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We are going to the resort

We are going to the resort

Sea “small dragon”, as they are called snake fish, live off the coast of Western Europe. They hide in the algae of shallow bays and coves with a sandy or oozy bottom and swim near the surface of the water. These little fish are very dangerous, their poison is strong and acts like the poison of some snakes: a person has a sharp burning or stabbing pain.

Soon nausea, vomiting, and fainting may join the symptoms.

It is important as soon as possible to put on the skin (at a distance of 1-2 centimeters from the injection) a hot compress. And then change it with a cold one: with a piece of ice wrapped in matter, with a cold jar or bottle. The temperature drop effectively relieves pain, but on condition that no more than an hour has passed since the injection.

Otherwise, disinfection is necessary.

What should alarm?

If the injection site is swollen, immediately go to the hospital! Perhaps the poisonous spikes remained under the skin.

It will require surgery and treatment with antibiotics.

We are going to the resort

In the jelly-like body of a jellyfish, there are special stinging cells — nematocysts, containing nerve poison. When touched, the jellyfish seems to shoot tentacles, leaving a poison that has a toxic effect on the skin. It is necessary to wash off this “sea cocktail” with water, but only sea salt – fresh boosts the burn!

The pain after the “kiss” is felt instantly, gradually increasing.

Do not water the burned area with warm water – this may cause the bursting particles adhering to the skin to burst. Rinse the burn thoroughly with sea water and sprinkle with sand or apply a shaving mousse to form a layer that absorbs the remaining tentacles.

Then peel the skin of sand or mousse with a piece of hard cardboard or wooden stick. Do not touch your hands: in order not to burn your palms.

After that, only the burn will be sanitized. After about an hour, the pain will disappear or significantly subside.

On the beach 10 minutes before bathing, apply a protective cream on the body, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Made on the basis of silicone with plankton and magnesium extracts, the cream does not allow the tentacles of jellyfish to “stick” to the skin.

Sea urchins live both at great depths, and at the very shores. Their bodies are almost completely covered with needles – very sharp and fragile.

These spikes can cause severe pain, burning and numbness. In addition, painful injections can not heal for a long time.

And if small fragments remain in the wound, inflammation occurs.

Immediately after the injury, the needle fragments should be carefully removed from the wound. The needles are very brittle, and it will be better if the doctor does.

Many types of poisons decay at high temperatures. Therefore, after removing the poisonous spikes, lower the affected area of ​​the body into hot water for 30–60 minutes.

But, of course, only if the child is able to sit still for a long time.

Warn the kid that you can never touch sea urchins in any way. Even cloth or leather gloves, flippers or rubber slippers are not a guarantee of absolute protection.

We are going to the resort

Sunburn appears during prolonged exposure to the sun. With a burn of the first degree, reddening of the skin is observed and a slight burning sensation is felt. After a few days, the skin begins to peel off.

And in case of burns of degree II, the skin reddens significantly, blisters appear, and the burning sensation becomes so strong that any touch causes sharp pain.

Several times a day, apply a cream to the place of burn that has a calming and protective effect. Of homeopathic anti-inflammatory drugs, Belladonna 9 CH (Belladonna ordinary) helps well: 5 granules, 3 to 6 times a day.

In case of strong redness, make lotions from chamomile, sage, and cedar infusions. Insist to cool, soak them a piece of gauze and put on a painful place.

Repeat the procedure twice a day.

Do not try to pierce blisters – you risk bringing infection.

Sunbathing is beneficial, but only metered and at certain hours: before noon and after 16–17 hours. Otherwise, the child may face sunstroke.

The body temperature rises, nausea, vomiting, and headache occur. After a while, symptoms such as delirium, an irregular heartbeat, pallor of the skin, loss of consciousness may appear.

Carry the baby in a cool place, undress to the panties and lay on its side – so that the child does not choke, if vomiting begins. If the baby is conscious, give sips of boiled water, wipe the body with a soft, damp sponge (especially neck, armpits, elbows, inguinal areas, popliteal fossae) and wrap the head with a wet towel with water at room temperature.

Cold water sometimes causes spasms of blood vessels, which can aggravate the child’s condition.

What should alarm?

If you experience excessive arousal, hallucinations, immediately call a doctor!

We are going to the resort

Nettle contains a burning substance in the hairs covering the leaves and stem. It causes inflammation, contributing to the appearance on the skin of red swollen points and an irresistible itch.

Scratching a burned spot is not recommended – it will only aggravate inflammation. It is better to apply gauze moistened with cold water, or a napkin soaked in vinegar.

The sensation of burning and discomfort disappears in a few minutes.

What should alarm?

In rare cases, the child may be allergic to nettles. Then the burn will be extremely painful.

In this case, you should use antiallergic drugs, but be sure to consult with your doctor.

It looks like overgrown dill. It stings like nettle, but the essential oils in the plant cause a serious chemical burn.

Especially dangerous in sunny clear weather. If the child touched the cow parsnip, at least for two days protect the affected areas of the body from the sun, which can significantly worsen the condition.

Looks like a hogweed: umbrellas with small flowers of yellow, white, red or green. Many gardeners love to grow parsnips in the garden, knowing about its beneficial properties.

However, parsnip can also cause severe sunburns when exposed to UV rays. So warn the baby that this plant can not be touched.

Probably, every child knows small yellow flowers, called “night blindness”. This name was born by chance: if you smell the buttercups or touch the inflorescences, and then rub the eye, then tearing, stinging and even short-term glare will occur.

And on the skin of the hands may appear blisters or itchy irritation, so collect bouquets of buttercups is not worth it.

After contact with poisonous plants to prevent burns, wash the affected area thoroughly with cool water and soap. Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and lubricate with a healing agent (for example, Panthenol).

What should alarm?

In case of II degree burn, blistering, significant temperature rise, chill, call an Ambulance!

We are going to the resort

Bees, wasps, bumblebees can sting by injecting poison, which causes a strong allergic reaction. A sharp pain, itching, inflammation begins.

Bites to the region of the larynx and tongue are especially dangerous – the throat swells, there is difficulty breathing.

If a child was bitten by a wasp, make a hot compress for 2 minutes, then change it to a cold one, lubricate the bite with a balm that relieves itching and prevents inflammation. For a bee sting, gently remove the sting with tweezers, wipe the wound with an antiseptic, apply ice in a napkin, and then grease with balsam.

If you feel unwell, excessive pallor, swelling, call a doctor.

On the street, try not to give your child sweets, the tempting smell of which attracts wasps. Buy a crumbs special bracelet, soaked with a hypoallergenic vegetable composition that repels insects.

Such a bracelet can be worn on the baby’s handle or leg, attached to the crib or stroller.

On hot days, when the air temperature reaches 30 ºС and more, the vipers in search of a large amount of moisture and shade crawl around the gardens. Therefore, you should not send the baby one to the garden for dessert strawberries.

Although the viper is a non-aggressive animal, almost always giving way, the child may try to catch up with her out of curiosity. Explain that it is impossible to approach the place from which a black tail peeps or a rustling sound, to climb into the dark flooded bushes; look carefully in the forest before stretching out the hand for the berry.

Ask to stomp loudly in front of the bushes – the crumbs will love this entertainment.

If the snake is still bitten, do not panic and do not self-medicate, and immediately go to the doctor. Blood exhaustion is permissible only if you are sure of the integrity of the oral mucosa, otherwise the poison will very quickly enter your blood.

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