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Why do kids with speech defects get bigger

Why do kids with speech defects get bigger

In childhood, I did not attach any importance to my burr, since the sound “p” was pronounced, although rollingly, in a different way. Yes, and why would I begin to think about it if I heard my mother every day (she doesn’t utter a “p” at all), who didn’t make a problem out of her speech defect. However, a speech therapist appeared in the second grade at school.

They called him either Igor Vladimirovich, or Viktor Vladimirovich, I forgot, but at the next meeting I dubbed him a new name – without a “p”. The speech therapist found himself with a sense of humor, laughed, and said that correcting my routing is only spoiling. In any case, I never saw him again and my defect remained with us.

At the time of my childhood, the speech therapist in the provincial city in which I had to live was exotic. Today, parents, especially in big cities, have more opportunities to find a specialist …

My problem, remaining unsolved, turned into a “piquant feature.” And what about modern children?

About when and why parents should contact a speech therapist, as well as whether a computer can replace live communication, were told by experienced experts – speech therapists-speech pathologists.

– Yes, it is growing exponentially, and this is due to environmental degradation, poor quality of medical care, insufficient pre-school education, often with poor-quality diagnostics of speech development. Children with impaired speech run the risk of going to schools for the mentally retarded, and then there is nothing to get them out of there. According to the norms of speech development, the child speaks the first words up to a year (5–10 words), the phrase is formed by 1.5 years, the ability to speak – by 2–2.5 years.

Currently, these indicators are shifted: well, if the baby says the first words at 1.5 years, a simple sentence – by 2 years, and by 3 years a more or less understandable phrasal speech is formed. Why it happens? Speech is a social phenomenon, it appears by imitation.

You need to constantly talk with the child, “ore” all his and his actions. Units of moms talk to children when they do not have their own speech. Here these units have a speech.

If the baby hears an abnormal speech, they are lisping with him, or in adults they have problems with the acoustical side of speech, this will affect how the children will make sounds. Birth injuries, cesarean section, difficult pregnancy, brain injuries in the first year of life – all this leads to speech disorders.

Poor ecology also adversely affects children’s health. I worked as a speech therapist in a kindergarten in the suburbs. The garden was built for the children of furniture factory workers, all mothers worked with paints and varnishes.

Speech therapy problems – in 85% of children.

– Parents often do not have time to talk with the child, play with him, so they put him to the computer almost from infancy, and there are games, cartoons! Not only that speech does not develop, vocabulary does not increase, the phrase is not improved, so the child also lives in an unreal world. I studied with an intellectually safe boy from a good family, who has a best friend since 2.5 years old – a computer.

This boy turned the head of a kitten and was very surprised when he died: “He must still have a life left!” The delay in speech development in properly organized work can pass without serious consequences for the child, and can develop into a general underdevelopment of speech or hide serious disturbances. In the garden, it is difficult for children with delayed speech development to assimilate the program, build relationships in a team, and reading and writing problems appear in the school.

– As soon as you begin to think that something is wrong with the baby’s speech. Parents look at the children of friends and relatives who are about the same age (2-3 years) as their own children, and notice that their child’s speech is somehow different: it is not there at all or is not well understood; the child prefers to communicate with gestures and so on.

In such cases, we must urgently lead the child to a speech therapist! Of course, at this age it is very difficult to give an exact logopedic conclusion.

It is possible that the delay in the development of speech is due to the fact that they do not talk to the child. Lately, we have to advise such little “silent” people a lot, and practically none of them have moms and dads talking. When I began to explain to one parent that with the child from the moment of birth, you need to constantly speak, “ore”, literally every step, one was indignant: “What are you talking about?

It’s going crazy to talk so much! ”Another misunderstood:“ To talk to yourself, or what? He does not answer!

I can’t! ”And the third categorically stated:“ I will not talk to him now, so I will grow up – then I will! ”And when she grows up, it will be late, alas! Speech – a social phenomenon, arises from imitation.

There are enough examples in the history of children raised by animals, who never had a speech.

So, the speech therapist looked, made the conclusions and sent for a consultation to the neurologist, psychiatrist, ENT, to exclude or, on the contrary, state the violations on the basis of which speech suffers. Parents are afraid of these doctors, but they need to be explained: the nervous system of the child and the psyche are very mobile, and medication intervention in early childhood can give colossal positive results. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes dismiss non-speaking kids: “If he grows up, he will speak.”

I would forbid this phrase by law. Everybody feels like it: distant relatives, grandmothers on the bench, not very competent doctors. And in fact – those to whom the fate of the child is indifferent.

If parents are faced with such a “specialist”, you need to go to another.

– Stuttering occurs most often during the formation of speech (in 3-4–4 years). Where it comes from, we do not know for sure how to save ourselves – we know a little bit.

First, stuttering loves extremes. Early speech development: the baby speaks a lot, and the next of kin is extremely happy, well, they are happy to try, let me learn the poems, tell fairy tales and start songs. And the nervous system is not yet strong for such a speech attack.

Secondly, the type of nervous system inherited from the parents. If stutter, say, papa, will the child stutter?

If the father’s type inherits the type of nervous system and life circumstances develop unfavorably, then, unfortunately, there will be. And, thirdly, psychotrauma. It can be both in childhood and puberty.

One of my patients had a stutter at the age of 42 as a reaction to the death of his son. In itself, stuttering is not inherited, the type of nervous system is transmitted.

If a child began to stutter, it is almost always a signal that there is something unfavorable in his surroundings: either the mother is hysterical — then she looks up, then she punishes it for some reason; either the child is abandoned or, on the contrary, he does not receive any refusal and so on.

Why do kids with speech defects get bigger

In recent years, myths associated with the child’s speech development are very popular among parents. I propose to comment on them.

It is not the speech defect that is inherited, but the anatomical predisposition to it (short hyoid ligament, massive tongue, shortened soft palate, etc.) But, on the other hand, speech is a function that is formed by imitation, which means that the child will speak that language and with those sound features that he regularly hears from others. If the baby is only with the mother and she incorrectly says the sound “p” (burr), naturally, the child will speak the same way.

Speech does not straighten itself, as it is formed on the basis of constant active communication. If, despite constant classes, the child is silent at 2 years old, at 3 years old he has not learned to build phrases, at 4 years old cannot formulate simple requests, uses gestures, distorts the words beyond recognition (bear — timet, hippopotamus — gidop, monkey — mizyaka ), at the age of 5, he cannot clearly explain his feelings, the speech is illegible, fuzzy, swallows parts of words (plane-malet, grapes-awards, bicycle-sypt), incorrectly coordinates words (five chairs, many trees), incorrectly uses prepositions ( the cat crawled under the table, ozhka fell from the table), it speaks of a delay of speech development – should apply to a speech therapist!

In such cases, parents should be convinced of the preservation of hearing, vision, intelligence, and psyche, which affect the speech function, and then do effective speech therapy exercises with the child.

Of course, there are preschool institutions with caring, educated, loving children educators, excellent specialists. In these gardens really teach a lot!

But each parent for his child will always remain the main educator – the person to whom the baby is equal. Therefore, show interest in the activities, mood, success and problems of the child.

Play with him in educational games, read classic literature, discuss everything that interests him.

In order for a child to develop normally, parents from the first months need to listen to his vocal manifestations, smile, rejoice in response, react, repeating his babbling, and therefore communicate. It is not enough for a newborn to tell something or read books. It is necessary to form the desire of the child, and then the need to share thoughts, express their requests, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor, and then themselves.

No computer program can replace live communication.

For a small child, it is not the very presence of speech that is important; emotional contact, visual support and practical activity with objects that someone is talking about are important. For example, comments like: “But dad arrived at the typewriter, and now you will go to the grandmother by car,” that is, “oratory” of what is happening.

The first thing that children learn is the emotions of their parents and their own emotions, which children express in crying and walking. Speech on TV is not focused on the age of children, does not imply the practical activity of the child himself and is not emotionally close to him. The kids can not very long watch some programs, which speak little, but expressively and emotionally, like, say, clowns.

And further. If the problem of children’s speech development was solved with the help of TV, then in orphanages there would be no children with delayed speech and mental development … In my practice there were cases when a 3-year-old girl was brought to the examination by a grandmother – the baby had no speech. Grandmother was worried, parents – no.

It turned out that the child begins to call colors, objects, uses verbs, but in English. In Russian, says almost nothing.

The reason is this: the girl liked the learning disc in English. There, the hero bear calls the colors, but in a foreign language.

The cartoon is emotional, colorful, and he replaced those who could teach his native language to the child.

Specialized speech groups or kindergartens do not cope with the flow of speech disorders, the child comes to school with impaired speech, which invariably affects the letter. As a result – dysgraphia, dyslexia.

And then these children go to college. Working in high school, I spend dictations for students of speech therapists.

Practically everyone makes punctuation errors, 50% are spelling errors, 1–2 people are dysgraphic. And then these students come to children’s institutions (kindergartens, schools).

The circle is closed. And I take dictations for elementary school students …

Video: How to speak and why there are problems with speech in children – in the release of the program “Ask the doctor!”

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