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What kind of stroller to choose?

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller, cradle. The basket reliably protects the child from wind, rain, snow and dust. The high position of the basket will make your communication with the baby comfortable.

Prams, cradles provide comfort to the baby, it will not shake violently.

Pleasure models. Designed for older kids. They can be divided into classic ones, which weigh quite a lot and are voluminous, and the “canes” are light and folding.

In the cold season, the first option is more appropriate. They are better protected from wind and precipitation, they easily fit a child wrapped in a large amount of clothes, they are fully folded, maneuverable, and often have good maneuverability and shock absorption.

Stroller transformer. It easily turns from a pushchair into a stroller and back, is compact, usually folds easily and weighs relatively little.

All these advantages will save you from the problems associated with transport, shops, elevators, etc. Minuses: a small height, complicating for you the care of the crumbs.

Travel Systems. Additional type of TS strollers.

This is an ordinary transforming stroller with an integral car seat for the baby, mounted directly on the stroller – no need to wake the child when boarding the car.

Universal stroller. Do not confuse them with transformers – in this case, the modular principle works: you can install a closed basket or a walking block on the universal chassis. For many wheelchairs, the chassis is designed so that the seat of the stroller can be oriented both with the face to the mother and with his back to her.

Modern universal carriages are equipped, as a rule, with large wheels that increase their throughput. The main disadvantage: the stroller is quite heavy and bulky.

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller CAM Pulsar

Universal stroller (modular system), on the chassis you can install a cradle for newborns, or a walking block, or Area Zero car seat (everything included). Complete set: chassis, cradle, walking block, car seat (0−13 kg), a raincoat, the warmed cape on legs, a mesh bag for products, a bag for mother. The window for air circulation is provided in a cradle.

The walking block can be installed both facing the mother and facing the road. The back of the walking unit is adjustable in 4 positions at the same time as the stand for the legs. Convenient non-heavy car seat (3.6 kg), which can be installed on the stroller chassis.

It develops a book.

24 500 rub., “Olant” store chain, www.deti77.ru, www.m-detstva.ru, www.dlyarebenka.ru, www.kolomenka.ru, www.karapuzam.ru

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller “2 in 1” Arctica from Hauck

The stroller was designed specifically for Russia, where the cold period lasts more than 3 months. The spacious warmed cradle, one of the biggest among competitors. Internal upholstery is made of organic cotton.

The design is thought out down to the smallest detail: a high side, a window in the hood, an adjustable floor inclination, etc. The cradle is very easily removed when replaced with a walking unit. Large inflatable wheels provide comfort to your baby when driving on any surface.

The stroller has a very rich package bundle: a raincoat (both on the cradle and on the walking block), mosquito net, warmed envelope and bag.

From 14 400 rub., Auchan store chain, www.kids-world.ru, www.babysecret.ru, www.macynya.ru

Body (basket cradles, cradles; seat strollers). Be sure to check how the body (this applies to both the basket and the seat) is attached to the chassis.

The mount must be strong, symmetrical.

It is very good if the body upholstery is removable and washable. Conveniently, if the body is equipped on the sides with handles or straps for carrying.

Pay attention to the dimensions. On the one hand, the body should be spacious so that the child is not crowded.

On the other hand, it is important not to overdo it: the stroller must freely enter the elevator. There are bodies that can be used as autoseats – to transport the baby in the car.

The basket should be warm enough, especially if you need a closed stroller in the winter. Some baskets on the bottom and on the sides are equipped with a so-called “safety cage” – a rigid (most often plastic) skeleton, which plays the role of not only protection, but also insulation.

The safety cage basket must necessarily have a ventilation system — openings in the plastic that can be closed if necessary.

If you are buying a transforming stroller or a stroller with a full set of bodies, pay attention to the stroller seat. It should be equipped with seat belts: even the most calm child can fall out of the carriage without them.

Seat steps can be plastic or metal, but with a cloth litter. It is better if it is fixed in several positions.

Chassis – must be made of lightweight and durable alloys. Dampers provide a smooth ride and to a large extent – the stability of the stroller.

A pen . Conveniently, if the design of the stroller allows you to adjust the height of the handle, adjusting it to the height of the “driver” of the stroller. Well, if the handle is folded and you can throw it.

Accessories. Awning (aka hood), which serves as protection from the sun and rain; an apron is a cover put on a basket or seat to protect against rain, wind, etc. In addition, the following accessories are offered: plastic waterproof cover; the back footboard intended for the senior child; pockets for small items; basket.

What kind of stroller to choose?


Combined three-wheel model from birth to 3 years. Lightweight, graceful chassis with light reflectors for driving safety.

A 360 ° swivel front wheel with locking straight and independent shock absorbers provide excellent handling and maneuverability. Compact dimensions when folding, convenient parking brake, large shopping net, handle with leather overlays, car seat mounting group 0+, large basket for a newborn with a medical mattress, coupling for hands.

From 51 000 rub., A network of stores “Olant”, “Kangaroo”, “Sales Center for baby strollers”.

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller Symbio, Graco

High quality sturdy frame. 5-point safety belt. Seat with three tilt positions.

Shock absorbing spring suspension and pneumatic wheels. Stretchable awning of UV resistant material.

Reversible handle allows you to have your child face to parents. Front swivel wheels and a wheelbase width not exceeding 58 cm provide ease of maneuvering.

The one-click travel system GRACO (car seat group 0) allows you to carry the child without waking him. The stroller folds with one hand, leaving the other free for the child.

17 600 rub., Sovenok-2 shopping mall, www.superpups.ru, www.AistShop.ru, www.kingbaby.ru

When buying, check whether you can without any help, do all the manipulations: fold / unfold; fasten / remove the basket; remove / install the body, etc.

Large rubber wheels with knitting needles provide excellent cross-country performance in all weather conditions and a smooth ride without shaking, even on uneven roads. Small plastic wheels facilitate the construction of the stroller and make it less overall.

Dual “floating” wheels allow you to increase maneuverability. “Floating” wheels should have clamps that allow, if necessary, to secure the wheels in one position.

Safety is most important! See if it is easy to put the stroller on the brake silently and without help from your hands.

And, secondly, make sure that the brake is securely fixed in the position you specified. If you have a car, then it will be important for you:

  • Can part of the stroller serve as a car seat or a cradle for carrying newborns in a car?
  • Does she have adapters for fastening with seat belts?
  • Is the baby securely attached?
  • Will the folded stroller fit in the trunk?

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller Hartan ZXII 279

Transformer stroller for twins. The handle is adjustable in height and tilt.

Reliable brakes (for version Plus-handbrake). Removable hood can be easily transformed into a sun canopy. Protection against falling out of the child.

Multi-level protection against spontaneous folding. Spacious shopping basket.

Adjustable suspension stiffness. Removable tubeless wheels with bearings. Seats can be oriented by / against the direction of movement.

5-point safety belt. Individually adjustable footrest.

Dual swiveling front wheels with locking and cushioning system.

From 58 900 rub., A network of stores “Kangaroo”, “Olant”, “Our Mother”

What kind of stroller to choose?

High Trek stroller with carrycot Windoo, BÉbÉ Confort

Universal maneuverable stroller, from birth (with a cradle) to 3 years (with a hammock). Full control from the handle – from changing the mode of the front wheels (floating / fixed) to the braking and setting the parking brake. In addition to a hammock, a Windoo cradle and bebikokon (car seats of group 0+) from Bébé Confort are installed on the chassis.

Height-adjustable ergonomic handles; simple and quick folding-unfolding; the position of the hammock is adjustable from sedentary to recumbent; installing a hammock facing your mom or towards the road.

From 32 806 rub. (price for High Trek stroller and Windoo bassinet), Bébé Confort

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller Hesba Corrado Delux VIP

100% manual assembly. Frame with shock absorbers, allowing silently swing the stroller.

Handle made of genuine leather, height adjustable. The walking block with 5-point seat belts and a removable bumper, is established along the course and against the course. Cradle with comfortable carrying handles and a mattress, a protective visor and a cape (used as a cape on the legs in the walking version).

In the complete set a bag, a raincoat, a pump, a mosquito net.

190 990 rub., Kangaroo salons network

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller BEBECAR STYLO Class

Removable (winter / summer) wheels with swing bearings and original design. The width of the wheelbase 55 cm (even passes in the narrowest elevator).

Automatic lock in the handle for folding the chassis. Steering front wheels for maximum maneuverability. Ergonomic, height adjustable handle.

System instant locking rear wheels. Spring suspension for a smooth ride. A car seat group 0+ can be mounted on the chassis.

Roomy shopping net.

From 27,000 rub., Savelovsky shopping center, www.kupi-kolyasku.ru

What kind of stroller to choose?

Stroller Quinny Senzz, Maxi-Cosi

Lightweight stroller for travel. It develops with one hand movement.

The back is regulated in 3 provisions. The kit includes: an adapter for car seats Maxi-Cosi 0+ (from 0 to 12 months), rain cover.

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