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Why do baby bears need kids?

Why do baby bears need kids?

In the fall, constant temperature drops and a piercing wind lead to overcooling of the body. And now, the beloved child is already coughing, sniffing … Again, this treacherous cold!

That is why in the autumn it is necessary to pay increased attention to the maintenance of immunity in the child.

But at the same time, the nervous system also needs special care. Adaptation to kindergarten for many kids is given with great difficulty.

In addition, it coincides with the crisis of three years of age, which only aggravates the problem. The child refuses to go to the kindergarten, and being in a group is naughty and crying, refuses to fulfill the requests of the educators.

Meanwhile, parents of first-graders have their own problems! The modern school curriculum is very rich, it requires perseverance, attentiveness and good memory. But many hours of classwork, difficult homework, visiting sports sections and clubs practically do not leave time for proper rest.

The child’s strength is depleted, he becomes irritable and anxious, his academic performance decreases.

Do you want the children to be sick less often, adapt more easily to kindergarten or school and better endure the workload? Pay attention to modern vitamin-mineral complexes of the BEBI Formula® Bear series for kids from 3 years old from the Russian pharmaceutical company “Evalar”.

They come in the form of delicious gummi bears that children love.

“We will endure this trouble!”

To maintain the immunity of the baby, the BABY Formula® Mishka Immunity complex is intended. It includes a strong duo – dogrose and sea buckthorn, which contribute to the maintenance of the immune system (1). BABY Formula® Bears Immunity – the only (2) vitamin preparation for children, which in addition to sea buckthorn also contains rosehip. Agree, it is much easier to give the child tasty gummy bears than to brew berries every day during the autumn and winter.

And now we will tell about the preparation of BEBI Formula® Bears Calm. This is a unique (2) children’s vitamin preparation in the form of gummi bears, which contains glycine.

It also contains extracts of mint and lemon balm, magnesium and vitamin B6. How does this complex work? Glycine contributes to the reduction of excitability and anxiety, maintaining a normal mental performance and sleep (3).

As for mint and lemon balm, these plants are the natural keepers of tranquility (4). Magnesium and vitamin B 6 play an important role in the body. Irritability, anxiety and poor sleep may well be due to magnesium “hunger” (5). Vitamin B6, meanwhile, enhances the action of this important mineral (5).

Such a magnificent five components that help to maintain the child’s nervous system during the period of adaptation to kindergarten or school, help to transfer increased training loads.

And three more friends!

In addition to the two complexes we have described, the following preparations are included in the BEABI Formula® Bear series:

– BABY Formula® Bears Multivitamins with natural juice in the composition, designed to comprehensively support the health of the child, as it contains a whole set of vitamins, zinc, as well as iodine and choline to maintain memory during the period of training (6).

– BABY Formula® Bears Vitamin C is the first (2) drug with “anti-cold” vitamin C7 in the form of gummi bears. It is noteworthy that at 50 mg of ascorbic acid in 1 lozenge it has a pleasant “non-acidic” taste!

– BABY Formula® Bears Calcium is a vitamin-mineral complex for the full development of bones and teeth, as it contains calcium, vitamin D 3 and phosphorus (8).

High quality, favorable price!

BABY Formula® Bears are manufactured according to the international GMP 9 standard, which is a guarantee of product quality. The complexes do not contain artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors and gluten.

However, BABY Formula® Bears are not only high quality, but also an attractive price (10). Now you do not have to overpay.

Save your family budget without saving your baby’s health.

All drugs in the series are available in packages containing 30 or 60 marmalade bears, which is very convenient. 60 bears will last for at least a month (11).

Try vitamin and mineral complexes for children from the company “Evalar”, and let your child be sick as little as possible, grow strong, make you happy with your successes and achievements!

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Why do baby bears need kids?

Why do baby bears need kids?

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