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Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

Shopping cart – a real attraction for children (and a great help for moms). If you want – go on the footboard, if you want – on the stand, and if you want – get right into the big basket and lie in your arms with the purchases!

All is good, but such pleasures sometimes end in serious trouble. For example, in the United States for the year after riding on carts in the emergency room turned more than 17 000 children under 6 years of age. Most often the sad result of such fun are injuries to the head or neck.

This is because the child’s head is the heaviest part of the body. If in adults its proportions in relation to the body are 1: 8, then in a one-year-old child it is 1: 5. Because of this, the load that falls on the cervical spine when falling upside down, increases significantly.

Do not forget that 70–80 cm (namely, this is the average height of a trolley in a supermarket) for a one-year-old child – no less than one’s own height. What would you feel when falling upside down from a height of almost two meters?

What to do? The smallest is the safest to carry around the supermarket in your own stroller, strapped on your seat belts.

Yes, shopping in this case is extremely inconvenient – but for the sake of the health of her offspring you have to make sacrifices if your mother does not have the opportunity to leave him at home. Take with you toys, books, treats – in such a situation, all means are good. For tots more than a year in some stores you can find baby carts in the form of machines; they are low and not so easily turned over.

And after 2 years, the baby can help the mother and carry the purchases in a low baby basket (although in this case you have to make sure that the baby is not lost). If the “adult” cart remains the only option for you – put the child in its safest place: exactly in the middle of the folding seat, facing you.

Do not let your baby hang overboard and do not move far away from it.

Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

Infants also need a mother’s presence, like older children. An indispensable invention for such “tails” – a carrycot or baby rocking chair (bouncer).

While you are doing household chores, the baby can sit nearby, playing with an arc or rattles. That’s just fundamentally important exactly where is the “throne.”

If you put it on a table, chair or washing machine, there is always a risk that the crumb can roll over, fall out, slide, move the carrier or move it. And this, alas, is possible, even if the baby seems completely helpless.

What to do? The surest way to ensure that a child does not fall out of his chair is to put him on the floor.

If your back does not withstand constant inclinations or vibration of the washing machine – the only thing that is guaranteed to sleep karapuz, at least, do not leave it unattended. By the way, the same applies to situations when the baby is sleeping in a wheelchair on the balcony or under the window of a country house.

When there is the slightest risk that the crumb, upon waking, can fall out, be sure to fasten it.

If the device is equipped with seat belts, they must be fastened during use. This principle, familiar to motorists, fully applies to baby strollers, carriers, chairs.

Safety is never unnecessary, so always fasten your baby until he grows up.

Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

The most dangerous place for the baby in the house is the kitchen, and the most dangerous time is when the mother cooks. Keeping an eye on a boiling soup, a hot frying pan, and even a baby running under your feet is not an easy task.

A curious peanut may be interested in brilliant cutlery, and “pshik”, which publishes a bottle of cleaning spray, and the contents of a hot pan. Moreover, to get a thermal burn, the child does not have to pour boiling water, there is enough liquid with a temperature of 70–80 ° С.

What to do? Before you start cooking or cleaning plumbing, take a couple of minutes to arrange a child somewhere in a safe place, for example, in an arena or on a high chair with a toy and something edible.

And the “non-pedagogical” viewing of an extraordinary cartoon is better than an injury. Kids love to imitate adults, so let’s give the child some simple tasks: for example, wash the vegetables in a bowl of water or beautifully spread out sliced ​​cheese on a plate.

Remove all “chemicals” to places inaccessible to children; during cooking, use only the distant burners of the stove, turn the pans to the wall with the handles, and when removing the pan from the heat, make sure that the child cannot reach it.

Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

It is difficult to find a more attractive toy for a child than a multi-colored jar from under drugs or a blister that cracks so funny when tablets are poured out of it. Yes, and try to taste the bright peas baby also does not refuse. Among the “adult” drugs that children under 5 years of age taste, they often come across heart, painkillers and sedatives that can be found on the nightstand’s mum or grandmother’s bag.

And if from a pair of valerian tablets, most likely, nothing dramatic happens, then the same two tablets can lead to unpredictable consequences, if it is, for example, a potent drug for hypertension.

What to do? Teach yourself to tightly close the bottles of medicine, not for a minute leaving them open. Moreover, if it is difficult for a child to open some kind of packaging, this does not mean that he is basically unable to do this – parents often underestimate the capabilities of their children.

If you re-use the pill bottles for practicing with your baby (for example, filling them with cereals), remove the labels so that when you see the same jar of real medicine, the child does not reach for it. Store medicines in a lockable box or store wall cabinets on top shelves.

Where to lay straws: typical and dangerous situations with a baby

In terms of the number of dangerous items, the bathroom can compete only with the kitchen: laundry detergents, cleaning products, creams, manicure accessories … And the choice of a “toy” can be completely unexpected. For example, women’s shaving machines often attract the attention of babies with their brilliance, unusual shape and bright colors (almost like children’s toys).

What to do? Equip the drawers and hinged doors of the cabinets in the bathroom with special locks.

Pack cosmetics and household chemicals in separate bags, cosmetic bags or boxes and close them tightly. Minutes that the kid spends on unpacking can be decisive.

Arrange for the child throughout the apartment baskets of toys, so that he had enough safe fun not only in the nursery. This simple solution can serve you well when you urgently need to do household chores.

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