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Why kids love cars so much

Why kids love cars so much

The stroller stopped near the playground, and while the parents talked with their friends, the kid sitting in it watched with interest the play of the two boys. They were drivers, and their heavy dump trucks, overcoming obstacles, carried sand and stone to the most remote areas of the country – even beyond the sandbox. “Vzhi-vzhi-vzhi” – skidded cars. “Beep” – warned each other about the danger of drivers.

The boy in the wheelchair looked spellbound. But then the stroller went on.

Mom, wanting to calm the whimpering child, handed him a toy – a small gray Hippo. The kid held the hippopotamus in his hands, looked at him from all sides, and then put his belly on the arm of the carriage. “Vzhi-vzhi” – went hippo.

What was he to do?

This can happen only with a boy and only under the age of one and a half years. Because at this time, the craving for all sorts of mechanisms has not yet been fully formed. The child is attracted by the movement, different sounds that can be heard, but what exactly is moving is not so important for him.

By two years in the mind of a boy, a fracture occurs, and henceforth there will be no toys for him more desirable than a machine. Three years you can be calm about the choice of a gift for the holidays – all that has a steering wheel, wheels and engine, will be accepted with enthusiasm. But calm in the house will be significantly less.

You will miss silence – the roar of engines seems the same as on a busy highway. You will be forced to put up with the fact that the machines take up more and more space in the house.

And, of course, you will think more than once: what kind of delusion is this?

Such games are a very serious stage in the life of a little boy. This is a deeper awareness of one’s gender and the realization of basic male qualities.

That machine allows him to embody all the aspirations and desires laid down by nature. One of them – the development and subordination of space. Men are biologically programmed to search for and constantly expand boundaries and, depending on age, use different means for this.

And therefore already early in the morning, together with its owner, the machine leaves the bathroom and begins a long journey. Here she goes through the highlands – cabinets and bookshelves, she sneaks through the tropical thickets of palm trees, cacti and giant violets, goes to the bridge of the window sill and stops near the racing area with obstacles.

Now the real rally will start – between cups, spoons, coffee pot and cheese buns. Here it would be necessary to intervene.

The game is interrupted, but not for long – because the machine is placed right there, under the awning from the napkins, or in the most extreme case goes to the underground garage of the pocket. And then he will come out again on the road – at the first opportunity. What else is important for men?

Be strong and be the first. This is also a natural idea – men are focused on achievements, on striving for excellence. And for a preschool man, the best way to demonstrate his courage than a machine is hard to find.

You can be the smallest in height, do not pronounce half of the letters and confuse all the time where the trousers are in front and where the back is. You can cry at the mere thought of a dentist and be afraid of dogs.

Everything will change when the steering wheel is in the hands. And then everyone will see who is in front of them! You are an adult, strong and courageous!

You are a hero and a champion!

Girls also have cars – a modern doll cannot do without personal transport. But this is a completely different game. The machine is not needed by itself, but as part of the puppet world.

The doll travels on a date, carries shopping and kids. The machine helps to realize the conceived scenario, makes the doll life more convenient and more pleasant. The girl will be delighted by the typewriter if it is a beautiful model with opening doors.

But her power is not interested. With the garage will be the same – the girl will arrange everything, arrange and adapt for the needs of the doll family. Girls’ games are connected with people, communication, are filled with situations from everyday life, and there are a lot of dialogues in them.

At preschool age, boys and girls find it difficult to play together. If the boys agree to be a little dad or a driver, it is only to get to the doll car. And then – full gas and go!

On new tracks, to new adventures.

Why kids love cars so much

Of course, games with cars are not limited to riding them at different speeds. The fact that the baby chooses at this particular moment depends not only on age, but also on character and even mental state.

The child is sitting or lying, holding a small typewriter. He practically says nothing, only looks at her from different angles.

If you call the child, he may not respond – too immersed in his thoughts. This is one of the highest stages of gaming opportunities, a game in imagination. The child no longer needs to do everything that makes up his game plan, in reality.

He can imagine everything – and the trip, and various adventures, and accidents, and subsequent repairs. This activity is typical of children with not too sociable and energetic character, as well as those who are just tired.

There are boys who simply do not find a place for themselves, until something is taken apart. The interest in what is inside and how it all works, gives them no peace. New machine they can roll on the floor one day.

In the evening you will find only the details. This behavior should not be stopped, because it is simply a manifestation of the ability to mechanics.

It is in all boys, but is developed in varying degrees. Put the dismembered cars in separate packages – the day will come when an inquiring mind comes before it is going back.

Two cars rushed towards each other – and scattered from the collision in different directions. Or.

A car with a stunt driver was driving rapidly along the highway, accidentally ran into an obstacle and, flying up, turned over several times and fell to the ground with a crash. Yes, it caught fire yet. Or.

The car lost the wheel, but could not stop and rode on three, and then on two wheels … Such a game helps the child to survive the fear (after all, he can already know perfectly well how such situations end in reality) and give an outlet to his energy.

Why kids love cars so much

This game is more aggressive. The doors fall off, the wheels fly off, and something heavy falls from the top of the car on top of the car. Worry, too, is not worth it.

Even young children have periods of nervous tension, even they may experience anger and discontent, which means that aggression in their behavior is justified. And the fact that the boy found a way to express this aggression through the game deserves respect and admiration.

Some adults have been attending trainings for years, and then they still break anger on close people. Although, of course, if you notice such games often (and more often than any other), then this is a reason to deal with the experiences of the child.

Children who are doing well are not aggressive.

Often in the game, the child copies the driving style and behavior of his father. In general, it is believed that in the love of cars there is an element of imitation of a particular man.

Three years is the so-called “Oedipus” period. The boy wants to become big and skillful to take his dad’s place. At this time he treats his mother with great love, but his father is a competitor for him, but you can take an example from him – drive a car.

Interestingly, even those boys whose mother drives very well perceive the car as a part of the compulsory male world and in games always put a man behind the wheel. And boys more often ask dad to play with cars and appreciate the possibility of playing together. If a boy grows up only with his mother or in a female environment, this does not mean that he will play less in cars.

Most likely, he will nevertheless find a worthy example for himself in the immediate environment – a man who demonstrates all the significant masculine qualities.

The sense of competition pushes the boys to make their car more noisy (this indicates the strength of the engine) and give him as many tests as possible (after all, only a brave driver chooses dangerous areas). And to represent the sounds of all the boys can be fine – a congenital feature. Any boy can easily reproduce the sound of the engine running (and with distinctive shades – depending on the brand of car).

Girls can’t compare with them: “groin-groin” and “beep-beep” is the maximum that they can do. Girls, even the smallest, prefer words.

In boys’ games for them too much noise.

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