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War with “oranges”

War with

Myth number 1: liposuction will save the world

The fact that liposuction is not a panacea, do not hesitate to speak even experienced plastic surgeons, conducting hundreds of operations to pump fat. There is no opportunity to play sports and spend time visiting a cosmetologist? The result of liposuction is unlikely to be brilliant.

After all, a large amount of pumped fat affects the elasticity and elasticity of our skin – it loses the “inner” frame in the form of fat and can simply sag. In the case of cellulite, the situation is even more complicated. Attempting to remove fat in areas where there are notorious depressions and bumps will only lead to fibrosis and irregularities, with the result that the skin will look even worse than before the operation.

Don’t even try.

Myth number 2: cellulite can be masked by tanning

Alas, excessive enthusiasm for tanning, on the contrary, can increase the appearance of cellulite, and as a “bonus” cause premature aging of the skin and increase the risk of cancer. The fact is that ultraviolet rays activate enzymes in the skin that are responsible for the utilization of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Under the influence of the sun, the components of connective tissue begin to break down much faster than under natural conditions.

As soon as the elastin-collagen cage loses its natural elasticity and elasticity, from above the compacted and enlarged fat slices nothing more holds. They begin to bulge even more over the surface of the skin, forming on it the notorious bumps and cellulite friability.

Therefore, we sunbathe, but only in the intervals from 8 to 11 and from 16 to 20, and do not forget to apply sunscreen on the body in a timely manner.

War with

Myth number 3: cellulite is a purely female problem

We will not envy men: in matters of the struggle for harmony, they also have a hard time. For example, such dense visceral fat, which is located under the muscles in the notorious “beer belly”, is not typical for women: not a single cosmetologist or plastic surgeon is able to overcome it – only diet and keen sports activities.

The density of fat is one of the reasons that a strong half of humanity rarely has cellulite. However, if a man is faced with endocrine problems associated with an increase in the level of female hormones in the body, cellulite can attack him.

Moreover, it will be even more difficult to deal with it than with the “female version”: hormonal disruptions are serious, you cannot do without going to the doctor.

Myth number 4: diet does not help

Watching what. Strict diets, in which the body lacks healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals, can, on the contrary, spur cellulite development.

The body will accumulate fat in reserve, and with a tendency to cellulite – to distribute it just where least we would like. But a balanced healthy diet can lead to good results.

Add more fiber, light protein to the menu, reduce (but don’t exclude at all) the amount of whole grain cereals, bread and salt, eat more cucumbers, radishes, watermelons: now is the season, and the water contained in fresh vegetables, fruits and berries is easy it is absorbed by the cells, which is very important with the “orange peel”. About 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day, too, do not forget. Improper drinking regime – a direct way to the accumulation of fluid in the cells and, as a consequence, the exacerbation of the disease.

Cellulite is not only fat, but also water and a lot of toxins.

War with

Myth number 5: slimming underwear will help against cellulite

Of the entire mass of linen for slimming, which is offered on the market today, we would recommend perhaps some nice corset – and only for romantic purposes. All sorts of shorts, leggings and bandages do not cure cellulite, but, on the contrary, by breaking blood circulation in the tissues, they can worsen the situation.

In addition, when we wear a bandage, the muscles stop working by themselves, the result is numerous folds instead of press dice.

Myth number 6: cellulite is the same for everyone

Far from it. If you go to a serious cosmetologist, the first thing he does is determine the nature of your problem as accurately as possible.

Today, experts distinguish three main types of cellulite. One of the important problems of the appearance of the adipose variety (the so-called “orange peel”) – loose, soft and painless cellulite found on the hands, abdomen and buttocks – is an interest in fatty foods and a lack of vitamins.

Therefore, the first thing to start with during treatment is nutrition adjustment. Edematous (or watery) cellulite is a direct consequence of a violation of the drinking regime, and algal wraps do a good job with it. With fibrous, painful to the touch cellulitis to fight the hardest.

Here an integrated approach is important: to help you thalassotherapy, mesotherapy, hardware and home procedures.

Myth number 7: cellulite appears only with age

Over the years, collagen-elastin bonds are weakened, and the initial stage of cellulite can go into the acute stage. But the disease itself is also common in very young girls: for example, a youthful form of cellulite is known, which occurs at the age of 14-15 years against the background of hormonal jumps.

Immediately warn: trying to correct the situation by taking oral contraceptives is useless. The amount of hormones that they contain may be enough to stop the outbreak of juvenile acne, but to combat the “orange peel” this concentration is negligible.

Another common type of cellulite, also due to hormonal causes, is postpartum: we get it, along with extra pounds and stretch marks after pregnancy.

War with

Myth number 8: home remedies for cellulite are ineffective or ineffective at all

It all depends on the type of cellulite. So, with the fibrous type, a complex effect is necessary.

Cosmetics will give only a visible improvement, but unfortunately they will not solve the problem. But at earlier stages it is quite possible to do with home procedures: an intensive course of wraps, the use of special products with anti-cellulite, modeling or tightening action.

Moreover, modern home remedies against the “orange peel” are practically no different from salon cosmeceutical preparations. For example, the new line of anti-cellulite products GUAM FIR contains microcrystals of valuable black tourmaline, capable of transforming the heat of the human body into long infrared rays (FIR). Radiant heat FIR increases the energy potential of cells, stimulates blood circulation, enhances metabolic processes, activates the activity of most specific cellular structures and enzymes.

In addition to tourmaline, there is a well-proven GUAM algal cocktail in the composition: a highly concentrated (over 21%, which is very much for anti-cellulite products) a combination of kelp, bubble fucus and gelidium, which has an anti-cellulite, remodeling effect, restores trophic skin tissue in problem areas. Environmentally friendly algae are harvested in the world capital of thalassotherapy – the French region of Brittany.

The composition adds a unique Moroccan clay with drainage action, sea salt, essential oils and plant extracts, as well as microcrystals of black tourmaline.

War with

1. Anti-cellulite cream-gel tightening with microcrystals Tourmaline GUAM, 2. Modeling mask for the abdomen and waist with microcrystals Tourmaline GUAM, 3. Mask for massage in the shower with a warming effect with microcrystals Tourmaline GUAM, 4. Anti-cellulite cream with a fat burning effect with microcrystals GUAM

As part of the new line of GUAM FIR modeling mask for the abdomen and waist, two anti-cellulite masks: warming and active, fat-burning and warming anti-cellulite creams, a mask for massage in the shower and a body scrub – everything you need to arrange a complete anti-cellulite program without leaving houses*. For example, in those blissful hours when a child is sleeping peacefully in the next room.

* When carrying out household procedures, remember that anti-cellulite products cannot be used during pregnancy and for 3–6 months after giving birth.

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