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What to play with the child at home

What to play with the child at home

They always, at all times and among all nations remain in first place in the ranking of the best games from the point of view of the child. What to do – kids love to rage! But it can also be competently issued.

Very useful for adults, because extra exercise will not harm anyone. Before moving the game we recommend to ventilate the room and wear the most lightweight clothing.

And, of course – be careful!

It can be produced both on the carpet and on other soft surfaces. Can play two – an adult and a child or an adult and two children.

The goal is the same as in many types of struggle: to lay the enemy on the shoulder blades. Of course, children will have to succumb (but not when there are two of them!), But believe me, the furious joy of the process for all participants, with any result, will always be over the edge.

This is also a kind of struggle, but with objects. For her fit various items: pillows, soft balls, mats. Pillows, as everyone knows, you can both throw and fight.

Balls – throw, and rugs, turning them in an arc, to fence. Since such games can be traumatic, it is wise not to leave the children alone, but to participate all together.

What to play with the child at home

In the 20s-30s of the last century, an acrobatic etude was an indispensable part of revolutionary demonstration concerts, and then it was played in its analogue, right at home, with daddies, small, probably almost everything. We remind you if someone forgot. Play on a soft surface.

An adult lies on his back, bends his knees, gives hands to a child and he climbs onto his knees with his feet. What to do next depends on your imagination and physical fitness.

Families are known with two children of different ages, where two of them are perched on the father. Another well-known option, standing on one knee, put the child on the other and, supporting him, to help make a swallow. Or – for the most risky and strong, generally put the baby on his shoulders.

The game is good because children and adults of different ages and different physical training can participate. But at least one strong participant should be.

And also, the obtained result can be shown, for example, to not participating mother, earning applause.

A game for children who are already able to run and jump a little. Not bad, of course, for her to have an apartment more spaciously … First, the space is cleared (it is possible on the territory of the whole apartment, including the corridor, but without closed spaces): all fragile objects hide or move to the walls. “Obstacles” are placed: inverted chairs, stools, tables, chairs, etc. Next comes the race for the participant, who is given a small head start.

Obstacles must be climbed (or jumped), it is impossible to get around. Attention!

The game can be traumatic, both for playing and for the situation.

Unlike outdoor games, players here require ingenuity, attentiveness and, sometimes, patience. You can play together or with a bigger company.

Physical strength in these games is not required, so they can diversify leisure and during a cold, for example.

What to play with the child at home

It is difficult to find a person who is not familiar with the rules of this game, which does not lose popularity, but still … They play from two to several people. The moderator hides the item in the room or in the entire apartment, while others turn away.

Then everyone is looking for an object, focusing on the lead of the leader: “cold – hot”. Another version of the game.

The moderator hides several identical items throughout the apartment. Next to the subject is a note, with a search reference of the next.

Suitable for older children. In some families, it happens that they draw whole cards, on Saturday dad hides, on Sunday they are looking for a mother with a child.

Good for the smallest, and for younger students. It is necessary to offer the baby to name all the things, for example, red, which are in the room or in the house.

Or – for older children – all triangular, round, square. If the child is able to count, you can offer to find him 5 red things, 6 round and 2 in the box.

The game, besides pleasure (and feelings of some satiety), teaches the child generosity. And prudence!

To play you need a piece of bread, candy, cake, apple or something like that. They play two, taking turns biting bit by bit. Who will get the last piece, then lost.

So the last bites have to be carefully calculated so that a comrade has a little more.

You can play with multiple participants. It will take several different and small items. For example: an apple, a pencil, a ball, a spoon, a cube.

The child should name all the objects and remembering them, close their eyes. An adult needs to hide one of the items.

And when the kid opens his eyes, ask him to remember what is missing from the table. To the game did not lose interest, you can increase the number of items.

We play using objects similar to those used in the previous game. The facilitator selects items without showing them to the player and puts them in a rag bag (you can use a hat).

The second one, blindfolded, climbs into the bag, takes out the items one by one and, feeling them, tries to guess what is in his hands.

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