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Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

Did you know that water is:

Because water:

  1. Regulates baby’s body temperature.
  2. Keeps vigor and attention.
  3. Maintains muscle activity.
  4. Helps the body absorb nutrients.
  5. Maintains flexibility of joints.
  6. Helps to translate food into energy.
  7. Protects vital organs.
  8. Helps rid the body of toxins.
  1. The desire to drink (if the child wants to drink, this already means that his body is dehydrated, as the body gives a belated signal)
  2. Fatigue and weakness are the most frequent signs of a prolonged lack of water in a child’s body.
  3. Pain in the body and lower back – muscles need water
  4. Headache – the brain asks for water
  5. Constipation
  6. Dark color urine

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

Use the following calculation:
The weight of the child in kilograms multiplies by 2.205 and divide by 2. Then the result is again divided by 8. And the last step – multiply the resulting number by 240. It turns out the amount of water that your child should drink per day.

For example, your child weighs 23 kg. To find out the amount of water needed for a child:

1) (23 × 2.205) ÷ 2 = 25.35.
2) 25.35 ÷ 8 = 3.17.
3) 3.17 × 240 = 760 (ml)

So, 760 ml of water (or 3-4 glasses) should be drunk for a child weighing 23 kg per day.

1. Tell your child about the benefits of water.
Tell the child in a language understandable about the magical properties of water, how it will make him strong and clever! Believing in this, water will indeed fill the child with strength and mind with every sip.

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

2. Make the water bottle visible.
To do this, take a regular bottle and rewind it with colored tape and always keep it in a prominent place. Agree with the child that as soon as he notices her, he takes a few sips of it.

3. Turn drinking water into vivid emotions.
To do this, buy a child a special cup for water. She should be beautiful and like a child, perhaps even with his favorite characters.

Always leave this special cup of water where your child can easily reach it so that you don’t have to climb behind it, substituting a chair.

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

4. Make the water available.
Leave mugs of water not only in the kitchen, but also in the child’s room, and maybe in the living room!

5. Always keep water in the car.
Offer water to your child regularly during the trip.

6. Always give the child water to school.
Do not rely on the coolers that are installed there. They often do not have water or cups.

7. Use a bottle with a scale.
Make a bottle of water on the water bottle, and every time the child drinks, he must finish the water up to a certain water level.

8. Use ice.
Now you can find the most incredible forms for freezing water. Keep this shape in the freezer. Children will get great pleasure from allowing you to put a piece of ice in a glass with your water!

Do not worry, from one piece of ice the water will not become icy.

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

9. Make a glass of water more attractive.
Frozen fruit pieces are great fun for both small and adult children! Freeze berries or small pieces of fruit in molds and put them in a glass of water.

10. Make the process interesting and fun.
Turn drinking into fun with incredible water pipes. Yes, most often they are used for chocolate cocktails, but nobody forbids using them for drinking water!

Keep them in a prominent place so that the child can always have fun with them!

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

11. Teach kids self-care.
Let them know and know how to pour water, where to get the tubes, ice, etc.

12. Be a role model.
Praise the water with a child, say that this is the best drink of all in the world, repeat how you love water, and how tasty it is. Pouring yourself a glass of water, always offer the child too.

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

13. Celebrate every day.
Make a poster on which you and your child will mark how much water they have drunk. You can draw a bottle with tick marks and paint them every time you drink water. Or draw a silhouette of a person and paint it, starting with the feet and ending with the head.

The task is to color the bottle or silhouette completely in the evening. You can reward each other with a sticker for coping so well with the task of drinking enough water throughout the day!

14. Set a rule: first water – then juice.
If a child prefers other drinks to water, for example, juice, then let him be a reward for drinking a glass of water!

Water to drink is smart to be: 8 reasons why we need to teach children to drink water

15. Limit the number of drinks in your home.
If a child has a huge selection of drinks, such as juice, compote, mors, soda, milk, water, then most likely the child will prefer more sweet drinks to water. Therefore, teaching the child to drink water, remove all unnecessary. Leave only water, milk and some juice.

And alternate them throughout the day, giving preference to water.

The habit of drinking water will make your child healthy, smart and energetic. Moreover, habits formed in childhood remain with us for life.

Your child will thank you for it!

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