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We play and develop: baby from 7 to 9 months

We play and develop: baby from 7 to 9 months

Vision The baby is happy to recognize loved ones, and now he remembers their faces. He is interested or surprised at the sight of unfamiliar objects, fixes attention on two objects at the same time.

Of particular interest to small things are small things and things with a secret: mechanical toys, drawers, zippers. By 7–9 months, the baby can already “adjust” the view so that it can be transferred from the birds outside the window to its own fingers.

Fine motor skills. The little one controls the movement of the hands well; he pulls the pen to a toy or some other object located directly in front of him or to the side, and easily grasps it. The ability to command the position of hands in space and achieve goals in a coordinated way is a serious achievement.

The kid suddenly understands an amazing thing: these two strange “things” that endlessly flash before his eyes belong to him and listen only to him. Just as he still doesn’t know the names of the colors, but he distinguishes between them, the child doesn’t know why he needs his hands, but he is sure that he can trust them and they will help him to do what he wants.

Large motor skills. It is finished, baby sat down!

In 7−8 months, he is not just sitting confidently, but he can also change from place to place. Many kids at this age already know how to stand up and stand, however, while holding on to some kind of support. Having become accustomed to this position, he decides on a small “experiment”: he pushes off from the support and stands alone for a few seconds.

But the sense of balance until it brings a little, he immediately falls to get up, leaning on his hands, and repeat everything again. The kid understands the game “in the hands” and he really likes to clap.

If asked, he waves his hand “goodbye.”

Communication The stock of sounds in the arsenal of the crumbs expands, and he begins to add new syllables from them (yes, pa-pa, fa-fa). A diligent babbler, the kid continues to hone his skills.

By 9 months, the appearance of the first real word in the lexicon of your beloved child is possible. More often syllable.

For example, “babaka”, not “dog.” In addition, at this age, the baby becomes even more selective in communication.

He no longer cares who took him in his arms.

Hearing. Now the kid knows exactly when he is praised, and when he is scolded. Little understands that adults are turning to him, even if he does not see them.

The secret is that at this moment the tone of your voice becomes higher, the vowels stretch, and the words are repeated several times. Mom’s voice gives the baby great pleasure: he is ready to listen to poems, songs and fairy tales in her performance for hours!

Ask your child to give you a hand or clap his hands, and you will see how gladly he will fulfill your request.

In the seventh month of a child’s life, the differentiation, accuracy and complexity of movements increase. Swinging a rattle no longer satisfies him.

The kid tries to knock it on the surrounding objects. If earlier he dropped (released from hands) toys, now more and more often he throws them.

And not mindlessly, but evaluates and looks, how and where objects fall. If there are holes in the toys, the child tries to stick a finger in them, look inside.

Such cognitive activity should be encouraged.

New actions with the objects of the child should be taught: to show him how to put one into another, and then remove the pans, how to string the pyramid rings on the rod, how to collect toys after playing the box. It is necessary to show slowly, repeating a verbal explanation several times and demonstrating the action, directing the child’s hand.

If the crumb refuses to play, then this toy is sick of him. It is better to temporarily hide it and offer another in return.

After some period of time, the cleaned toys will be perceived as new and the baby will again be willing to work with them.

1) Fill and empty. Take a cup and fasten next to it two threads with large beads – one with multi-colored plastic, the other – with wooden ones. The child will fill the cup and shake the beads out of it, producing a different sound, depending on the material from which they are made.

But be careful! It is necessary to exclude any possibility of hitting small objects in the mouth, nose, ears.

2) Look in the mirror. And also look at photos of mom and dad (in a frame with plastic glass).

3) Raise and lower the zip fastener. Glue the zipper on the edges to a hard surface.

Take a clasp with a large ring, for which the baby will be comfortable to hold.

4) Put the rattle into the bag. The rattle should be attached to a string in the immediate vicinity of the bag.

5) Make sounds with a bicycle bell. Screw the bell to a hard surface.

Initially, the child will be difficult to turn the “tongue”, so attach the bead next to the string – he will be able to knock on the bell.

6) Ring a bunch of metal discs. The ring with the disks must be tied with a nylon thread attached to the table.

Push-button musical toys develop hand-eye coordination and auditory attention. Helps establish a logical connection: pressing a button – the appearance of music.

Well, if some of the keys are in the form of animals and make the appropriate sound.

Caskets with pop-up surprises develop thinking. Encourage the establishment of a logical connection: the button – a surprise. Instead, you can use a large flashlight.

There is also good to establish this connection: the button – the light. Do not expect to come up with it yourself, better show him how it is done.

Toy hammer. If there is no such thing, give the crumbs a spoon with a lid from the pan – and let them knock, have fun!

Rubber ball develops coordination and leg muscles. You can put in the crib to the legs – and let him kick!

Gaming centers (flat boards with a variety of moving things: a telephone disk, bills, a mirror, buttons, bells, etc.) perfectly develop all the above-described skills and teach how to manipulate different objects.

Developing house. It should be light enough so that it can be pulled to itself with one finger. If a child can perform at least four different manipulations with this toy, he will be interested in it.

Small accessories that are often included in the kit house, increasing its value, usually only confuse the baby and get lost or broken before he has time to understand their purpose. Therefore, do not be tempted by small figures or cars attached to the house.

Requirements for a toy house:

  1. It should have a door that opens and closes easily with one finger.
  2. He must have additional elements that the child can take in the palm (chimney, ladder, etc.).
  3. It should be collapsible (with a rising roof or a wall, which is removed and opens the interior …).
  4. It should have holes (windows) through which the baby places various objects in the house.
  5. It should also be safe and durable. It is necessary to exclude any possibility of breaking off small objects from it; children’s fingers should not be stuck in the openings of the house.
  6. The color or shape for such a toy is not very important: the child does not yet distinguish between a village house, a chalet or a palace, he is only interested in what manipulations he can make with him – for him it’s just a box … but which mother will buy her baby a simple box ?

Funny pyramids. The classic tumbler pyramid with bright rings will introduce the baby to the notion “more – less”.

First, the child learns to simply string the rings on the rod in an arbitrary order, and then – in ascending or descending order of their diameter. A developing pyramid with sound effects for a long time will take the attention of a little restless.

With funny cubes and balls you can come up with a lot of different fun games, and by picking up a pyramid, you can play a game of hide-and-seek and surprises in your favorite game.

Boxes and boxes. At the age of 7 to 9 months, your baby is still relatively immobile, and this explains his interest in games where hands are occupied.

During these games he develops touch, as well as all other senses. He loves to lift, turn and touch various objects. And at no extra cost you can offer him a lot of interesting activities.

Do not dispose of empty cardboard boxes released from households – from cereals, pasta, soap or cosmetics. They can be carefully stuck – you get a great designer.

A crumb can easily crush them, tear them up, lift them up or turn them over – and he will do all this with great pleasure. And if the boxes are multi-colored, they will like the baby even more.

Toys on wheels. A child who is only crawling on all fours so far, with joy, will strive forward, at the typewriter, which he pushes with his hand. Choose a small size machine so that the baby can hug it.

It should be strong enough: moving forward, the child will press on it from above. The wheels should be big and spin freely. The baby has not grown to the machines and trucks on rubber wheels, which increase friction.

Too complicated models of the crumb can not yet be appreciated. But the machine is rounded, made of soft but durable material is ideal for the home.

It is best to play with the baby in the bathroom when it is in a special baby bathing seat. The comfortable and ergonomic seat is easily installed and securely fastened in a stationary bath or in a baby bath with four suction cups, and after bathing it is easily detached with the help of special tongues.

Such a position of the crumbs will free your hands, but at the same time, of course, it will not release you from the need to monitor the baby, without leaving anywhere. Never rely on the feeling of security inspired by these comfortable objects, because even if at first glance the kid is not going to make any sudden movements, in an instant his small heels can be in the air, and your mouth and nose in the water. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that 3-4 seconds can be so important.

When the baby is in the bath, you should not move away from it and even turn away for a second!

Introduce the baby with unusual sensations of water. Fill the spray bottle with water and sprinkle it directly on the feet or above it, so that the little one can see drops falling from above and feel the freshness from the water on the face.

Teach your baby to feel the difference in the temperature of the water in the bath. Freeze a few ice cubes from the tinted syrup water and dip into the water.

The crumbs will be amazing, holding up the handle of warm water, suddenly feel the cool colored cubes. When he lowers them into the water, he will see how they will begin to decrease and eventually disappear – to his great amazement.

Spend an ice cube in the palm of your child, on his heels, hands and feet, touch the tip of the nose, lips – he will immediately lick them with joy.

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