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Winter transformation of vegetables

Winter transformation of vegetables

What kind of cucumbers do you prefer – salted or marinated? Remember – it is better to sour and pickle than pickle.

Because the process of marinating vegetables, thanks to vinegar, only preserves cucumber-tomatoes and gives a certain taste. At the same time, under the action of the same vinegar, not only all harmful bacteria that contribute to decay, but also useful ones, die. And vitamins too.

It is also important that vinegar turns all vegetables into products that are almost the same in taste and smell, and besides, it has a negative effect on the stomach.

At the same time, salting, produced only with the help of brine with different spices, is much more gentle for the safety of useful substances method. And fermentation is very, very useful, because it preserves the product with organic acids, and salt it. Lactic acid bacteria utilize carbohydrates and sugars in the product, and also secrete organic acids that prevent the spread of mold and fungi.

And not only!

What is the use?
“Northern lemon” – this is how our ancestors called traditional (without marinade) and sour cabbage that fermented for several days. And they were absolutely right!

In winter, sauerkraut successfully replaces raw vegetables and greens, because it contains a lot of vitamins (including a high concentration of vitamin C), mineral salts, useful acids and fiber, and carrots, apples, cranberries added during pickling only add vitamins to it.

Moreover, in sauerkraut these nutrients even more than fresh. In the process of starter culture, it acquires a huge amount of probiotics and prebiotics, which are absorbed more efficiently than kefir or yogurt.

Sauerkraut is also low-calorie, which makes it a great addition to a diet for weight loss. And recently it was shown that the active substances contained in it protect brain cells and destroy enzymes that lead to memory loss.

Winter transformation of vegetables

Winter transformation of vegetables

By type and taste. Fruits should not be too large, but not too small – ideally medium. Beautiful, smooth, glossy, without barrels and flaws, not falling apart.

To make the apples turn out just like this, they use only mature (but not overripe!) Fruits of late varieties – Antonovka is best. Ask the seller to cut an apple to see if it has a uniform color and firmness of pulp. Try an apple, it should not be wadded.

Proper urination occurs within a minimum of a week. Apples of better quality are obtained by fermenting them in wooden tubs, but glass or enameled containers, as well as aquariums, will do.

The main benefits of salted tomatoes are in the natural antioxidant lycopene and in the natural antibiotic quercetin. There are in them and serotonin, normalizing the nervous processes in the brain.

With the right method of cooking salted tomatoes, they retain all the nutrients and vitamins, and even to late winter and early spring, while in most vegetables they have long been destroyed.

Winter transformation of vegetables

The taste and aroma of apples depends on what spices are used when urinating. In the brine must add rye or wheat straw, salt, sugar (preferably honey). In addition, they make brine on the basis of buckwheat flour, bran, add licorice root, lingonberry, mint, cherry leaves, horseradish, currants, berries.

For all peeled apples characteristic aroma with a hint of alcohol. And the taste – as if slightly carbonated – delicious!

In lactic acid, which also, as in sauerkraut and apples, is formed in pickles during fermentation. In addition to the beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, lactic acid helps reduce the amount of fat in the blood and improve its circulation. Also pickled cucumbers contain a large amount of fiber, they act as a light laxative.

Salted cucumbers are an excellent addition to dishes for a diet for weight loss, because they are 99% water, in their 100 g only 11 kcal. And most importantly – they retain all the nutrients of fresh cucumber.

By the way, the cucumber brine contains the same biologically active substances as in the cucumber itself.

From the barrel is better, but the glass is also suitable. Tomatoes and cucumbers are salted ripe or in the stage of “milk ripeness”, therefore, after fermentation, they should not be cracked, dense.

Garlic, pepper, spices, herbs, oak and currant leaves give an individual taste to pickling.

Proper pickles should be crisp, not sluggish, and these are obtained only from small fruits, not smooth, with pimples. The most delicious – in size from 9 to 11 cm, with a thick, but not thick skin.

If you see whitish-colored cucumbers in a glass jar, this means that the vegetables are imported, processed during the delivery of sulfur dioxide.

When choosing tomatoes color matters. It indicates a different degree of ripeness and, consequently, softness. The softest ones are red, then pink, then brown, and milky or green, like the hardest ones.

Be careful with salted green tomatoes. In green, that is unripe, contains solanine, which, if its content exceeds the norm, becomes poison.

Therefore, green tomatoes are salted only after repeated blanching.

If you buy vegetables on the market, choose according to taste and aroma, then cans – according to the label. Cucumbers or tomatoes, water, salt, spices – this is enough for good pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. And no sugar substitutes, no vinegar!

Fruits should be the same size and thickness, cucumbers of the same length. Color cucumbers – from green to olive green.

Filling in the bank should be transparent, without sediment.

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