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First, determine which group chair is suitable for your child. All models of children’s car seats are divided into groups, depending on the age and weight of the baby.

1) “0” – for babies weighing up to 9 kg. Located on the front or rear seat of the car against the motion.

This avoids the load on the spine at the time of sudden braking.

2) “0+” – for babies up to 13 kg (or up to 1.5 years). The car seat is located only against the motion of the car and in the place where there is no active airbag.

In it, the child is in a reclining position.

3) “0-1” – for children up to 18 kg (or 4 years old). Mounted in the back seat of the car.

If your baby is less than two years old, the chair should be set against the movement, if it is more, along the way.

4) “1” – for kids from 9 to 18 kg. It is located both in the direction of the car, and against it.

In it, the child is in a sitting position and is fixed either by the inner straps of the car seat, or by a standard car strap with a “safety table”.

5) “1-2” – from 9 to 25 kg (or up to 5-7 years). Located only in the direction of the car in the front or rear seat.

In it, the child is in a sitting position.

6) “1-2-3” – a universal group of car seats-transformers for children from 9 to 36 kg. Located mainly in the direction of the car.

Fastened to the car with a regular seat belt. In it, the child is in a sitting position.

Two types of fastening are common in Russia: a standard car safety belt and an IsoFix system. Both types of fastening are reliable, but the presence of the IsoFix system simplifies the installation of the child car seat and minimizes its displacement.

The essence of the IsoFix system: the seat is attached not with a standard car belt, as usual, but to special “anchors”, which are an integral part of the car. But note: IsoFix has not all cars attached to it, and only some of the children’s car seats.

For small children who like to sleep during a trip, there are car seats, the slope of which is adjustable from the sitting position to the lying position. Some models are even equipped with built-in headphones.

In addition, almost all seats in the “0” group have comfortable carrying handles.

We are going, going ...

Group “0-1” (from 2.5 to 18 kg). The “bowl” of the chair is very easy to rotate in any direction by 360 °, making it easy to put the child in the chair. Fastened in the cabin with regular seat belts. The additional support of a chair in a floor has the P-shaped that provides the big area of ​​a support and most reliably prevents capsizing.

An Ultra Cushion cushion made from a special vibration damping material is placed under the fabric upholstery, and the three tilt angle positions and the “breathing” super-technological material of the chair provide the child with complete comfort. The car seat meets the highest quality standards applicable to products responsible for child safety.

From 15 500 rub., Www.lapsi.ru, www.kolyaskaspb.ru

We are going, going ...

Group “0 + / 1” (from birth to 18 kg). For transportation of children weighing up to 13 kg is installed against the direction of movement; weight 13−18 kg in the direction of motion. Installation is carried out with the help of regular car safety belts.

The car seat conforms to the European standard ECE R44-04. The package includes a cushion liner that provides an optimal position for children up to 6 months.

The rejected back guarantees maximum comfort for the baby as it grows.

From 7000 rubles., Networks of the mot “Korablik”, “Detsky Mir”, “Olant”

We are going, going ...

Group “0+” (from birth to 13 kg). Conforms to the European standard ECE R44-04. According to the results of testing by various independent European organizations, it has the best marks in the security category.

Comfortable interior space. Removable mattress and headrest included. 5-point harness with comfortable shoulder pads.

Large visor with UV protection (50+). Can be installed in a vehicle using a Teutonia Tario base with a support leg (sold separately).

By means of the adapter it is installed on Teutonia carriages.

From 8500 rub., “Olant” chain of stores, www.olant-shop.ru

Before buying a car seat, give your child the opportunity to sit in it. He should be comfortable and comfortable.

Also note whether the car seat is suitable for your car. Despite the fact that many of the chairs are universal, they may still not fit the profile of the seat of the car, for mounting them may not be enough length of the seat belt.

Be sure to ask what material the upholstery of the chair is made of, whether it is removed completely for washing (this condition is observed by almost all manufacturers). Recently, well-known brands have paid great attention to the quality of materials for children’s car seats (for example, increased air permeability of the upholstery).

In no case do not save when buying. The fact is that expensive chairs differ from cheap ones not only by the “name” of the manufacturer, but above all by the quality of materials (and most importantly, plastic and fasteners) and performance and, accordingly, the result.

Cheap chair can bring where quality will save.

It is not recommended to buy used seats, especially from strangers, since it is not known whether it has been in an accident or how it was exploited. The car seat must be fully functional, its design must comply with safety standards, it must have all fasteners and installation instructions.

Even the smallest accident can deform the car seat frame, which means that it can no longer be considered safe.

Pay attention to the side protection of the head and shoulders at the car seat, which increases the safety of the child during a side impact. Only developed lateral protection can protect the child’s head and cervical vertebra from dangerous loads.

When installing the child car seat according to the scheme against the motion in the front seat, be sure to disable the front passenger airbag.

Be sure to check for certificates. Find an orange tag on the car’s case with the label ECE R44 / 03 or ECE R44 / 04, which means that the model has passed the entire test cycle in Europe and meets European safety standards.

We are going, going ...

Group “2-3” (from 15 to 36 kg). The new seatbelt anchoring system for easier installation of the shoulder strap is easily and securely installed using the IsoFix system. Adjustable in height and width backrest.

New technology of side protection AirProtect. The inclination of a back of a chair is easily regulated in front.

Lightweight seat allows you to easily transfer it from one machine to another.

15 990 rub., Kangaroo salons network

We are going, going ...

Group “2-3” (from 15 to 36 kg). Fastening in the car as with the help of the IsoFix system, and regular belts. Practical and especially comfortable: with one hand the head restraint adjusts to the required height with a gradation of 11 steps.

To ensure maximum protection for both frontal and side impact bumps, the IsoFix system and the unique SICT development, a side airbag system that increases the safety of the use of the chair by 25%, are combined (according to BRITAX research results in 2010).

15 810 rub., Edmgroup.ru

We are going, going ...

You can use from 9 months to 12 years! Belt with 5-point fastening.

Optimum side impact protection. A unique adjustment system that allows you to increase the angle of the back of the chair and the height of the head restraint, ensures maximum comfort and safety of the child.

In it, the baby will feel comfortable, sleep peacefully or play while traveling.

From 8000 rub., Look for children’s goods in stores

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