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We are going on vacation!

We are going on vacation!

Be sure to discuss your vacation plans with your doctor. If there are any complications during pregnancy, he will most likely recommend a rest within a radius of 50–100 km from the city in which you live, since you should be able to periodically visit a doctor for a consultation and, if necessary, get access to emergency medical care.

What problems can prevent long-distance travel?

  • Violations in the formation of the placenta. If it is located low (in the area of ​​the internal pharynx of the cervix), then even a small load increases the risk of bleeding. Detect this trouble can be in advance using ultrasound.
  • Gestosis. Women develop swelling in the legs, arms, face, and protein in the urine, and pressure increases. Fortunately, most expectant mothers bypass serious health problems, which means that the doctor will not mind your departure.

We are going on vacation!

When planning a trip, remember that there are directions that are contraindicated for pregnant women. First of all, we are talking about exotic tours.

For example, a trip to Africa is fraught with the danger of contracting rare infectious diseases, so everyone who leaves will definitely have to take several vaccinations, including yellow fever, and then take an antimalarial drug for protection. Naturally, pregnant women cannot do either.

Pay attention to the fact that these countries are in a different climatic zone and as early as May – June the air temperature there exceeds 27–30 ° C. Travelers “in position” is desirable to protect themselves from the long, tedious roads and heat. It is better to choose for the rest of the country, whose natural conditions are close to the usual, and go there is not in the hottest months (that is, not in July and not in August).

Pay attention to the resorts of the Baltic States, Croatia, Turkey (Marmarus), France, Spain, Switzerland. Do not forget about old friends – first of all the Crimea. The dry climate of this peninsula is much preferable to the humid climate of the Caucasus.

When planning a trip, do not forget about the “Russian Switzerland”: Valdai and Seliger.

We are going on vacation!

During the trip, you need to be careful not so much of the danger from a certain type of transport, as road fatigue. For the future mother, fatigue is fraught with back pain, and prolonged stress increases the risk of premature birth.

Therefore, starting from the seventh month of pregnancy, it would be prudent to avoid long journeys on any type of transport.

The plane does not quite fit pregnant women: atmospheric pressure changes abruptly during takeoff and landing, and this jump can cause a reduction in blood vessels and premature detachment of the placenta, especially if there are prerequisites (for example, it stuck low). Of course, if traveling a long distance (more than 1000 km) is inevitable, then the plane is the least tiresome type of transport.

Train Try to choose a place to rest, which can be reached by train (in a soft compartment car) or car.

Car To avoid fatigue and back pain during a trip by car, put a pillow under your back, make small crossings (up to 200–250 km) and stop for 20–30 minutes to move. In addition, the journey by car is dangerous because during heavy braking you can hit the stomach on the dashboard.

Therefore, sit in the back seat and do not forget about the seat belt (it should be worn, divided into two parts and insuring the stomach from above and below).

We are going on vacation!

Anything, if only these classes were not associated with large loads. As for the pleasures of the resort, then limit yourself only in the pleasure of sunbathing. There are reasons for this:

  • exposure to the sun can cause bleeding;
  • the load on the heart during pregnancy increases and the expectant mother risks overheating quickly;
  • under the action of the sun, varicose veins progresses;
  • If on the face of the woman appeared pigment spots associated with pregnancy, they may increase. In general, expectant mothers need to spend less time in the sun. In the afternoon in the heat it is better to stay in the shade. And do not forget to take water to the beach.

And swim? Pregnant women are very helpful to swim, but to do it better in the morning and evening. Water relaxes and refreshes the body on a hot day.

In addition, swimming is an excellent workout for the respiratory and muscular systems of the body, which will help prepare for childbirth. And even practicing water helps to correct the wrong position of the baby in the uterus. Therefore, swim in pleasure, but do not arrange competitions and do not dive.

And also about the prohibitions: do not overcool, be careful on the water.

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