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Warning: baby rotavirus!

Warning: baby rotavirus!

Doctors around the world speak of rotavirus (or, as it is also called non-specialists, intestinal, or gastric, influenza) as the most contagious disease today. Theoretically, one patient is enough for this infection to spread to the entire population of the planet.

Rotavirus suffers not only in the third world countries, but also in a fairly prosperous Europe. As for Russia, even many medical workers are unaware of its existence, continuing to treat patients for poisoning.

Meanwhile, making a quick and, most importantly, correct diagnosis, especially for small children, is very important.

People of any age can get rotavirus infection, but children most often get sick from 6 months to a year or two. The virus is extremely viable and resistant: it is not afraid of frost, ordinary disinfectants, bleach, ether, chloroform, ultrasound. The drugs that kill him also do not exist.

Therefore, it is impossible to resist infection by frequent hand washing, wet cleaning, regular ventilation and medical preparations.

The spread of the virus occurs mainly through the faecal-oral and airborne routes, as well as through dirty hands, toys, poorly washed food, through water (river, well, water).

Selection of rotavirus begins from the first days of the disease, simultaneously with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, such as high fever, severe and frequent vomiting, watery diarrhea (yellow or yellow-green color, and on the second or third day – gray-yellow), loss of appetite , intoxication of the body, which manifests itself in lethargy, weakness and malaise. There may also be a slight nasal congestion, slight redness of the throat.

Due to vomiting, diarrhea and as a result – dehydration the baby can lose more than 15% of weight, and then his life is unlikely to be saved. And if the baby is lucky enough to survive, then he is guaranteed all sorts of unpleasant complications.

Meanwhile, it is quite simple to calculate the disease. At any pharmacy, you can buy a special rapid immunoassay.

It costs about 150 rubles.

Severe effects of rotavirus can be extremely dangerous for immunocompromised children, bottle-fed children with signs of rickets, allergies, anemia, malnutrition (underweight), and various neurological symptoms.

However, susceptibility to rotavirus, and hence the possibility of getting sick, is the same for all people, regardless of immunity, health, or the presence of comorbidities. Therefore, all children, without exception, are at risk of severe consequences of rotavirus infection, and it is impossible to predict in advance who will have it especially hard.

Parents of children with rotavirus gastroenteritis may be considered at particular risk. The development of the disease in an adult, despite the acquired immunity, can be explained by a large number of the pathogen that entered the body in close contact with a sick child.

Warning: baby rotavirus!

The main thing in the case of rotavirus is to stop diarrhea, since dehydration is the most dangerous consequence of this disease. To replace the lost fluid, acid-base drinking is necessary, in small doses.

Water is well absorbed through the skin, so they recommend warm baths. With severe vomiting and diarrhea, you should put the child in the bath at least three times a day for 15–20 minutes.

If the baby does not want to sit in the bath or he does not have the strength, then you should at least pour it out of the shower, but this should be done more often, 3-5 times a day. If the baby is dehydrated, you will immediately notice this: the skin will become dry, inelastic; eyes and spring will fall; facial features sharpen; the baby will begin to experience dizziness, thirst, dry mouth.

But if drowsiness and lethargy are added to the listed symptoms, immediately call an ambulance. For kids, disinfection is very dangerous: sometimes it is better to be safe than to rely on nature.

Treatment of rotavirus must also be accompanied by a strict diet, which is based on fermented milk products, liquid porridge on the water, white crackers and strong unsweetened tea. But whole milk will have to be abandoned altogether: it is contraindicated in case of rotavirus infection.

The best and most effective way to combat rotavirus is vaccination. Since 2006, it has been actively taking place in many countries of the world, both European and developing.

Russia is still lagging behind – however, positive steps are being taken in this direction. So, in October 2012, a rotavirus vaccine was registered in our country, and now the medical community is actively in favor of its introduction to the National Vaccination Schedule.

Until this happens, doctors strongly recommend that young parents vaccinate for a fee. The vaccine can be used from 6 weeks of age. To get the full course of protection, you must enter 3 doses of vaccine with an interval of 1-1,5 months.

You can start vaccination with 1.5 months, and complete the full course of protection is necessary before the baby reaches 8 months of age.

The vaccine includes 5 strains that cause 95% of cases of the disease. It is introduced from a special dispenser orally (through the mouth).

According to various medical studies, 4–5 out of 100 babies who received vaccinations may develop general post-vaccination reactions in the form of an increase in temperature to 38 ºС and indisposition. Cases of a temporary decrease in immunity are also detected, which is natural in this case.

In general, according to statistics, in vaccinated people the incidence is immediately reduced by 90%.

By the way, in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, rotavirus vaccination is already included in the Regional vaccination calendar since 2011. However, it is important that not only in a single region, but throughout the country, children are protected. Because it is the first infection with rotavirus that is the most dangerous, since it is harder transferred and threatens with rapid dehydration of a small organism, up to a fatal outcome.

To avoid this, it is better to take preventive measures in time. Thereby you will save not only your beloved child, but also yourself from a dangerous infection.

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