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Vladimir Zherebtsov and Anastasia Panina: Together for the next 100 years

Vladimir Zherebtsov and Anastasia Panina: Together for the next 100 years

HAPPY PARENTS How did you become an actor?
ANASTASIA PANIN From a small town in Severo-Zadonsk of the Tula region after school, after my sister and mother, I arrived in Moscow. Here in the newspaper read about the casting in the series with the Americans, “Poor Nastya.” Americans were not satisfied with the students of theatrical universities, and they decided to look for more.

As a result, out of 9,000, 30 people were recruited, including me, and they organized an accelerated two-month course in acting.

S.R. Is it free?
A.P. The fact of the matter is that yes. I, too, then asked: “How much should I pay for this?” – “We will pay you $ 300 scholarship for you,” was the answer.

Of course, I went. And our teachers were not anyhow, but from the Moscow Art Theater School. At the end of the training, the question arose: to act in a series or enter a Studio School.

I chose to study and entered.

S.R. Like in a dream!

A.P. That’s it.

This all probably happened so that Volodya and I met VLADIMIR STILLS My way is more prosaic. While still studying at a Moscow school, I studied in a theater studio, played in KVN, and then entered all theater schools … And also, went to the history department at the pedagogical institute in order to protect myself from not entering the theater school. Fortunately, I entered Schepkinskoe and from the second year I already played in the theater to them.

Pushkin, where I work to this day. There I met Nastya.

S.R. Immediately noticed each other?

A.P. Volodya played Romeo, and I was in the crowd. Then we just met.

And when I was already on the 4th year, we again found ourselves in one performance “Bullets over Broadway”, where husband and wife were playing. Interestingly, at the end of the performance, Volodya’s hero tells my heroine that he loves her, that he will return.

And that they will have children! Imagine?

V.ZH. On this production began our novel. And then we parted … A.P.

It seems to me that this break in relations was not in vain. After all, often acting novels, suddenly flaring feelings just as quickly and without a trace end.

But we had time to understand that we cannot part and we really need each other. V.ZH. We realized that this is serious – and so serious that we want a child.

A.P. Volodya asked what plans I have for the next hundred years, and I replied: “To be together.” And they wanted a child right away.

In August they decided, and in October I found out that I was pregnant.

Vladimir Zherebtsov and Anastasia Panina: Together for the next 100 years

S.R. Vladimir, women admit that having a child changes their outlook on life, has something changed in you?
V.ZH. There was a greater responsibility and a greater incentive to work, began to see the world somehow wider than before. But in general, a lot happens inside a person, sometimes imperceptibly even for himself.

Only later you understand it. It happened with me when I went with Nastya to give birth and was there with her almost to the very end. It seemed I was not worried at all, we were both very collected.

But when it was all over. The fact is that I completely forgot what floor I was wearing in a special suit that fathers give birth to.

It was just erased from my memory. And then I realized that, apparently, really, experienced something like a shock.

S.R. After the experience of the presence at birth advise other fathers of the same? V.ZH.

Well, of course! As soon as my daughter was born, I was given her in my arms, I carried her under the lamp to warm myself, then to the unit where the children lie … But in general … Everyone decides for himself such questions.

When I was thinking about this perspective, at some stage I was afraid, I wanted to be present, I thought that as the birth itself began, I wouldn’t be exactly there … And not everything was as I had imagined. For example, as soon as we arrived, I could not understand what I should do, where to put myself, it was quite uncomfortable. Even this suit was one size smaller … I entered the ward, then I left.

I went, slept … Sometimes I thought: what am I doing here and why do I need one? But now I understand that my father needs to be close for moral support.

S.R. Nastya, did Volodya’s presence help you?
A.P. Of course.

I was calm. Although I didn’t worry about the whole pregnancy, I didn’t have toxicity at all.

Elegant, one might say, passed and gave birth at exactly forty weeks.

S.R. Some spouses say they could not work together.

And you in one theater, And what!
V.P. And in our theater performances and rehearsals do not coincide, we rarely see each other here.

This is not an office where people sit around the whole day. Yes, and another rhythm here, another movement.

S.R. Does Vladimir have any household duties towards his daughter?

V.ZH. Of course. In general, everything we need to do for Sasha, we try to do together.

We bathe together, we rock, we cook. I remember getting up at four in the morning to give a mixture.

And after all, it is necessary to first dilute it and put a certain amount of spoons. Since I have been wrong several times – from a dream! – I realized that it is best to read aloud.

A.P. I stand, I change the diaper to Sasha and suddenly I hear so clearly and loudly: “Once!

Two! Three! ”Still remember, laugh.

S.R. Are you already taking any active steps to educate and train your daughter?

V.P. Well, since we decided that Sasha should know many languages, we are working in this direction.

No, no, yes, and we put into the conversation with her the most simple English words: hello, dog. A.P.

Our friends did this to their child and said that it was very effective.

S.R. Who does Alexandra look like?

V.ZH. It seems to us, it looks like both of us at once. Because we are similar to each other.

So everyone says, anyway. A.P.

But in general, Sasha is very similar to dad. Father’s daughter.

And I am very glad, because I wanted exactly this. V.ZH. And by the nature she is a very active girl.

Now her favorite toys are a plastic mallet and a pyramid. It needs to build the pyramid first, and then surely destroy it.

In general, Sasha does a lot with this red hammer: knocking them, crawling, holding him in his hand, for some very important and definite purpose. With the hammer does not break up!

A.P. And while she is very smiling.

Like a sun!

S.R. Both of you graduated from drama schools with honors. Will you demand the same from your daughter?

A.P. Well no. At school I was a “good girl” and I can’t say that I was very tense.

Just when we went to college, we already knew what we wanted. That tried. But we are not excellent in life.

We are normal guys!

S.R. But at home you, young actors, how much talk about creativity?

Interpretation of the role, for example, discuss?
V.ZH. We discuss, but we try outside the house.

A.P. So many other pressing issues arise at home, that there we try not to brew in theatrical juice.

S.R. Would you like Sasha to follow in your footsteps?

A.P. We talked about this … Rather, we want her to choose another profession.

S.R. Who can run with a hammer?
V.ZH. Dentist can.

We just thought about him, looking at the hammer.

S.R. For some reason, many actors want their children to be doctors …
V.P. The profession is very necessary.

Or let him do something related to languages. A.P. I want her to go to watch the world.

We hope to study somewhere in Europe.

S.R. But still – why not an actress? A.P.

I do not have such a clear “no” against the actress … V.Zh. Yes, I have too, but … We would have told her not about the attractive side of this profession, which everyone sees, but about hard work, about the other side of the coin.

Will she herself want after this? Let him try, but with the awareness that everything is not so smooth and beautiful.

S.R. Do you think actors are or are they born? V.ZH.

Probably born. But if at the same time an actor meets a person who can teach a certain technology of this profession, develop talent, then this is happiness. And sometimes this coincidence happens.

And if an actor born of God falls into the wrong hands, everything can be lost. Moreover, in our time, the profession of an actor is quite technological. Even the theater is a production.

Indeed, this is what is called: staging a performance. It should be released in time, and it does not depend on whether you managed to create an image or not. Maybe you will create it in six months.

But in the theater all the same you will create. And in the cinema … With a large number of TV shows and their quick release, there is very little room for creativity here, unfortunately.

And sometimes, the actors are not enough. Well, we have a theater, fortunately.

You come there to be cleansed of everything … But, perhaps, the most important and happy work begins and happens when we all work at home together with Sasha and she smiles at us, and we smile at her.

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