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What you need to think about when organizing a children’s birthday

What you need to think about when organizing a children's birthday

Children, having come on a holiday, should be vigorous and cheerful. This is possible if you organize events in the morning or after dinner. The second option is the most successful.

This is also due to the fact that before the arrival of guests it is necessary to finish the preparations and decoration of the room and tables, and in the morning you will have to do it in a hurry, or get up early enough. You should also think about parents, many of whom work, so the best time for the celebration will be the weekend, the second half of the day.

If the children are no longer sleeping during the day, then it is better to give preference to dinner time, since at that time they are still full of energy.

The duration of the children’s holiday entirely depends on the age of the birthday man and the invited guests. The time may vary, but the general time recommendations are as follows:

  • for children from 1 year old – 30-40 minutes
  • for children 2-4 years old – 1-2 hours
  • for children 5-6 years old – 2-3 hours
  • for younger students – 3-4 hours

The long duration of the holiday is not recommended, as children in the emotional atmosphere get tired quickly enough, which will be expressed in moods and conflicts.

Birthday of the child can be celebrated from one year. However, does this make sense? Any sense of this will still be.

At this age, the baby will be interested to consider the balls, ribbons and other bright elements of decor, as well as to study those who come to visit him. True, one should not expect from the culprit of the triumph of a full-fledged reaction, which the grown-up kids usually show, being birthday men.

Scarce is unlikely to later remember what happened on his first birthday, so it’s best to take care of the photos that he can see in the future.

The age of children who will gather at the celebration should be about the same (plus or minus one year). In childhood, the age difference is especially noticeable, as children get more and more knowledge and skills every year.

Therefore, it will be very difficult to come up with fun and games that could be equally interesting for girls of different ages and boys.

For a fun and comfortable holiday, you should not invite more than 3-5 people. Everything, as in other points, depends on the age of the child. An excellent option would be if you invite as many children as the child’s age (plus or minus one person).

If you invite more or less of this amount, then the children may be bored or, on the contrary, they will quickly get tired.

For a full birthday, it is necessary that both boys and girls come to visit. It will be interesting for both parties to communicate with each other and learn something new for themselves. Moreover, representatives of one or another sex should be at least two people, including the hero of the occasion: one boy among girls may feel like himself, and vice versa.

What you need to think about when organizing a children's birthday

If we are talking about a children’s holiday, you need to understand that the main things at this celebration are the children! Often, as was the case in the “Soviet” childhood, all relatives and friends of the child were invited to the child’s holiday. There were children in the kitchen, and adults in the living room.

Almost no one paid any attention to the children, so they had to entertain themselves. Mom and mistress of the house in one person at this time, tried to pay attention to everyone, but this mission was almost impossible.

After the gatherings, the satisfied adults left, and the sad birthday man remained with mixed feelings and impressions.

In order for the children to have the brightest memories of the holiday, it is necessary to separate the children’s and adult feasts. Of course, adults at the festival are necessary, but only in order to keep order and, if necessary, help organize leisure activities.

Number of adults at a children’s party:

  • From 1 to 3 years old – one adult per child
  • From 4 years old to 6 years old – 2-3 adults for 5 children
  • younger students – 1-2 adults for the whole company of children

On the one hand, the holiday is best spent at home. However, if you decide to invite many guests who are not very comfortable to accommodate in the apartment, it is better to choose a specialized place for the celebration.

It will be great ideas if the child is already big enough and you want to diversify his life, or you try to protect yourself from cleaning the apartment after the guests leave.

Children up to 4 years old, however, should stay at home. It can be difficult for babies to communicate with each other in an unknown place. Yes, and parents will always be on guard.

In addition, in all children’s institutions may not be very clean toys (for example, in the nursery) and other equipment with which children must face. Even if your child is already older, you should not choose a place of celebration that will be too far from home. You should think about your child and other children.

Many parents of invited kids can politely refuse to attend your event due to the remoteness of a cafe or kids club: on the way, children get tired very quickly.

Attention! When choosing a place for a holiday it is also necessary to think about the safety of children. If the case will occur at home, then in advance free the room from unnecessary things that could be traumatic.

Valuables should also be kept away from children (jewelry, fragile vases, collectible dolls, etc.).

What you need to think about when organizing a children's birthday

At each celebration there should be a person who unites those who have come and involves them in the general program of the event. Parents can do it themselves or invite a special person (lead-animator).

Naturally, invited specialists will not be difficult to keep the attention of all children for an hour or two, as they most often have a special education (psychologist, actor, etc.) and a lot of practical experience in this area. Entertaining guests on their own is a more economical option. But in this case, be sure to prepare for the celebration in advance.

Write down a detailed script and prepare all the necessary accessories so that you will not forget anything in a hurry.

For very young ones, it is not necessary to invent any original topic that they cannot appreciate due to their age. Initially, when choosing a theme, it is worth paying attention to what the child is interested in at the moment: maybe he likes to play the train or does he like some kind of cartoon character?

It is always better to push off from preferences.

As for the birthday boy and invited guests, it directly depends on age. For kids, do not set the “hard” dress code.

You can ask your parents to wear the kids in multi-colored or one-color T-shirts. You should not wear a complex suit on a child, in which he will get tired of being in 10 minutes and will start to be capricious. For older children (4-5 years) it is already possible to make an “entrance according to costumes”.

Ideal if these plain clothes will be issued directly at the entrance (it can be masks, T-shirts, aprons, etc.).

Attention! Ask your parents in advance about the child’s preferences in food and play to avoid misunderstandings: perhaps he is allergic to food, animals, plants, etc.

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