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Why do we actually buy pet children?

Why do we actually buy pet children?

The most weighty argument for (if parents still doubt) is that communication with animals is useful. The child will learn to appreciate and understand nature, will be more attentive.

She will gain invaluable experience of care and help, will be able to develop the best human qualities. It will become more self-confident, learn responsibility. And, of course, now he will always have a friend who is ready to share any experiences.

But do not think that this will happen by itself.

It is a mistake to look at an animal as a subject in upbringing, plan a certain return from its stay in the family, wait for additional bonuses.

“The child is too active, nothing can bring to the end. That brought him hamsters, to build a house for them and learn perseverance.

It would be necessary to still fish – they say they reassure. ” – “And we are too modest, everyone hurt him.” They bought the dog – let them learn to give commands, maybe it will become more confident. ” No, no matter what the problem is, we cannot shift the responsibility for its solution onto the shoulders of our younger brothers.

They are too small, they will not cope with such responsibility. And you can’t say later that this is a hamster’s fault.

Animals help to raise children, but for this it is necessary that people do not reduce their share of participation in this process, but, on the contrary, even increase. Now care, attention and pedagogical tact should be enough not only for the child, but also for the hamster.

“I knew it: I played for a week and forgot. But I asked literally with tears.

Well at least bought a snail, not a dog. It would be more difficult to return. ”

This happens quite often. Parents are amenable to persuasion, but bring the animal in accordance with their requirements, and not with the interests of the child. It seems logical for adults to arrange a check on the seriousness of their intentions – to start first with animals that are easy to care for, “convenient” in terms of maintenance, and only after that the child asks.

Although it often does not reach this stage – many children do not pass the test. But not because they are too small for responsibility, – just all animals, which can be classified as simple in content, are uninteresting to children. Turtles, snails, fish, birds can not become pets of young children, because it is impossible to interact with them.

Small fur: rabbits, hamsters, all sorts of mice – also not suitable for all. Communicating with them more, but it is not as active.

Cats and dogs most often become real friends for children of preschool age. True affection and very sincere feelings are formed to them, and in family portraits of Murkam, Barsik, Matilda, a prominent place is always given – regardless of the breed and pedigree.

However, not for all children is the best option.

“For as long as I can remember, we always had a parrot – very beautiful, smart and funny. I could sit for hours with him, listening as he repeats phrases from cartoons or announces a weather forecast.

And then I bought a dog. And they made – yes, they literally made – to play with her. It turns out that parents worried about my weight, and with the help of a dog, they decided to make me more mobile.

Communication with the parrot was now stopped, and then he was completely transported to his grandmother. But walking with the dog was obligatory, and they were constantly told to me: “Well, what are you standing for?

Run with Martha, play. ” Honestly, I still don’t really like dogs – I feel anxious in their presence.

It always seems that now someone will examine me and say: “But you would do well to have a dog and run with it in order to lose weight.” I have been at home since I became an adult; a parrot, of course, lives.

For some reason, my children don’t like dogs very much either. ”
Lily, mother of Ani and Kati, the owner of the parrot Zory

It happens that, choosing, parents realize their childhood dream – then the relationship between a child and a pet may also not be formed. Our children in their desires and needs are not at all like us.

In general, the choice of pets is very important. It is worth not just talking about it, but also seeing how the child treats different animals – at a pet store or, for example, at a party. You cannot follow the momentary desires of young children: because of their emotionality, they tend to admire all the cute, fluffy, beautiful, funny living creatures.

But to delay the acquisition process (if you have already decided), to set conditions (“you will behave yourself.”), Too, is not necessary – there can be no joy from what has happened.

Children do not even like to put their toys in a closet or box, contrary to the requirements of adults. The desire to take your favorite things as much as possible comes from the desire to make your world a part of the general world of the family. What to say about pets!

If a child asks to have a kitten for himself, this does not mean that he does not expect any participation from you. Quite the contrary: a kitten must become a universal favorite and a full member of the family. Everyone should be interested in them, care, demonstrate the joy of communication.

If this is not the case from adults, then for children the communication does not bring the emotions that were expected. A child will not get rid of boredom and lack of communication, if the position of parents is: “You asked – we bought.

Do and do not bother. “

“My stepfather gave the dog when I was 6 years old. Of course, I thought that out of kindness and love for me. Then I realized that quite the opposite.

No, my stepfather was a good man, he just didn’t know how to communicate with me, well, in general, he and I hurt my mom and a common child (my brother was born soon). The dog was supposed to take me and slightly remove.

So it happened. I was really friends with her, she was the closest being.

She defended her from her brother — she was leaving for her grandmother on holidays (“it is impossible to breathe from her wool in the summer.”). As a teenager, I caught myself thinking that I was talking to her as a friend. Which, by the way, I did not have: everyone called me a dogmaid and didn’t communicate much.

Now I still love and respect dogs, I consider them excellent friends. But it’s still wrong if they replace communication with close people. ”
Marina, mom Kostya, mistress of the collie Lord

Responsibilities for care, too, will have to share. It is impossible to wait for absolute responsibility from a child of preschool age – she is just being brought up.

Remind, ask, offer to do something together. Pay attention to the positive side of not very exciting procedures.

Be prepared for the fact that life with animals is not only joy, but also battered slippers, torn wallpapers or, for example, a specific smell. If they are not ready (or do not like pets, or consider that in the conditions of a city apartment they don’t have a place there), then it’s better not to start anyone at all – no matter how much the child asks.

“I am not one of those people who plant exotic living creatures with the aim of surprising everyone. And not a professional Mirmecologist.

Just ants are creatures to which you definitely won’t get attached. And you will not suffer if one of them suddenly falls ill and dies.

In childhood I had a cat, which then disappeared. Parents said he just ran away.

Of course, I didn’t believe that the cat had never left the house before and refused to eat for several days. Yes, and my parents behaved strangely: for example, they fell silent as soon as I approached. In general, I did not understand anything, but I was terribly worried – after all, I had lived with this cat since birth.

All the while waiting for him, the window at night opened. Then he stopped waiting, but the fear that everything in life could suddenly change remained. As soon as any of my relatives fell ill, I began to panic: what if something happened to them too?

In general, I think that you should not start animals, if you have small children. Such stresses in the early years are useless. ”
Michael, Diana’s father, the owner of a home anthill

Children are observant, and communicating with animals gives them a lot of information about how the world around us works. Nevertheless, the attitude to these or other facts is formed only under the influence of adults. It takes a lot of patience, tact and mental strength to clarify some difficult issues.

For example, for some reason, pets are on the street, how they live there and why, worrying about them, we still can not take all to his home. Or why sometimes pets do surgery to prevent the emergence of offspring.

Information must always be not only true, but very understandable and accessible for a particular age. And this applies to absolutely any biological topics – even such difficult ones as birth, illness, death. Do not be afraid of the experiences of the child – they are natural.

We must tell everything as it is and, if necessary, try to reassure. Realistic views should not violate the belief that the world is beautiful.

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