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By size, car seats are divided into groups:
0 – for babies from birth to 9 kg;
0+ – they can withstand a little warrior weighing up to 13 kg.

Orthopedists recommend installing an armchair for infants against the motion of the car: then when braking, the baby’s cervical vertebrae will experience the least amount of stress. If you want to secure the car seat in the front seat of the car, the airbag must be locked!

0–1 suitable for babies from birth to 4 years (up to 18 kg);
1 – for children weighing 9-18 kg;
1–3; 2-3 – we are talking about “universal chairs”. Thanks to the special sliding mechanisms they are designed for kids of all different ages.

Ideally, the seat of your car and baby chair should complement each other. Keep in mind that their attachment systems may vary, then you generally can not install a seat for the baby.

And after the “successful” installation, the armchair can hang out or, conversely, keep it unnaturally upright. In a small car, a standard child seat does not always fit or complicates the life of the driver and front passenger.

  • Buy car seats only well-known companies.
  • The first “fitting” of the design to your car should be done by the seller-consultant, the second – by you personally under his leadership, and all further actions with the chair should be done first, referring to the instructions.
  • Regardless of the duration of the trip, the baby in the chair should always be fastened.
  • Do not use used structures: serious damage to the structure is sometimes invisible to the eyes.
  • Do not leave the baby in the chair unattended.
  • Do not install the armchair, do not plant or take out the child while the vehicle is moving.
  • Put the baby in the armchair correctly: the lower part of the belt should pass under the belly, and the upper part should not rise to the neck. Between the belt and the baby’s chest, you need to leave two fingers of your own free space.

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Easymaxi, Bebecar car seat, groups 0, 0+.
It is installed in the front or rear seat of a car using standard seat belts.
The height of attachment of the harness can be changed depending on the height and weight of the child.
Carrying handle is installed in different positions.
The chair can be fixed on any Bebecar stroller.

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Baby seat in the car Grand Prix, Brevi, group 0 -1
Simple fastening system using car seat belts and seat lock.
It can be installed in the front seat of the car against the course and in the back while driving.
Five-point belts with a central device that allows you to easily adjust their length.
Comfortable anatomical seat.
Additional accessories: pillow for small children; hygienic terry cloth cover.

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Car seat Priori XP, Maxi-Cosi, group 1
Side protection system provides side impact safety.
The design of the model allows you to change the position of the baby’s body. Unique belt tensioning system.
Belt height can be easily adjusted.
Special hooks hold the seat belts to the side while you seat the child in it.

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Car seat carrying Bye-Bye, Cam, groups 0, 0+
Fits on any Cam chassis and Pretty and Pretty Cross strollers.
Adjustable carry handle.
Soft seat and headrest.
On the front and back there are two convenient sections.

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Car seat Recaro Start, Recaro, groups 1, 2 and 3
Headphones built into the headrest: a child can listen to fairy tales or songs on the road.
Orthopedic chair: ensures the correct position of the spine.
Open design: provides good ventilation and freedom of movement. When folded, it fits easily in the trunk, there is a convenient carrying handle.
Additional accessories for different ages: table, footrest, lining the belt, comfort package.

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Car Seat Key, Chicco Group 1
Sufity Sistem provides enhanced side impact protection.
Spacious and comfortable anatomical seat.
Shockproof case.
6 positions for simultaneous adjustment of the height of the protective head restraint and seat belts.
The seat is set in 5 positions.

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Car seat Romer Kid Plus, Romer, group 2, 3
Protection against side collisions due to a unique system of lateral head protection.
Headrest height adjustment in 11 positions.
Three-stage adjustment of belts in width.

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