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We carry the child to the rink

We carry the child to the rink

at what age can you put a child on skates?

Pediatricians unanimously advise to postpone the first attempts to master the skates to 4-5 years. Early access to the ice in 2-3 years is possible, there are cases when such kids successfully mastered skates.

But at this age there is a high risk of injuries, since the muscles, ligaments, and musculoskeletal system of the child are not yet prepared for such loads.

how to choose skates?

Good comfortable skates – 90% of success at the rink, so go to their choice as responsibly.

At the rental point, choose skates one size larger to make it comfortable to wear with a thick toe. Make sure the skates do not press and dangle and fix the ankle well. Ask the child to stand up and walk on skates, if he is uncomfortable or embarrassed, change the size or re-tie.

Usually lace skates in this way: they do not tighten at the fingers; and close to the bend, the bend itself and slightly above it tighten as tightly as possible; then, above the ankle, weaken the lacing.

If you decide to buy your child own skates, but do not plan to bring up a star of figure skating or hockey, go to the nearest sports hypermarket. There you will most likely be waiting for skates of several types: double-skid and single-lap, figured and hockey, with and without shoes, sliding and classic.

Double-skating skates can be taken for a child of 2-3 years to protect him from possible injuries as much as possible. A 4-5-year-old child is better to take on single-skating skates right away: he is already able to master them, and he will not have to relearn from double-lap skins.

Buy curly skates or hockey – at your discretion. Hockey are better suited for simple skating in a circle, if you like to spin and pick up “eights”, then you and your child (he will try to repeat) take curly pieces.

In no case can not buy skates “for growth”: in them the weight will be distributed incorrectly, the child will not be able to learn the proper technique of skating. But to buy skates, sitting side-to-back, is not the best idea: the foot in them will tire too quickly. The best option is to buy skates 1-1.5 sizes larger.

Make a fitting in tight socks, in which the baby will then ride.

We carry the child to the rink

What to wear to the rink?

Ideal equipment – warm, but light and not constraining movements. If you go to a street skating rink, dress warmer, like on a hill.

The indoor rink is always above zero temperature – do not wrap up much. When meeting a roller, falls cannot be avoided, which means that clothing should be as waterproof as possible – pants, jacket, and mittens. Both children and adults need thermal underwear.

Exact mittens will be needed to put them on after the rink instead of soaked. But the scarf is banned. He can unwind, catch, besides, you will be tempted to hold the child by the scarf, which you should not do in any way.

Instead of a traditional scarf, it is better to choose a snood or a collar – they will not unwind.

Do I need protection?

A very young athlete – yes. Especially if you go to an indoor ice rink, where a child does not absorb a thick jumpsuit, a hat and a hood when falling.

Good indoor skating rinks can often be leased. If not, go to the store in advance for a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

What to take with you?

  • Handkerchiefs. A little coryza during active skiing is normal. So our body moisturizes the mucous membrane dried out by frequent breathing and removes accumulated mucus.
  • A pair of large dense packages. On some skating rinks, the shoes for the skating time are required to pass in the bag. In addition, there will be where to put soaked mittens, socks, etc.
  • Bottle of drinking water. Not be superfluous and a thermos with hot cocoa or delicious tea. But remember, it is not recommended to drink hot drinks before going out on the ice, it is fraught with a cold. But after riding the drink will seem especially tasty!
  • If you go to a street skating rink, where there is no locker room, grab a sled. They can sit down to relax, change the shoes. If the child gets tired after skiing, it will be easier for you to take him home on a sled.
  • Do you yourself stand on skates? Then take a stick or stick, big cubes (preferably soft). This inventory will help organize the ride in the form of a fun game, and not just in the form of solid drops and overcomes yourself.

We carry the child to the rink

The optimal air temperature for riding is from -5 to -12 °, and if there is no wind, then to -15 °. It is better not to go to the thaw on the skating rink with natural ice – the ever-falling baby will get wet through.

Come out in the morning or afternoon. At this time there are few people, and there are not too active teenagers.

Before you go out on the ice, teach your child to stand and walk on skates (this can be done at home if you have your own skates. Just do not forget to put on the covers!). Let the child learn the correct position: knees slightly bent, body slightly inclined forward.

Then let him try to crouch, bend forward, wave his hands actively, turn around.

Finally, you came out on the ice. Stay close to the baby, now even stand still so that the legs do not separate, for him – the most important task. Take your time and throw out the word “little panties”.

It is possible that the first few exits on the ice you spend at the side. When the child begins to take the first steps, explain to him the technique of falling: it is best to fall on one side, as a last resort, forward and in no case backwards.

If the baby is not afraid, let him try to specifically fall.

If a child only does what falls, and spends most of the time on the rink in the “lying” position – that’s okay! Do not try to keep it and carry it all the time. Let creeps in plenty.

When he gets bored, he will try to get up.

If you yourself are good at skating, diversify the program with the help of inventory. You can ride the child “in tow” by giving him a hockey stick or a strong stick. Or lay out bright cubes or toys in the corner of the rink and ask the kid to collect them.

You can set additional conditions for him: never fall down, clap your hands before taking a toy, etc.

In the future, if the child masters, and he likes to ride, devote 5-10 minutes before skiing warming up workout. This will protect against injuries and sprains.

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