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When will the baby go?

When will the baby go?

At what age do girls and boys start walking?

Studies conducted on the topic of who earlier begins to walk – girls or boys, did not confirm the difference. On average, plus or minus a month, children stand on their feet at 9 months, go – a year. It depends more on genetic predisposition and on the maturity of the nervous system.

If the baby went sooner or later, but his health is all right, then this is a feature of his development. In any case, force early walking is not worth it.

Should a child start walking barefoot?

Barefoot is permissible to walk for a short time and preferably on an uneven surface: on the soil, stones, sand, grass. Which, of course, is most natural, since the human foot was formed just under such a surface.

Alas, in our realities it is almost impossible. Constant walking barefoot on a flat surface faces flat feet, so the child needs special shoes. However, parents should remember that even in such shoes it is useful for a baby to walk only half the time of his wakefulness.

And the other half – barefoot or in socks. And it is desirable that without shoes he walked on an uneven surface.

This is the perfect option.

What shoes are best to use for the first steps?

It must meet certain criteria. Stop the foot completely, at the same time without restricting its function, allowing you to move. Such shoes require a small heel (0.5–1 cm) or an increase in the sole.

It should be in the shape of the foot: not narrowed and not too wide. On the foot, three fixation points are needed to adjust the width so that the sandal or shoe sits tight enough, without dangling and at the same time without dragging the foot. These areas of fixation pass between the fingers and the middle of the foot, in the middle of the foot and in the ankle joint.

Fix zones of velcro or lacing. It is important that in the place where the child can stand on a sock, the sole is as flexible as possible, and the heel is elastic, form-stable, but not rigid, the presence of an instep.

Such shoes should be worn at least up to 5 years.

What shoes are better for children not to wear?

Felt boots. This shoe is wide, with a too soft heel and without a heel, it does not hold the foot in the correct position. Heavy or too soft, not holding a form at all or too wide shoes – the wrong shoes, which can also spoil the foot.

And not only the foot, but also walk. Not useful as ballet flats, sneakers.

What are the most common problems with the feet in children?

Hallux valgus stop. Manifested by stopping feet inside when walking and can lead to flat feet. If the shoes begin to wear off the inner edge of the sole, this is a signal to turn to the orthopedist.

Valgus production occurs due to the weakness of the muscles and ligaments of the foot. It is treated with special physical exercises, massage, as well as physiotherapy, wearing an orthopedic insole.

It is possible to cure, but therapy, as a rule, is not fast, takes months, depends on each individual child.

Doctors make the diagnosis “flat feet” not earlier than 5 years, and before that they use the term “flat feet foot”. If the parents had flat feet, there is a risk that the child will develop too. And even if he is doing well now, prevention is necessary.

These are special physical exercises, individual for each child, and compulsory walking on an uneven surface.

Reduction of the foot occurs due to weakness of the muscles or, conversely, due to increased tone. The orthopedist will tell whether this is a pathology at the moment or just an age feature.

Are there any criteria for a perfect walk when the baby has gone?

Gait – this is not only setting foot. This movement of the hands, and the location of the body in space. There are no clear criteria, everyone goes differently.

But in the movements there must be harmony – the main criterion of the normality of the process. If something is wrong, it will be evident and will be the reason for going to the doctor.

Can guard walking on socks. If the baby has abnormalities of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, in this way it can move for about five years.

And that’s fine. Why does he walk like that? Maybe just because it’s so interesting.

And some children do not walk, but run. And this is also normal, this is a feature of their nervous system.

How to form a child’s light, beautiful gait?

A lot influences gait: the constitution, features of nervous and muscular systems. It can be innate – light or hard, and nothing can be done about it. Gait depends not only on the musculoskeletal system, but also on the nervous system.

Remember: “imposing walk”, “pulling walk”. But!

In any case, physical exercises aimed at the development of all muscle groups, daily gymnastics, swimming will benefit any gait, strengthening legs, abs, spine. In this case, the prerequisites for light walking will be more.

How to buy the very first shoes for a child?

Only with him! Shoes should be in size – both in width and in length. Before you go to the shoe store, you need to know the size of the feet of the baby.

To do this, you need to describe his foot on paper and measure the length of this print with a centimeter. With these results and with the child go to the store, where to choose shoes of suitable size to try on it on foot, on toe. Go

Consider: manufacturers determine shoe size in different ways! Boots can be labeled along the length of the insole, along the length of the inner shoe space and along the length of the sole.

Meanwhile, the difference between these values ​​is sometimes a whole size.

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