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When is it better to have a second child?

When is it better to have a second child?

Between the end of one and the onset of the next pregnancy, it is important to observe a reasonable interval. It should not be too short, but not too long. Now more and more often married couples are postponing the birth of children, explaining that by the desire to make a career and improve their financial situation.

As a result, the firstborn appears when mom has already crossed the 30-year milestone. And, as you know, age, favorable for the birth of children, is limited. At the same time, haste can harm the health of women.

It is known that the first year after birth leaves for the restoration of the body of a young mother and lactation, and the production of milk is a very serious burden. In addition, the younger the child, the more difficult it is for the woman to physically and emotionally endure the next pregnancy.

Experts believe that the minimum difference between the older and the youngest child is 3 years. Where did this figure come from?

Everything is quite simple: 9 months are spent on carrying a child, at least 9 months will be required to restore the body after childbirth, a year – to feed the baby with breast milk. It turns out a break of 2.5 years.

But recent studies have shown that for the full restoration of the body of the mother of such an interval is not enough. Thus, the optimal age difference between children is 3 years.

If a woman has undergone a cesarean section, doctors will advise you to endure a three-year pause between births and the next conception. The scar left on the uterus should “get stronger” to withstand the load during the next pregnancy.

As for the recovery of the body, pregnancy and childbirth cause it a real hormonal storm. Although these jumps are a natural phenomenon, it takes time for hormones, the menstrual cycle, blood composition, the level of trace elements, proteins and vitamins to return to normal.

When is it better to have a second child?

Judge for yourself. A woman is carrying a baby under the protection of progesterone and other hormones that the placenta produces. In order for childbirth to begin, progesterone levels must decrease dramatically, and the future mom’s blood levels of prostaglandins, estrogens, and oxytocin should increase.

After giving birth, their number also decreases sharply. In parallel, in order to start producing milk, the content of the hormone prolactin and some other substances begins to grow. Moreover, their level during lactation remains high, but varies in waves: the longer the interval between feedings, the less prolactin in the blood.

After the hormonal storm subsides, the menstrual cycle is restored. This means that a woman is theoretically ready to conceive the next baby.

Why only theoretically? While the baby is small, he needs to eat breast milk.

The feeding process seems natural and straightforward, but in fact it requires a lot of effort from the woman.

The amount of fluid in the bloodstream of a young mother increases, and this is a serious load for the heart and blood vessels, liver and kidneys. Another important thing – guaranteed support for the composition of breast milk – also requires considerable effort.

It is for this reason that it is not necessary immediately after the end of lactation to burden the body with an even more important matter – carrying the child.

In addition, reproductive organs and pelvic floor muscles must be restored. The cervix, the walls of the vagina and the perineum during pregnancy stretched out, and before testing them again, it is necessary that this muscle group regains its tone.

If you look at the size of the abdomen of the young mother after birth, it may seem that inside there is another baby: the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall during gestation of the baby strongly stretched.

Much work remains to be done on the uterus muscles. Since the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor, which fix the uterus, are stretched, it can take up a stable position in the pelvis only with time.

When is it better to have a second child?

American researchers have shown that babies conceived with a 3-year interval are less likely to be born prematurely or with a small weight. US scientists have studied and analyzed a database of childbirth 400 thousand women.

It was found that regardless of the age, race, and social status of a mother, children born with the recommended 3-year interval are stronger and healthier than those whose parents had conceived. In addition, such a break is good for women.

During the next pregnancy, they are less likely to experience anemia, pressure surges or bleeding.

But it is worth considering that for too long to delay the conception of the next child is not worth it. According to several studies, women who think about the next child only 5 years after the birth of their first child, increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Why this happens is unclear.

But doctors argue that it is unlikely that this feature is related to the age of the woman.

It should be remembered that the absence of menstruation does not mean the absence of ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary and its readiness for fertilization). Moreover, with an increase in the interval between feedings, the probability of ovulation and, consequently, the onset of pregnancy increases, since the level of prolactin decreases and no longer prevents ovulation.

As soon as you decide to renew intimate relationships, immediately start using contraceptives. A specific method of protection will help pick a gynecologist.

This list includes local products (condoms, spermicides, vaginal ring), hormonal pills and an intrauterine device. For women who are breastfeeding, progesterone-only medications are recommended – mini-drank.

Some women decide to give birth in 15 and even 20 years after the previous ones. Such a scenario has undoubted advantages: it is easier for “aged” mothers to endure sleepless nights, physical exertion, they have accumulated life experience and knowledge, which they willingly pass on to their late children.

At the same time, too long a gap between childbirth (10 years or more), especially if a woman is more than 40 years old by this time, is fraught with a high risk of disturbances in the development of the future baby. An “aged” mother is more likely to transmit an undesirable “inheritance” to the baby in the form of developmental difficulties and diseases. That is why such expectant mothers should not neglect the advice of genetics and ignore the methods of prenatal diagnosis.

And giving birth at that age is a risky move.

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