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What determines the sex of the unborn child?

What determines the sex of the unborn child?

To understand how the sex of a child is formed, it is necessary to recall school biology lessons. As we know, each cell consists of two components: the cytoplasm and the nucleus. In the latter are chromosomes – a kind of “strings” that carry genetic information.

In any healthy person, their number is constant – 46 chromosomes, or 23 pairs. 22 of them are the same for both men and women; as for the 23rd, it is responsible for sex: a woman has two X chromosomes in the body, and X and Y in men. At the time of fertilization, the egg cell and the sperm cell contain only one sex chromosome: “the fair sex” always X, and “strong” – X or Y. If egg X meets with sperm X, after 9 months a girl is born.

And in the event that the female cell is fertilized by sperm Y, you get a boy.

In the 60s of the twentieth century, American doctors discovered that, depending on the “gender”, male cells behave differently. “X’s” are slightly larger than their fellows and move slower, and the “players” are more mobile, but do not differ in stamina and die more often. Spermatozoa carrying the “boy” reach the meeting place with the egg faster, but if it does not appear within 48 hours, they die.

And sperm with “female” chromosomes get to the target more slowly and can wait for the release of the egg.

This discovery allowed scientists to formulate a principle that increases the chances of parents to conceive a baby of the desired sex.

This method is especially useful if a woman has an egg release exactly in the middle of the cycle. However, it is possible to determine the moment of its appearance with the help of special test systems for ovulation, which are sold in pharmacies.

What determines the sex of the unborn child?

One of the first who tried to interfere with the mysterious mechanism of formation of the floor, was a French scientist Joseph Stolkovski. In the 1960s, he conducted experiments with Mediterranean toads and found that if you add potassium salts to the water where they live, more males will appear. If we enrich it with calcium salts, the number of females will increase.

Later, the professor continued to experiment on animals, and soon, together with Canadian and French doctors began to study the nutrition of pregnant women. Studies have shown that future mothers, who then had boys, were attracted to foods containing potassium, while girls’ mothers preferred foods rich in calcium.

The following experiments have shown that, under the influence of a certain diet, the woman’s vaginal secret is changing, which has a different effect on the activity of spermatozoa with “female” and “male” chromosomes. Experts have suggested that, depending on the products to which a woman is exposed, the egg cell itself can choose certain spermatozoa for fertilization.

On the basis of these developments, the followers of Stolkovski have compiled a special diet, adhering to which one could plan the sex of the child in advance. In their opinion, food that contains a lot of sodium and potassium should help conceive a boy, and foods rich in calcium and magnesium should increase the chances of a girl to appear.

The selected diet must be followed for 4 months before conception, and then it must be abandoned.

So, if you want a daughter:

  • do not salt the food;
  • drink milk and dairy products; eat meat, fish, eggs, sweets;
  • Forget about coffee, tea, beets, smoked meats, pickled cucumbers, peaches, bananas.

To have a boy born:

  • salt food;
  • eat sausages, fish, rice, pasta, potatoes, bananas;
  • Do not get carried away with dairy products and eggs.

The authors of the method claim that in 80% of cases parents expect success. However, no scientific research has proven the effectiveness of this approach – however, like many others.

And what do the doctors who have the latest scientific research think about interventions in the gender issue?

Says Lia Ghazaryan, obstetrician-gynecologist, PhD, research assistant of the department of assistive technologies in the treatment of infertility, FGU Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after V.I. Kulakova Rosmedtechnology “

“Modern medicine has made such progress that the ability to choose the sex of the child no longer seems like something fantastic. However, while this can be done only with the help of doctors, using the methods of artificial, or in vitro fertilization.

Today it is the only guaranteed way to influence the sex of the future baby. I stress: guaranteed, because there are a lot of unconfirmed theories that promise the parents of a boy or a girl “in a natural way”.

There are suggestions that the sex of the child is affected by the bacterial environment of the vagina and cervix, the day of conception, and even posture during intercourse. Such ideas, although they have a basis, have not yet received serious confirmation in science.

After all, conception is a sacrament, in which there is still a lot of mystery, even for specialists.

On what basis does the egg choose the “same” sperm cell? Why sometimes she takes only X-cells and only girls are born in the family, and sometimes only boys – Y? Scientists cannot yet give a definite answer to these questions.

And therefore it cannot be argued that some kind of diet or “calendar” method is guaranteed to the parents of a boy or a girl. But in vitro fertilization gives such a guarantee – and almost 100%.

How does this happen? The oocytes obtained from the expectant mother and the father’s sperm are combined in a test tube.

After 3 days, when the resulting embryo already consists of 8 cells, specialists divide one of them under a microscope, isolate the nucleus from it, stain it with special reagents, and then examine its chromosomes. This method allows not only to determine the sex, but also to eliminate chromosomal abnormalities, and then select the best embryos of the sex that parents need.

One or two of them will be transferred to the uterus of the future mother – and, if they “take root” safely, the desired son or long-awaited daughter will appear in the family.

In recent years, scientists from the United States are working on a new method for gender prediction. They created a special apparatus “Spermsorter”, which allows you to sort the sperm onto the carriers of the X and Y chromosomes and connect only those that are needed to the egg cell.

In animal husbandry, this method is already used, and for humans it is only being developed.

Most often, the selection of embryos “by gender” is carried out in cases where it is necessary to avoid hereditary diseases associated with sex. For example, hemophilia A and B (bleeding disorders), which occurs only in men, and is transmitted through the female line.

Much less often there are cases when parents ask for a boy or girl “of their own accord.” There are very few such patients in our center – approximately 1.5%. After all, they usually turn to us when spouses cannot conceive a child at all, and it doesn’t matter to them what sex a baby will be – the main thing is for it to finally appear.

But whatever the motives of the parents, in the desire to have a boy or a girl, we most often go to meet them. In Russia, it is still possible to “order” the sex of the child, since it is not prohibited by law (unlike, for example, the United States).

Of course, I, like most doctors, believe that the main thing is a healthy child, and what sex it will be, let fate decide. Parents should not worry too much about this, and than spend their energy on mythical diets and horoscopes, it is much better to direct them to properly prepare for pregnancy – both physically and psychologically.

After all, the baby needs the love and care of parents, even when mom and dad do not yet know what sex he will be, but just happily await his appearance. ”

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