Главная 7 Child development 7 Wake up, it’s time to go to kindergarten. ”

Wake up, it’s time to go to kindergarten. ”

Wake up, it's time to go to kindergarten. ”

“Marina is very difficult to lay in the evening, as she states that she does not want to sleep. And in the morning, when I wake her, she whimpers, mischievous, refuses to get up. The day begins with an endless whining and my grumbling. ” (Olga, mother of 4-year-old Marina)

Compliance with the regime is very important to maintain the normal psycho-emotional state of the child. It is advisable to stick to a more or less clear schedule from the very birth, gradually changing it depending on the age of the baby. So, up to the age of one and a half years, children sleep twice a day, then there is only one day’s sleep, which some babies begin to refuse at three or four years.

However, if the crumb gets up early, it will be better if he rests an hour or two in the middle of the day and restores his strength. Children attending kindergarten go to bed during the day without fail, and mothers or grandmothers should put their “home” kids on a nap in the middle of the day on their own (preferably at the same time).

And, by the way, additional rest is needed not only for preschool children, but also for pupils of the first and second grades, because during this period the child experiences strong mental and physical stress.

Late bedtime also has a negative effect on the child’s nervous system: the baby is overworked and overworked, which may cause the child to be capricious and crying in the morning. Therefore, it is important to build a specific schedule and stick to it from day to day.

Of course, sometimes you can slightly deviate from a clear regime, but this should be the exception rather. Try to teach your child to go to bed no later than 9-10 o’clock in the evening, so that the baby gets enough sleep and in the morning gets up calm and cheerful. Wind-up activities in the evening are best avoided; instead, offer your child quiet games or a short walk.

If the child does not want to go to bed on time, show firmness and create an “evening” atmosphere: turn off the TV, dim the lights, ventilate the room, read a book together before bedtime, or just chat. You can also make the child a relaxing coniferous bath.

It happens that the baby is difficult to get up right away, he needs to lie down a bit, come to his senses, and this is quite natural. In this case, wake up the toddler a little bit earlier, about 15–20 minutes, so that the child has the opportunity to join the rhythm of the day gradually.

You can turn on some light music, open the door and go make breakfast in the kitchen. Some children need to be hugged and stroked.

You can also do a little exercise in bed: sipping, long breaths – short exhalations and massage of the earlobes.

Wake up, it's time to go to kindergarten. ”

“My daughter is terribly sluggish in the morning. In order to dress, she needs almost half an hour! But it is necessary and wash, and prepare clothes, and clean up the room.

He does not eat breakfast in the garden, but breakfast at home is an incredible problem: Svetlana refuses to eat. As a result, we are going with her for more than an hour and are regularly late in the garden. ” (Alexandra, mother of 5-year-old Sveta)

Sometimes the child even got out of bed, but as if he didn’t wake up to the end: he barely moves his legs, yawns, rubs his eyes. In fact, he really has not yet fully awakened, and because of this slow, taciturn, gloomy.

Some children in such a state refuse to eat, which greatly bother their parents, and especially grandmothers, who are trying to shove at least a spoon into the beloved child. If you are seriously worried, try to lure the child to the kitchen with his favorite tasty dish – perhaps you will be able to warm up the baby’s appetite.

By the way, you can attract a girl to the very process of making breakfast – children, as a rule, eat with great appetite what they have put in at least a little effort. If your efforts have not yet been crowned with success, do not be discouraged: the greater the chance that in kindergarten he will eat at breakfast everything that is offered to him.

In addition, transfer all the important things from the morning to another part of the day: tune the child to prepare children’s clothes together in the evening, to collect the bag so that in the morning there is not too much fuss. Try to wake your daughter, taking into account the peculiarities of her biological clock, knowing that after sleep she will be lethargic and scattered. Calculate the time so that you do not have to endlessly customize the baby and shout.

Ideally, in the morning the child should calmly dress up on his own, put himself in order and go to kindergarten in a good mood, and not agitated and irritated.

Wake up, it's time to go to kindergarten. ”

“Cyril is an early bird, a little light rises. But to quickly dress up or wash – this is an insurmountable problem, because Cyril is constantly distracted from the work.

For example, I will tell him to change clothes – Kirill obediently tightens his pajamas, but after a minute he rolls the cars in half-divided state. Or he goes to breakfast and “gets stuck” in the kitchen for half an hour, because they transmit his favorite cartoon, etc. He absolutely does not know how to keep track of time! What kind of compliance with the regime! ”(Ekaterina, mother of 5-year-old Cyril)

At the age of five, it is still difficult for a child to allocate time. But at this age, the baby may well already learn to follow the plan. This can help the game.

Buy a child a bright alarm clock, put a beautiful hourglass in the bathroom, which will measure a certain period of time, and during this time period the baby must have time to complete the tasks: get dressed for 3 minutes, wash and brush teeth for 5 minutes, have breakfast for 15 minutes, etc. It is important to interest the child in the game, saying something like: “I bet you won’t be able to get dressed for 3 minutes?” or “Let’s see which of us will tie the shoelaces faster,” and the result will not take long to wait.

In addition, the motivation is very important for the child – why does he need to quickly gather in the kindergarten and come to class on time? At preschool age, not all babies have a developed sense of responsibility (although, of course, there are children who are insanely afraid of being late in kindergarten and are able to assemble themselves without reminders). Therefore, in 5–8 years, the reward can serve as a motivation, from visiting a theater or amusement rides to buying a new toy.

The main thing – the child should be interested not to be late, learn to control their own schedule and allocate their time. Just keep the line, do not let the child use the position, and reward only for the cause, when the kid really tried.

Wake up, it's time to go to kindergarten. ”

“Morning is the hardest part of the day. And all because of the fact that my son can not wake up on time.

It would seem that the problem of a damn is not worth it. But no! It starts with the fact that I go into the nursery every five minutes for half an hour, trying to raise Alyosha.

At first I gently tickle his heels, kiss you – he purrs something in reply. I leave to make breakfast and when I return, I again make him sleep.

I wake up again, he sleepily replies that he gets up in a minute. I’m going to set the table, but he continues to sleep. And so it can last indefinitely until my patience breaks and I do not force him out of bed! ”(Elena, mother of 5-year-old Alyosha)

The reasons why a child cannot stand in the garden may be different. I didn’t sleep, was tired, overtired and just couldn’t stand up without compulsion.

But sometimes the kid refuses to go to the garden because … he is afraid! He can be afraid of a strict teacher, a pugnacious child, and even a children’s matinee (for example, when an audience is to speak before the audience). If the child has told you about his concerns, in no case do not scold or ridicule him.

So you do not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. The baby becomes even more self-enclosed, and will not be less afraid.

Quite the contrary. After all, now and “parents are not on his side.”

Listen to the baby, show sympathy so that he feels your support, and then offer a way out.

Some parents make the mistake of shifting the solution of difficulties onto the fragile children’s shoulders, saying that a son or daughter “must learn to stand up for themselves and overcome difficulties.” If the child could, he would have coped without your help!

When a baby is really afraid of something and asks you for support, do not remain indifferent to children’s experiences, so as not to alienate the baby from yourself and not to create complexes in it. So, if a child has a difficult relationship with a teacher, be sure to talk to her and try to make contact. In case of conflicts with other children, try to resolve the situation with their parents or also use the caregiver’s help – he watches the “climate” in the group and can help the child join the company and make friends with the children.

A child should love his “second home” and go there with pleasure.

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