thus, the child, who is so wound up, begins to inadvertently breathe through the mouth, which in itself is not useful, the scarf becomes wet from the baby’s breath. The skin is irritated by the mechanical impact of the scarf, overwetted lips instantly crack, it is necessary to remove the scarf. In addition, the most important goal of the walk is not fulfilled: adaptation and hardening.

The child is useful to breathe in the cold. But not by mouth, but by nose.

If your child is constantly breathing through the mouth, this is a reason to contact the otolaryngologist.
For a healthy baby, the best way to protect the skin from frost are special creams with cold face cream and nourishing lip balms. They are applied to the skin of the child before the walk to prevent flaking and cracking.

If this moment has already been missed and the skin of the baby has suffered from the effects of cold, moisturizing and restoring creams will also be suitable in addition to the already mentioned products (remember that moisturizing agents should not be applied to exposed skin before walking at a temperature below 0).

To the note: from time to time it is possible to hear how mothers are advised to check whether the baby is cold because of the temperature of his nose. Like, if the nose is cold, it means that the baby is cold. In fact, this method does not hold water.

The temperature of the nose depends on the peripheral circulation. In the nose, it is arranged in such a way as to avoid frostbite of this particular part of the body. In the cold, capillaries narrow and blood circulation in the nose slows down.

And to check whether the baby is cold is possible by touching the neck fold, neck and shoulders. If they are warm, with a baby full order.

Winter walk with a baby

In which cases?
To care for sensitive baby skin
Protection from adverse climate impacts.
When peeling, redness and the appearance of milk crusts
Intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin for a long time.
Reliably protects from negative climatic influences (wind, cold)
Soothes and softens dry skin.
Softens and eliminates milk crusts
Soothes and relieves irritation
Easily distributed, quickly absorbed.
Tested by pediatricians
What contains?
Calendula Extract
Saffron oil
Apply twice a day to clean, clean skin of the face and body.

Winter walk with a baby

In which cases?
To care for sensitive skin of babies.
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin for a long time;
Maintains the natural physiological balance of the skin;
Prevents the appearance of redness and peeling;
Easily distributed, quickly absorbed;
Does not contain parabens and alcohol;
Suitable for use during pregnancy;
Tested under the supervision of pediatricians.
What contains?
Calendula extract;
Vitamin F;
Safflower oil;
Vitamin E.
In cases of redness or peeling, apply on clean, dry skin, paying particular attention to open areas several times a day.

Winter walk with a baby

In which cases?
Daily baby skin care;
Protection against any adverse external influences: wind, cold, friction of clothing, perioral dermatitis, insect bites and plant burns.
Soothes and softens the skin;
Promotes healing of the skin, leaving the thinnest protective film on the affected area;
Protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences (wind, cold, friction of the diaper, etc.);
Brings an instant feeling of comfort;
Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue;
The tube is equipped with a special tip applicator for ease and accuracy of application;
Suitable for the whole family;
Does not contain parabens and fragrances;
Tested under the supervision of pediatricians.
What contains?
Calendula extract;
Vitamin E.
Apply 2-3 times a day on irritated skin, clean and dry.

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