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Winter injuries in children

Winter injuries in children

Most often in winter, children are injured when they fall. Fortunately, in babies, everything usually ends with bruises, sprains and dislocations of the limbs.

Fractures are much less common and usually occur without displacement of bone fragments. And only in very rare cases, the child gets an open fracture.

Bruised injury is called soft tissue damage from a blow or falling without damaging the integrity of the skin. Apply an ice compress to the bruise for 15–20 minutes – ice or heavy snow wrapped in a clean napkin or a clean handkerchief.

Or substitute a bruised place under a stream of cold water. Note: cold helps only during the first 48 hours after injury.

Later applied already warm.
If there is a bone under the bruised place, a lump appears along with the bruise. When complaining of severe pain, to exclude a fracture, show the child to the surgeons.

Winter injuries in children

Dislocation is the displacement of two bones in the composition, when they no longer touch each other. Be sure to inspect the child after the fall.

Signs of damage: swelling and pain in the place of the joint, the unnatural position of the limb.

Immediately go to the emergency room or call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctors, apply a cold compress for 5 minutes.

Fix injured limb.

This is called damage to the articular ligaments that hold the bones in the joints. It is possible to move the injured limb, but this causes severe pain. Treated stretching at home.

On the damaged place impose a fixing pressure bandage. To remove the swelling, cold is applied to this place.

It is advisable to visit the nearest emergency room with the child in order to prevent dislocation. If the doctor confirms the dislocation, he will recommend ointments and gels.

Ice can cause a fracture – a violation of the integrity of the bone due to a direct blow or a fall. The insidiousness of childhood fractures is that their symptoms are blurred and the doctor may be mistaken.

If you suspect a fracture, immediately call an ambulance or take the child to the emergency room. Your task is to fix the damaged place and apply a cold compress on top.

The task of the doctor is to make the diagnosis correctly, and for this you have to do an x-ray. The picture will help establish the location of the fracture and the position of the damaged bone. The treatment tactics depend on it.

In most cases, the fracture impose plaster Longuet.

  • Choose the right shoes for your child: the shoes should securely fix the ankle, the sole should be ribbed.
  • Teach your child to walk properly: you should walk slowly on slippery ice, gliding a little, like skiing.
  • Explain how it is safer to fall: on the side, not putting your hands in front and not landing on them. Falling on your back, you need to press your chin to your chest and spread your arms as wide as possible.

Call a doctor urgently if:

  • after hitting or falling, the baby cries harder and longer than usual;
  • the baby turned pale, trembling, covered with cold sweat, his palms became cold and wet;
  • the child cannot move the injured limb;
  • after bruising the head, the child complains of nausea, vomiting appears, the temperature has risen, or the baby has lost consciousness.

Signs: The skin turns pale, it becomes cold to the touch, and after warming the affected area begins to hurt.

This injury has 4 degrees of severity.

1st degree: the skin is pale, the child complains of tingling. First of all, you need to have a baby in the heat and warm it.

At home he needs to change clothes, give him hot tea to drink. Frost-bitten place can be rubbed with a woolen cloth, lightly massage with warm hands or warm with a warm bath.

During the bath (half an hour) gradually increase the water temperature from 30 ° C to 40 ° C.

Symptoms 2nd degree – formed bubbles filled with liquid. Wrap the child warmer so that he warmed up, lubricate the affected area with ointment (Iruxol, Viniline) and apply a dry bandage.

Frostbite 3rd degree (lost sensitivity to frostbite areas, the presence of bubbles with bloody contents) and 4th degree (sharp blue of the damaged areas, with warming edema begins) requires immediate hospitalization.

To avoid frostbite, wear mittens or warm gloves for your child, and apply a special protective cream on your baby’s face 20-30 minutes before the walk.

Signs: decrease in body temperature and inhibition of body functions due to exposure to low temperature. In a child, it occurs several times faster than in an adult.

It is necessary to quickly bring the child home, change clothes, wrap in a warm blanket, give a hot drink, measure the pulse and call a doctor.

Winter injuries in children

No matter how funny it sounds, but yes, there is such. Among our children, lovers of trying to touch the metal in the cold with their tongues abound. The main thing – do not panic, calm the baby.

Ask for help from those around you. Let him hold the head of the baby so that he cannot move it, or run for warm water.

Holding the child’s head, pour warm water over the tongue. At home, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, if there is bleeding, press a sterile swab.

If the bleeding continues for more than 20 minutes – immediately to the doctor!

Most often it happens when in the pre-New Year bustle adults loosen their control and the child tastes if the oven is hot. The second reason is non-compliance with safety rules when launching New Year’s fireworks.

Signs: skin red, blistering. A burn of even 15% of the surface of the body, if burnt into the skin, remains, pieces of firecrackers remain, can be an indication for hospitalization.

As a first aid, it is necessary to place the burn site under cold water, apply Panthenol ointment or any other analogue to the place of the burn. If the burn has affected a large surface, immediately to the doctor!

Prevention: buy fireworks and firecrackers in special stores, do not chase for cheapness and do not buy cheap Chinese pyrotechnics. In the kitchen, watch the child and his movements.

If possible, purchase a special shield for the stove.

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