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We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

In the summer, doctors and psychologists strongly recommend residents of the capital with children to leave the dusty, hot and noisy city in the Moscow region. If there is no other possibility, it is worthwhile to arrange forays into nature at least once a month, or better, every weekend.

With comfort and without city bustle, you can relax with children in numerous family holiday homes in the suburbs. You can rent rooms or whole, to some extent, comfortable hotel houses for a period from several days to several months.

But keep in mind, the best (and relatively inexpensive) family hotels, with a developed children’s infrastructure, knowledgeable parents book in advance.

Modern country hotels, are almost as good as foreign ones: now there are buffets, a children’s menu, playgrounds, swimming pools, animation and, of course, children’s discos. The absence of the sea and wide beaches with palm trees is compensated by the presence of rivers, lakes and forests with berries and mushrooms. In addition, going to rest under Moscow, the family will not face the difficulties accompanying a long trip: no visas, permission to export from the pope.

Finally, do not fly anywhere, and then experience all the “charms” of acclimatization.

We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

Districts: Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga, Sortavalsky, Prionezhsky, Kalevalsky

Many different leisure options in the republic will satisfy the needs of almost any tourist. And a tourist with children too.

Karelia is an ideal place for ecotourism: here children will not only relax from the stifling city streets, but also gain strength. Crystal-clear air, dense forests, beautiful lakes and virgin nature will give a lot of pleasant impressions.

All conditions for observation and even acquaintance with furry and winged representatives of the animal world are created in Karelia: you can often meet a fox, a hare or a squirrel while walking in the forest. In addition, there are zoos and zoological complexes with many guest complexes.

A huge number of lakes, rivers and a wide variety of fish make these places attractive for anglers of all different ages and lovers of rafting. Walking through the forests, fields, mountains and shores of lakes will help young researchers to learn to think more broadly, analyze what they see and simply fantasize, and staying in the wild Karelian nature will instil a careful attitude to the environment.

Fans of outdoor activities and hiking often rest in camps, but this option is suitable for families with relatively adult children. Recreation centers, guest houses and cottages are suitable for families with small children in Karelia.

We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, Sudak, Yevpatoria, Feodosiya

A great option for the first acquaintance of the baby with the sea. Although, compared with last year, the Crimea has become more unpredictable. Will prices rise due to joining Russia?

Private companies and boarding houses will probably try to play on the price. Another thing – state resorts, where prices will be regulated by local authorities, doing everything possible for the influx of tourists.

Today you can get to Crimea by plane (by the way, all cheap tickets, right up to September, have already been bought), by car or by bus (by ferry through the Kerch Strait). For convenience, a single transport ticket has been created, allowing you to use several modes of transport at once.

Trains to the Crimea, too, despite everything, go. But this is an option for risk takers, since Ukrainian border guards can take your dad off the train.

And they can not take it off – as lucky.

The climate here is dry, not too drastically different from our middle zone, so the acclimatization of the baby is easier. For children there are zoos, dolphinariums, amusement parks, water parks. Rest is offered for every taste and budget, you can choose a prestigious boarding house, as well as an inexpensive guest house.

The best time for holidays with children is in June and September (but in June the sea can still be cool). In July and August – the peak season, the resorts are crowded, hot, expensive. Sandy beaches are located in Evpatoria and Feodosia.

On the southern coast of Crimea, the beaches are pebbly, on the other resorts they are sandy-pebbly. Nature is gorgeous – you can’t tell about all the beauties. The mountains are gentle, you can wander even with small ones.

In the sea in the heat of a lot of jellyfish, harmless, but biting. In absolutely wild places it is necessary to swim with caution: on stony slopes, you can hurt your feet.

We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Mineralnye Vody

There is no sea here, but there are lakes, beautiful mountains, deciduous forests and, of course, mineral springs that glorify these lands. Sources cover almost all types of mineral waters used for medicinal purposes, and in combination with the climate they give an impressive healing effect. For example, the successful combination of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon sources, mud of Lake Tambukan, favorable climate and wonderful natural landscape predetermined the fate of Pyatigorsk as the most multi-resort in Russia.

But the most prestigious place is considered to be Kislovodsk, which is located not in the middle mountains, like the others, but on a hill. He became famous for his terrenkura – special paths among artificially planted pines.

The whole industry is derived from resort places, which makes them practically environmentally friendly. And since they come here mostly for health, then all kinds of entertainment – and children’s too – are much less here than on the Black Sea. But in these places is very calm and quiet.

Almost all hotels accept adults with children, and for them there are made serious discounts, up to 11-12 years. You can choose a sanatorium with specialized treatment and for medical reasons get a free ticket for the child.

We do not need the Turkish coast: where in the summer to relax with your family in Russia

Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler, Krasnodar

Health resort doctors actively use the natural resources of Kuban in the treatment – a unique climate, picturesque landscapes, mineral waters, curative mud, grapes and southern fruits grown in local gardens. The beaches are dominated by sandy, with comfortable descents into the water.

One of the largest children’s and family resorts in the Krasnodar Territory in Russia is Anapa and Adler. Anapa is famous for its healing climate and abundance of sanatoriums and rest houses of the most diverse preventive and therapeutic orientation. The small resort town of Adler has an equipped pebble beach, famous for its mineral waters and therapeutic mud from the Chvizhepsse and Kudepsta rivers.

But besides these resorts, there are still a lot of small, medium and large villages. The larger the settlement, the more expensive food and housing. But there are many attractions, shops and cafes.

If the village is small, then there is more peace and tranquility in it. Prices are cheaper, but there is little entertainment.

I look into the blue lakes: 5 lakes in Russia, where you should spend your holidays
Distant countries, warm seas, foreign landmarks … If you are finally tired of visiting Turkey, Cyprus and other places of pilgrimage for Russian tourists every year, then it’s time to look around and understand how much interesting and, most importantly, native, we have very close. Sandy and stony beaches, endless water, unique nature, sights, inviting the history of ancient Russia – we have it all, without visas, without customs, without politics. Read more

Mountains, air and Narzan: family rest and treatment in Kislovodsk
To combine business with pleasure, in other words, family rest – with family treatment is best within Russia. Moreover, we have a region that is supposedly specially designed for such purposes – the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

These are 7 cities – Georgiyevsk, Mineralnye Vody, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Yessentuki, Lermontov and Kislovodsk. Read more

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