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We have a son or daughter!

We have a son or daughter!

The story of the birth of a baby begins with a meeting of 2 cells: male – sperm and female – egg. When they merge, a fertilized egg is formed.

Every month, under the action of pituitary hormones in one of the ovaries, one oocyte matures – a cell from which an egg cell is then formed. It is located in the follicle bubble.

Its walls produce ovarian hormones – estrogens, through which the follicle grows to the size of a cherry and bursts in the middle of the menstrual cycle (usually on the 14th day), releasing an egg cell. This process is called ovulation.

Coming out of the ovary, the egg enters the first division of the fallopian tube and, thanks to its contractions, moves towards the uterus. The egg cell maintains its fertilization capacity on average 24 hours.

When mature, it has 2 parts: an oval head (it contains a core) and a tail (flagellum), which helps it to move.

During sexual intercourse, 3–5 ml of sperm, which contains 300–500 million spermatozoa, enters the woman’s vagina. In the acidic environment of the vagina, most of them die, only the most persistent get into the cervical mucus (it stands out from the cervix during intercourse), which has a weakly alkaline reaction, which increases the motor activity of sperm.

Before they reach the egg, they still have to cross the uterus and into the fallopian tube. Sperms make this way in 2-2.5 hours.

According to the latest data, the fertilizing ability of the sperm cell is maintained for 48 hours.

So, an egg that has got into the fallopian tube is quickly surrounded by an army of sperm. The egg cell is always the bearer of the sex X chromosome, spermatozoids are of 2 types: carriers of the X and Y chromosomes.

If the spermatozoon that carries the X chromosome merges with it, a female embryo (XX) appears, and if the U chromosome carrier has time for it, a male embryo (XY) appears.

This means that the responsibility for the sex of the future baby is literally the sperm, or rather the father of the child. But only the case decides which sperm will fertilize the egg!

We have a son or daughter!

There are several other circumstances that can also affect the gender of the future baby.

  • According to statistics, boys are born more often than girls (105 vs. 100). It is known that conception by boys is even greater, but these pregnancies are more often interrupted at different stages.
  • There are families where only boys or girls are born from generation to generation. Perhaps the whole thing in the features of sperm, which affect the number of sperm X or Y.
  • In addition, spermatozoa with the X- and Y-chromosome differ: those that carry the X chromosome are larger, and they move slower than those that carry the Y-chromosome. The latter, albeit quicker, but not very stable and die faster. Consequently, those spermatozoa that carry information “on the boy” will quickly reach the venue, but if this meeting does not take place within 48 hours (there was no ovulation yet), they will die. And the spermatozoa carrying the information “per girl” will get to the target more slowly, but if ovulation has already occurred and the egg is waiting (there are 24 hours), the meeting will take place.

If sexual intimacy occurred before ovulation (in a normal cycle on the 12–13th day), parents are more likely to get a girl, as fast U will come up ahead of time and will not wait for meeting-ovulation, and slow X will be in place just in time , and the sexual cell XX is formed.

If the proximity occurred at the time of ovulation or the first day after it (the 14–15th day of the cycle), then the fast U will overtake the egg cell first, and it will turn out to be a boy (XY). In addition, in order for the fertilization to take place and the sperm of the future pope was full, the closeness between future parents must be once, that is, 1 time during the menstrual cycle.

We have a son or daughter!

There are 2 methods to find out the sex of the child before birth: ultrasound (from the 18-24th week of pregnancy) and analysis of amniotic fluid (from the 14th to 16th week). However, even if the doctor does not see 2 testicles on the ultrasound screen, one cannot be absolutely sure that a girl will appear (forecast accuracy is about 85%).

Another way – the study of amniotic fluid – determines which sex cells they contain. If they find XU – a boy will be born, if XX is a girl. This procedure is essentially a small operation and has its own indications.

Usually, the baby’s sex is determined in such a way as to exclude genetic diseases linked to the floor (for example, hemophilia).

Of the many will take, predicting the sex of the future baby, there are only 2, which, even according to doctors, can be taken into account.

1. Usually, mothers of girls during pregnancy change externally: the face becomes puffy, the cheekbones, the nose increase, pigment spots appear.

2. It is noticed that mothers of girls feel sick at the beginning of pregnancy less than those women who expect the appearance of a boy. Perhaps this is because the girl’s body is much easier to adapt to pregnancy.

It is believed that you can find out the sex of the baby by the shape of the mother’s belly. It is not, and here’s why. If the woman’s bone pelvis is narrow, the growing uterus will move forward, toward the supple front wall of the abdomen, and it will be pointed.

With all this inside the uterus can be a girl!

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