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When does the baby start chewing?

When does the baby start chewing?

By 4-6 months, the baby can swallow more dense foods than breast milk or formula. In the first months of life, children have a protective reflex: any solid substance that gets into their mouths immediately provokes pushing the tongue out so that the crumb does not choke. The reflex weakens by 4-6 months.

At the same time, the first teeth are cutting through, the child is already learning to control his tongue, which indicates the first degree of physiological readiness of the masticatory apparatus. But there is also a psychological side: if a small person shows an interest in “solid” food (he watches his parents with curiosity and opens his mouth with them), then the time has definitely come.

Food for the baby should be crushed according to age. Ready-made mashed potatoes will help to orient themselves: for each age – its own degree of grinding.

If you are cooking yourself, move on from mashed to chopped and sliced ​​food, making the pieces larger and larger, as in factory meals.

When learning to chew it is important to properly use a spoon for feeding. It is necessary that its contents should be closer to the middle of the baby’s tongue – it is from this point that the most convenient for the child is to “process” food.

When teeth are cut, let the baby “bite” the drying, a piece of apple or carrot – this is a good training of the chewing reflex.

If the baby refuses to chew and swallow food, try changing the product. Perhaps for the sake of his beloved delicacy he will be ready to put more effort.

The timely start of complementary foods is the key to the success of the development of the chewing reflex. Breastfed babies are advised to start feeding in 5-6 months, and “artificiality”, as a rule, a month earlier. One of his tasks is to make a child chew.

At this age, the child is physiologically ready to work with gums (after all, it is with them that he makes the first chewing movements), his tongue and teething teeth. If the moment is missed, the baby will get used exclusively to liquid food, swallowing which does not require much difficulty, and it will be more difficult to train him to make efforts.

It is not always easy for a baby to adapt to the fact that food is now not so easily swallowed. And if it is also tasteless, most children do the same: they immediately spit it out.

The only way out for parents in this case is patience. It is believed that to teach a child to one product should be at least 5 times and only after repeated unsuccessful attempts to switch to another.

For example, if a child refuses a zucchini for 4–5 days, on the sixth offer him a pumpkin.

If the pussy categorically refuses thicker foods, go for a trick: choose mashed potatoes of a suitable degree of grinding, spread the lips of the child and watch his reaction. If the baby frowns, it is unlikely that the process will go further, but if he likes the taste, it is likely that the crumb will gladly work with gums and tongue to eat every last spoonful.

If the crumb pulls hands to a piece of product that is good for his health, do not scold, and praise the little fidget. After receiving the desired delicacy, he pulls it into his mouth and, imitating mom and dad, shifts his gums.

Even if the child spits out a piece, the first step to success is already taken.

When does the baby start chewing?

Press Weed Machine ™

If you prefer to cook for the baby yourself, but you are tired of using an electric blender or combine, a mashed machine will help. You can always and everywhere make a child a puree of soft foods that are suitable for his feeding.

The machine is portable, easy to use and easy to clean.

When does the baby start chewing?

Silicone feeding spoon (from 4 months) Easy Learning from NUK

The baby needs to be fed with a baby spoon. When choosing it, you should pay attention to several criteria: the material and the shape of the working part of the spoon – they must be safe for the oral cavity and the length and diameter of the handle – they determine the convenience of the process.

The NUK silicone spoon with a slim and extra long handle is perfect for feeding the baby.

When does the baby start chewing?

Highchair Lapsi High Tower

Children imitate their parents. Those eating at a large family table – the baby also wants to be like an adult. A highchair for feeding will allow the baby to sit with the family, and 6 positions in height and 3 in the backrest angle will provide maximum comfort.

The table is easily removed and cleaned, and the high sides at its edges guarantee: nothing will spill onto the floor.

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