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We are preparing for the new year with the baby

We are preparing for the new year with the baby

What is better: natural tree or artificial? – that is the question. Of course, the smell of natural needles creates a unique holiday feeling in the house.

But if the baby is not yet 3.5 years old and he does not understand the meaning of the word “no”, it will be better to opt for artificial spruce. The little one will touch the branches, and the luxurious natural needles will crumble.

Yes, and dress up artificial easier, a two-year-old baby can already help you with this.

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree, pay special attention to the stand. You must be sure that the baby will not be able to overturn her, even if he really wants to. Therefore, before buying a “candidate” shake a little, checking for stability.

The branches should be strong and elastic, and the needles – thick and tough. Then the tree will not faint and will keep its shape the following year.

Installing a New Year tree, fasten it so that the baby in no case did not drop it. And it is better not to put in the nursery, and in the common room.

We are preparing for the new year with the baby

If there are small children in the house, the Christmas tree should not be decorated with burning candles. And toys, at least on the lower branches, must be unbreakable.

And absolutely safe – the baby, for example, may want to chew them. Study the labels of purchased Christmas decorations, there are indicated age restrictions.

Fortunately, the choice is far from being limited to traditional glass balls. Modern plastic balls shimmer with all colors and are little visible from glass.

But safe, even when the crumb pulls them into your mouth.

Bright and colorful can be a variety of toys and figurines of fantastic characters from plastic or polyester film (something that makes “rain”). Get frosted balls and toys without sparkles – they easily crumble.

You can also choose painted wooden sets, paper toys, soft and plastic. The latter will be better placed on the lowest “VIP-seats”, because the kid, despite the restrictions, wants to touch or pick them up, taste it.

Just make sure that they are not covered with dust.

But with older children, you can make Christmas decorations yourself. Paint the walnuts with a special paint or aerosol, wrap small boxes in shiny wrapping paper and tie beautiful bows; make funny snowmen and animals out of salt dough by decorating them with small beads and shiny tinsel; make tiny scrolls from a multi-colored foil.

We are preparing for the new year with the baby

If you try to put the child on New Year’s Eve later, you can break the regime, as a result of which the baby will be knocked out of the usual rut for several more days. It is better to start celebrating early, so as not to think only about how to chop salads at the same time and calm down the children before the chiming clock.

Dress the kids in funny fancy dresses, re-dress dad or any of the male guests in the costume of Santa Claus, arrange a round dance around the Christmas tree.

You can start a game of charades that will be interesting to both adults and children. They will be happy to observe how parents change clothes and play funny scenes, and maybe they themselves will take part in them.

If the child has the desire, learn with him a poem for Santa Claus. If the baby is suddenly shy of telling it in public, do not force it – the main thing is that the child likes the visit of the wizard, and not vice versa.

We are preparing for the new year with the baby

Do not forget about the decoration of the table. Let your baby take part in this.

It is possible to decorate the New Year’s table with everything that is on hand: tree branches, pine cones, Christmas-tree decorations, tinsel, candles. You can also prepare foil or colored paper snowflakes in advance and arrange them on the table.

A small New Year’s gift near the plate will delight the young participants of the celebration even more. It can be cookies in the form of snowflakes (better baked by mom).

Of course, you madly want to fill up your child with gifts. Together with your baby, write a letter to Grandfather Frost, from which you will learn what the little one dreams about the most. And do not forget about the beautiful packaging.

To do this, you can buy or make special Christmas bags, boxes, bags of wrapping paper.

When the New Year comes and otpremyat holidays, the time will come to remove the Christmas tree and arrange the decorations in places. How to do it better?

  • Wrap glass and fragile Christmas balls in paper, each separately.
  • Garlands and tinsel carefully folded in separate boxes.
  • Keep toys in a dry place. It must be unavailable to children and unknown to them for safety reasons.

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