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Waiting for the baby? Do not delay the rest!

Waiting for the baby? Do not delay the rest!

Before you travel, discuss your route and how to travel with the doctor who is observing you. It will help make a reasonable decision based on the duration and course of pregnancy, the place of attachment of the placenta and the state of the cervix. One condition: during the holidays, continue to be observed by a specialist.

If you are going to the country, every 10 days you will have to return to the city to take tests and pay a visit to the doctor. If you are going away for a long time, go for a consultation with a doctor at the place of stay.

The trains came up as if specifically for future mothers: during the trip you can get comfortable, be protected from the heat and at any time you will have the opportunity to stand up and stretch your legs.

Aircraft as a mode of transport is not quite suitable for pregnant women. The fact is that during takeoff and landing there is a sharp change in atmospheric pressure, which can cause vascular contraction and premature detachment of the placenta, especially if there are prerequisites for this (for example, it is low).

If you are traveling by car, stop for 30 minutes every 2 hours to walk around and restore venous blood flow from the legs to the heart. Place the seat belt on top and bottom of the abdomen.

Choice of direction. “As for long-distance travel, they will not harm future mothers if the pregnancy proceeds calmly. The main thing is to choose the right route and vehicle.

I would recommend a relaxing holiday in a familiar climate that is close to Russia, without much difference in time zones. The pursuit of exotic hot countries can harm the future mother’s well-being.

Especially in the second half of pregnancy, it is difficult for a woman to get used to a different climate. Moving for every 10 ° latitude already requires adjustment to the new conditions – a new thermal and ultraviolet mode.

And the movement in longitude violates the habitual biological daily regime of a person: day and night change places. Then high humidity and low oxygen content in the air of hot latitudes will be a load on the cardiovascular system, and the body of a pregnant woman does not know how quickly (within a few hours of flight) to adapt to climate change.

Duration of the trip. “The acclimatization period lasts on average 7–10 days, and the journey is most often short. The body is just beginning to adapt, as it is “cut off” and returned back.

In addition, long trips involve flying by plane. It can be harmful because the change of the climate zone occurs too quickly, in a few hours. ”

Help on the way. “In the heat of the future mothers sometimes there is nausea, dizziness and even fainting. This is due to a decrease in pressure during pregnancy, especially if it is stuffy and hot around.

A warm bath (32–34 ° С) with the addition of rosemary oil will help to stabilize the pressure and improve your well-being. You can moisten a wet napkin with oil and wipe the temples, the back of the head. Another summer problem is the legs, they swell and become “cast-iron”.

In this situation, contrasting baths will be useful (the temperature difference should be 10–20 ° C); this procedure should be completed with cool water. At the end of the day, when you feel tired, put sea salt and mint in a basin, add water, lower your legs for 15–20 minutes and you will immediately feel relief.

Then grease them with cream, put them on a raised platform and rest in this position for 30–40 minutes.

On your trip to Russia, do not forget to take along an insurance policy, a passport, and a birth certificate (a record for paying for medical care provided by women’s antenatal clinics and maternity homes) and an exchange card (here you can find the results of all your analyzes, ultrasound and expert opinions ) – these two documents future mothers get closer to the expected date of birth.

If you feel unwell – your head suddenly starts to hurt, “flies” appear before your eyes, spotting will appear or fluid will leak and your baby will stop moving – call your doctor right away.

Almost 70% of expectant mothers under the influence of UV rays appear “mask of pregnant”, when the temples, forehead and cheeks darken. To avoid this trouble, try not to appear in the sun during the day, especially from noon and up to 16 hours.

Before you go outside, lubricate the skin with a cream whose SPF index will be at least 30, and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

This simple tool is very refreshing and helps to reduce body temperature, which is usually slightly elevated in expectant mothers. After the procedure, rinse your feet with cold water – you will immediately feel lightness.

This lesson will be of great benefit to you, but on condition that you dedicate only morning and evening hours to it. Moreover, swimming is an excellent training for the respiratory and muscular systems of the body, which will help prepare for childbirth. Do not forget that classes in the water can help correct the wrong position of the baby (transverse or pelvic).

Therefore, swim in pleasure, but avoid overloading, do not arrange competitions, do not dive.

Waiting for the baby? Do not delay the rest!

Make sure that you always have a bottle of water at hand, rather unsweetened, then thirst will pass faster. In the heat, drink as much as you want to prevent dehydration, which quickly develops in the heat.

At this time, we lose a lot of moisture in sweat, and we “run” less often to the toilet, so it becomes more difficult to keep track of the flow of fluid.

In order not to suffer from the heat, choose clothes of light colors. Cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe, which is not the case with synthetics – in it we sweat more.

Generally stuffiness – the worst of the “satellites” of future mothers, because it can cause fainting. Choosing your shoes, give preference to spacious models with low heels: they will not constrain the foot, if because of the heat it becomes a size larger, and make you more stable.

Under the action of heat and increased blood volume, the venous outflow from the legs to the heart slows down, and in the evening the legs may swell. To help the body overcome this problem, move, but not in the heat. Take a walk for an hour or two in the morning and evening.

When traveling along forest or mountain paths, wear hiking boots, because under the influence of the progesterone hormone, the ankles of expectant mothers become fragile.

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