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Water treatments: should I bathe my baby and how often?

Water treatments: should I bathe my baby and how often?

In the evening of that day, when you are discharged from the maternity hospital, you do not need to do this: the baby has already endured the test – moving home. But from the next day, make the evening bathing daily ritual.

For the first 5 days, put the baby in the bath for 3-5 minutes. If his umbilical wound heals slowly, blot it with a sterile napkin and smear it with a solution of manganese or brilliant green. And when everything passes, start bathing your baby in ordinary water, adding herbs to it from time to time (turn, chamomile).

However, they should be used carefully, especially if one of their relatives is allergic to herbs. Do not add potassium permanganate to water, it dries the skin.

Wash your baby with soap and a soft sponge once a week.

  • baby detergent (if it is a soap, then in a separate soap dish);
  • soft sponge made from natural materials;
  • thermometer;
  • clean towel and set of linen;
  • baby cream (for the treatment of folds, if the skin is not dry).

After bathing, pour the baby with water, the temperature of which should be 1–2 ° C lower than the one that was poured into the bath. After bathing, wipe all his folds with baby cream or butter.

Be careful with powders: on wet skin, they get wet, roll into lumps and irritate baby’s skin.

Usually, during the first year of the child they bathe every day and use soap every 1–2 weeks.

It all depends on how the baby falls asleep. If the bath soothes him, you can bathe the baby before bedtime.

If it excites – approximately 2 hours before the end time. Feeding is better to arrange after swimming: give him a breast or bottle in the crib.

So that bathing brings joy to you and your baby, bathe the child when he does not want to eat or sleep. Be sure to check not only the temperature of the water, but also the air in the bathroom (it is better to stick to 22 ° C).

If you do not have a thermometer at hand, lower your elbow into the water – and you will immediately understand whether the baby will be comfortable.

Remove the diaper from the baby and remove the “dirtiest” (if the child had a chair). Wash your hands and only then proceed to bathe. First wet the baby’s body, and then soap it with baby soap or baby shower gel.

Start with the cleanest and gradually get closer to the dirtiest. Lather your baby from top to bottom: first, neck, then hands, armpits, hands, chest, stomach.

Now turn the baby on the flank and, firmly holding the elbow, lather the back with light massage movements: first the neck, then the shoulders and lower back.

Now put the child in front of you and take care of his legs, carefully rubbing the depressions between the fingers (there are usually unnecessary lumps). Make a light foot massage, gently pressing on them with your thumb.

Gently straighten the legs of the baby to get to the folds under the ass and knees. Do not forget the groin folds!

Now turn to the processing of “small farms”. Try to keep the contents of the ass in the groin.

Check its temperature: it should be between 36–37 ° C. Hold the baby tight – with one hand hug his ass, the other pass under the handles and support the back of the head. Remember: the more confident your movements will be, the calmer he will feel.

Wash off the soap by pouring plenty of water on the baby’s legs, stomach, chest and neck.

Turn the baby on the stomach (so you can wash off the foam from the shoulders and neck). Spoon the water with the palm of your hand and pour it onto the back of the child — this is as effective as pouring out of the shower, but not so aggressively.

Talk with the baby so that he knows that you are near. Now proceed with the washing of the head. Wet your hair, soap it with shampoo (do not get in your eyes!) And wash it off with plenty of water.

Special attention – folds behind the ears.

Wrap the baby in a towel, the edge of which is thrown over his head. Carefully blot all creases (armpits, neck, groin).

Do not forget about the fingers and toes: if they remain wet, there may be irritation.

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