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Wellness: up to date

Wellness: up to date

The word wellness itself is nothing less than a state of complete personal satisfaction. To achieve it, we must be healthy, balanced and successful!

It is clear that each of these goals leads to its own path, and this means that one can achieve wellness harmony only by acting in several directions at once. Bringing them together, connected with each other, is the task of representatives of different specialties: sports doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers, manual therapists, spa treatment experts. By combining their knowledge, they create a single wellness program, the purpose of which is to lead us to a state of complete internal and external balance.

Moreover, this program will give the best result only if it is individual for each of us. You can get it in some wellness or fitness clubs.

Wellness: up to date

  • Activity: wellness training – a set of exercises using three-dimensional movements that mimic our daily efforts and strengthen all muscle layers;
  • restoration: rational nutrition to replenish the expended effort, maintain vitamin-mineral and water balance;
  • relaxation: water or relaxation procedures that help to consolidate the result of the workout.

The wellness movement, which now embraced the New and Old Worlds, was a response to the demands of the times. The change of course was dictated, among other things, by two circumstances: first, more and more people began to study at the club in order to feel good, and not to prepare for going to the beach. Secondly, it became clear that the overwhelming majority of citizens were not ready for traditional fitness training. for health!

The rhythm and conditions of our life lead to the fact that we all rather early acquire orthopedic and other medical problems that can eventually turn into a disease, especially if we train without taking into account our peculiarities. Maybe it is this system of training that is common to traditional fitness that can be explained by the fact that even those of us who support our physical activity by regularly visiting clubs, watching the diet and being attentive to the manifestations of our body still have health problems. ? The wellness program proposes to act differently: before embarking on classes, each of us must test the capabilities and characteristics of our body under the guidance of specialists.

We have to find out how our cardiovascular system works during exercise, whether we have changes in posture, how mobile our joints are, and this is a minimum program. According to the results of the survey, you and I will pick up these types of activity and a set of exercises that will not only not aggravate the problems that we have, but also relieve them. This part of the program is called wellness training.

As you understand, the recommendations on nutrition, spa and physiotherapy are attached to it in a “tone” to the peculiarities of our state.

Wellness: up to date

Wellness training in itself is also an unusual kind of activity. Its basis consists of three-dimensional movements – this is how our body moves in ordinary life. Take this situation: we bend down and take the child out of the stroller.

To accomplish this simple at first glance, our body performs a complex set of movements – flexing, twisting, turning, which are performed with the participation of several muscle groups, and also ligaments, joints and the spine. And each of the “participants” of this chain needs care and attention!

  • All wellness training moves are slow.
  • These exercises are available to people whose mobility for some reason is limited, because they can be done from any position (kneeling and arms, sitting, lying).
  • Wellness training teaches us how to breathe properly.

This is a simple, but perhaps the most thorough study of all the muscle layers of the body, which can be practiced from any position. These features of the training mean that it can be successfully used for rehabilitation, that is, the restoration of health – which, as we have said, for different reasons, each of us needs.

Let us think, is it not for this that the help of doctors rarely saves us from health problems, because we are obsessed with the treatment of diseases according to medical principles. Who of us who received a diagnosis and a list of appointments from the doctor about this will have the idea to go with him to the fitness club to supplement the treatment regimen with a specialized set of exercises?

Alas, there are few willing people, although the wellness system gives us this opportunity by offering a whole program of recovery – it takes into account all the components of the well-being of our body and is aimed at solving its specific problems.

Wellness: up to date

Expectant mothers will get the most out of the wellness program. And the point is not only that pregnancy involves caring for the health and well-being of not one, but two or even three people. Let’s not forget that in the first nine months of pregnancy, the body of the future mother undergoes serious changes, rearranging in a new way to provide the baby with comfortable conditions for development and birth.

To cope with this task and safely move all the metamorphosis, without stumbling over one of them, is not easy without support.

A separate item of the wellness complex for expectant mothers will be preparation for childbirth: they will have to learn how to breathe correctly at each stage of this process and relax in the intervals between contractions. An equally important task is to strengthen those muscle groups that will have to work at the time of the birth of the baby and whose strengths the young mother will have to return to the previous volumes.

Making up the program for the future mother, wellness specialists will be guided by data on her condition: if a woman has any abnormalities in the development of pregnancy, she will be offered medical training, which should be coordinated with the doctor watching her.

These are the problems that wellness consultants have to face most often and according to what scheme they conduct such classes.

Wellness: up to date

Back pain, changes in posture, joint disease, scoliosis

  • Wellness training for owners of such problems consists of a preliminary warm-up, followed by exercises to develop strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles.
  • In a separate block, movements are collected, the purpose of which is to equalize the balance between the muscle groups whose efforts our body and spine are kept in the correct position.
  • After the training, you should definitely go for a massage to relax tired muscles.

Circulatory disorders in the legs, in other words – varicose veins, edema

  • The training includes exercises that are performed mainly lying down, with raised legs. In this position, blood flow from the legs to the heart is improved.
  • A light workout will be followed by a complex of movements for the development of the calf muscles, which also affect the speed of blood flow in the legs.
  • A separate item of the training will be exercises for the development of flexibility of the spine – this property affects the improvement of the venous circulation.
  • After class, you need to go to the spa procedures, the purpose of which is to strengthen the veins.

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