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We go to a fitness club!

We go to a fitness club!

Group training has a number of advantages over homework lessons and a number of features.

  • Classes in children’s centers and fitness clubs are held under the guidance of qualified teachers or trainers. A set of exercises and equipment are selected according to the needs and abilities of children of a particular age, and experts are able to captivate a child and adjust it to the desired mode (which is not always possible for parents).
  • An experienced instructor who works with children will be able to understand the physical characteristics of each baby and make recommendations for solving specific problems. For example, selects exercises for the prevention of flat feet and the formation of the correct arch of the foot.
  • Thanks to group activities, the child will quickly learn to communicate with peers and teachers, it is easier to adapt to the kindergarten.
  • It is important that for both children and mothers such activities become a real “club of interests”, an opportunity to diversify leisure and “go out”.

Whatever the various options for sports activities for the smallest, they can all be assigned to one of three groups.

1. Fitness training with an instructor in the gym. It can be baby gymnastics, fitball, yoga, rhythmics, and even three-year choreography, football and capoeira.

The purpose of classes for the youngest is to learn basic motor skills (crawling, climbing, walking, running, jumping), strengthening and developing the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, developing the ability to interact with others.

2. Fitness classes in the pool (water temperature in the pool is 30–31 ° C). The baby will be able to work with his mother from 3 months.

Swimming normalizes muscle tone, strengthens the nervous and respiratory systems, the musculoskeletal system, improves metabolic processes and blood circulation, and is an excellent way to harden. And the most obvious benefit is that the crumb learns not to be afraid of water, and with regular practice it can learn to swim even in infancy.

3. Elements of physical education are included in complex developmental activities for children along with modeling, finger painting, paper work, music games, articulation and finger gymnastics, tasks for developing attention, thinking, memory, expanding horizons.

The best and safest period to start training in special groups for mothers and babies is the age of 1 year, when the baby begins to walk on its own. Nevertheless, there are groups for children from 3 months, and individual lessons with the mother under the guidance of qualified trainers (they are considered to be preferable, since in this case the not yet strong baby has less contact with other children). In some clubs, children older than 1.5–2 years of age are engaged without adults; however, most often this is not recommended before 2.5–3 years.

Even if the baby is quietly left without a mother and knows how to get along with other children and adults, up to 3 years of his movement are not yet fully coordinated, and he needs a constant “safety net” for an adult. One instructor will not be able to provide adequate safety to a whole group of toddlers.

Before attending classes, enlist the approval of your pediatrician. Group classes are more intensive than home ones (the baby will have to work out for half an hour without concessions) and, accordingly, create a more substantial load.

Here are some important points:

  • The younger the child, the closer to home the classes should be. In order for the child to be open to the perception of the lesson, he needs to be vigorous and in a good mood, and after the urban traffic jams of the latter, as a rule, does not happen.
  • Reviews already attending the club parents with children are very important. No advertising will tell you as much as word of mouth. In any studio there are pros and cons. Someone is engaged in their own premises, but classes are conducted by “average” teachers, someone removes a small hall, but gains excellent teachers.
  • Attend a trial lesson with your child. Ask yourself if you liked it, because the attitude of the mother influences the perception of the baby.
  • Give your child time to get used to. During the first month, the children get to know each other and the teacher, get used to the rhythm of classes. You should not expect tangible “results” at this stage.
  • Pay attention to the attitude of the teacher to the children. Evaluate the tone of the lesson, how the teacher responds to self-indulgence. The smaller the child, the more carefully you need to choose a coach, because the first teacher can either develop a child’s desire to learn, or discourage him altogether.
  • Observe the child’s reaction: it is important how the child perceives the teacher and the classes as a whole. If at the lesson the baby behaves well, and after the tears begin, perhaps it is just too small for such loads and group lessons should be postponed for several months. If all children do well, and your child is constantly distracted, it is necessary to do his psychological training – it is the responsibility of the parents, but not the coach.

We go to a fitness club!

Approximately 1.5 hours before the baby’s activities, it is necessary to feed the baby so that with intense physical activity he will not feel discomfort. During the lesson, periodically offer your child to drink, and after training you can offer something edible (apple, banana, cottage cheese).

In order for the baby to have time to look around and tune in to the lesson, it is necessary to come to the club for 10–15 minutes early. For training in the gym, the baby and mother will need comfortable sportswear (T-shirt, shorts or pants made of cotton, not very long, so that the child does not get confused), socks (preferably with non-slip rubber inserts on the soles), blouse (if it is cool) , a handkerchief for the baby, and for mom also a hairpin for hair.

Whatever you do with your baby, be it gymnastics, reading or drawing, do not forget about the universal rules of successful learning.

  • Give your child an example: doing or playing with him, demonstrate sincere pleasure.
  • Choose a time to practice in those hours when the child is in a good mood, he is not tired, not hungry, does not want to sleep.
  • Exercise regularly: a child who is engaged daily for 15–20 minutes will achieve success much faster than that with which they are engaged 2–3 times a week for 1 hour.
  • Distribute tasks during the day: the attention span of the crumbs is not long enough, so it is best to arrange several five-minute lessons at different times.
  • Rejoice in even the smallest achievements of the baby, never criticize him. A small child at first may not have visible success, and then there are periods when it seems to an adult that the child “stands still”; Be patient, it is absolutely natural.

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