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Why do we need poteshki?

Why do we need poteshki?

The children’s poet V.Levin very precisely noticed that Pushkin’s nanny, by our standards, had a higher pedagogical education. And modern mothers should adopt the traditions of folk pedagogy. Perhaps, someone considers the tops to be a relic of the past, something unfashionable and unmodern.

But this is not the case at all! And that’s why…

Folk poetry for kids has absorbed the centuries-old folk wisdom. It can not be nonsense that lovingly passed from generation to generation, which has reached almost unchanged to this day.

How else to explain the phenomenon of “Ladushek” go “Magpie-crows”? After all, with all the variety of kid’s games and toys, modern author’s poems and developments, it is difficult to find something more useful and developing for a half-year-old crumb than such uncomplicated folk games. So mom and grandmother amused us, so the kids in Russia amused themselves many centuries ago.

And in the same way now we play with our babies.

Rings enable the child to acquire a sense of rhythm and rhyme, form the intonational expressiveness of speech. They also help to better understand the world around us and myself, they introduce you to the very first words and concepts. They sort of organize the day of the baby, because the most important and interesting moments of communication with the baby can be accompanied by rites.

But most important of all, perhaps, is the love and tenderness that mom puts in poems and songs, words that instill in the baby the confidence that he is loved and protected.

The very first baby rhymes and songs are called pestushkami. It is now we say “to nurse, raise, love, caress, care.” And before all this was called one capacious word “nurture”.

From him, and went the name “pestle”. They are sentenced or sung to the baby in the first months of life, accompanying everyday worries: dressing up, bathing, playing, the very first movements. It is interesting that our ancestors put a slightly different meaning to the pestlets than we do now.

They believed that such rhythmic tunes – a magical and therapeutic procedure for the baby. There is a sort of synchronization of mother and child biorhythms with the biorhythms of Nature.

Such plots on health, force, happiness. And even if you are skeptical of such a theory, try to start your baby’s morning with a simple pestle.

This will bring a lot of pleasant moments to you and to the crumbs (grandma can also participate). You will see how the baby will be happy with cheerful and rhythmic lines, how familiar rhymes will be recognized.

And for you it is one more additional way to express your caress and love to your child.

So, wake up. The baby sips after sleep, and we stroke his barrel and tummy, slightly sipping and saying:

We woke up, stretched,

Together the sun smiled!

Immediately I wanted to smile at the sun myself, rejoice at the arrival of a new day! And you can sentence and so:

From socks to toe!

We stretch, stretch,

We won’t stay small!

Already we grow, we grow, we grow …

Well, how can such wonderful and kind mother’s (or grandmother’s) words not come true?

Baby slowly grows. Every day brings a lot of new discoveries for him and for his loved ones. And gradually, the baby pestles are replaced by rashes.

They are needed in order to entertain, “entertain” the crumb (and therefore “poteshka”). These are rhythmic and melodic funny rhymes for all sorts of games with handles, legs, and baby fingers.

How can you develop the crumbs with the help of pies Very simple!

Play with him more often in funny games, and he will draw for himself all the important and necessary. Many of these fun you know very well. This “Ladushki”, and “Forty-crow”, and “Goat Horned.”

All these are the most real educational games! Play with the baby in the mosquitoes, and you will see for yourself. To do this, connect the big, middle and index fingers into a pinch and “circle” them over the baby, saying:

Yes, grabbed the ear –

Got an eye! The first three lines speak slowly, and the last quickly, with passion.

It’s like a team to action for the baby: hide the eye! Then mosquitoes bite on the leg, handle, nose, cheek, elbow, knee – any part of the body. Very soon, the baby will not only remember where he has what and how it is called, but will hide with a joyous squeal the part of the body desired for mosquitoes, as soon as you name it.

Here are how many benefits for the baby “in one bottle”: we play, communicate with our beloved mom, replenish vocabulary, develop emotions, study our own body, train our memory. And all this is fun and very simple!

Rings can not only amuse and entertain, but also console:

Go away, pain, in the field,
Go away, pain, into the woods.
To fox cunning,
To the wolf in comin,
To the crow in the nest,
To the fish on the bottom,
To bear in a den,
To all a little.
Pains flew away
Do not return more.

Surely, as a child, your mother or grandmother calmed you if it happened to fall or hit: “The cat has pain, the dog has pain, and my Katyusha has no pain, no pain, no pain …” And it really “works” – soothes and relieves pain . Why is this happening? This is the “magic” of words and intonations, multiplied by the good energy of parental love.

That’s the whole secret. And learning to use this magic is not at all difficult.

Just try to get from the games and communication with the baby mutual joy and pleasure.

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